Offblast! Star Citizen Free To Try This Week

You might hear a lot about Star Citizen [official site], about its grand visions for a sandbox universe and about its $107 million crowdfunded by selling virtual spaceships, but what’s the game actually like now? Is it worth paying for? Well, you can read Alec’s thoughts or you can now go see for yourself. For another few days, a ‘Free Fly’ event lets all and sundry sign up and play at exploring, shooting, questing, and socialising in Alpha 2.1.2.

Everyone will get to play the ‘Crusader’ fragment of space with its places to explore and missions to complete, the combat-focused Arena Commander, and the Social Module with folks milling around, developers Cloud Imperium Games explained in a dev update on Friday night.

The trial began late on Friday (look, we’d clocked off for the weekend), so expect it to run through to Friday? To play, register for an account, download the 106MB launcher, watch that to download a new patcher (with cute ASCII art!), then download the 27.8GB o’ game. I am doing that myself now, see.

I’m pretty dang wary of Star Citizen, and some commenters have grumbled about my dismay over people paying thousands of dollars to an unfinished game for virtual spaceships which haven’t even been created yet – making them imaginary. Star Citizen’s dream of a sandbox universe with ship-shooting and man-walking letting folks e.g. board ships and murder their crews is a wonderful dream, but it’s also a massive – and unproven – one. Making a good FPS or a good space sandbox is difficult enough for most developers, so smooshing together is a huge task. But sure, while I won’t give Cloud Imperium money now, I will download a free trial for a nose around.

The dev update also gave a date for when Star Citizen and the singleplayer campaign Squadron 42 will split into separate packages, February 14th. Until then, buying in will get you both, but after that they’ll be sold separately.


  1. BobbyDylan says:

    Good luck getting it to work.
    Huzzah of massive download, only for the game to run at single digit FPS on 970’s, and crash moments later.
    And if you get it to work, and if you don’t get grieved on the launch pad, you can look forward to being fodder for the People who’ve paid for a $150 space ship.

    • tomimt says:

      Well, it does work better already than the 2.0, so they are slowly working on the issues it has. It’s too bad though that the flying is still a bit iffy. And the ship navigation and targeting UI is just horrid.

      Considering they aim to release Squadron 42 this year, it’ll be interesting to see in what point they’ll manage to refine those aspects.

    • Wertymk says:

      None of that reflects the experiences I’ve had with the game.

    • Cinek says:

      Works fine for me. If for whatever reason game doesn’t want to work well on your CPU – go to settings and pull the details down?
      Also: You don’t have to play multiplayer, you know? There are a few solo modes available too.

    • derbefrier says:

      You should be getting better fps than that. If you are using sli or something disable it. Doesn’t work to well right now. I get a 960 and was averaging 40fps last night in crusader 60 fps in the single player modes.

    • ParasiteX says:

      Stop spreading lies. You can easily run 50-60fps on a 970 with medium to high settings.
      And that’s pretty impressive considering the game has no driver optimizations and still under heavy development.

      • iainl says:

        Is there any wonder that people have a poor opinion of this game’s fans, if they immediately leap to calling people experiencing trouble with an alpha product liars, rather than offering assistance with tuning configurations?

        • MisterFurious says:

          No kidding. “Star Citizen” fanboys are the worst. The absolute worst. They are without a doubt, the most blind, deluded, asinine, putrid, vile and despicable pieces of cancerous crap every spewed out on to the face of the Earth. I hope this game never comes out and they all end up doing the world a favor and killing themselves in despair. What a bunch of losers.

      • BobbyDylan says:

        Lies? Sorry, you clearly know more about my Rig, my experience playing the game, and my internet connection. It can’t possibly have a valid opinion based off experience, I must be pushing some sort of agenda.

        Lol. SC fanboys are hilarious.

        • Neobone says:

          Says the SC Hater..
          Quote from your post:
          “Good luck getting it to work.
          Huzzah of massive download, only for the game to run at single digit FPS on 970’s, and crash moments later.
          And if you get it to work, and if you don’t get grieved on the launch pad, you can look forward to being fodder for the People who’ve paid for a $150 space ship.”

          I cant find the words “My Rig” or “its my experience with my rig”.

          • BobbyDylan says:

            A hater? Lol, when did 12 year old start coming to RPS? Anyway, what, apart from my own experience were you under the impression I was referring to in my comment.

          • Universal Quitter says:

            Well, what other “rig” would they be talking about? And maybe they’re talking about other users who own 970s, which they would probably have came across when searching ways to make the game work.

            You know, game forums, then nvidia forums, Then Tom’s, then maybe YouTube, etc.

            This may not make sense now, but life is a lot less stressful when you try to interpret people’s words in a way that makes sense, first, instead of jumping to conclusions and assuming malice. I mean, Christ, at least wait for the second or third reply to just flat-out call someone a liar.

    • subshell001 says:

      I’m able to get 30-40 FPS on an R290. There’s something wrong with your config.

    • mascarpwn says:

      Download a free demo? Of course, I’m curious enough.

      Good thing too, that I was curious; I might have spent actual money on it, where it not for this free week and that, dear friends, would’ve been a terrible waste of money.

      SC looks prette, that we can not deny. But that’s the only good thing about it so far. Flying, shooting, taking off, landing, walking, running and basically everything else you can do, feels horrible. Comparable to a day 1 DayZ early alpha release, but maybe worse.

      On very high, it runs between 45 and 75 fps with a 980Ti at 1440p.

      Sure, alphas are generally buggy and all that.

      Of the 2 space sim games we have, I do not know which is worse. ED has a pretty sweet engine, but is an utter bore of a game. SC should become a more engaging sim, but has what seems an utterly abominable engine.

      You know what, I’ll probably skip these half-arsed space sim games and patiently wait for a Quarantine remake or ETS with the T standing for Taxi.

      Sure, it’s

  2. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    This game is going to be the Duke Nukem Forever of space.

    • Cinek says:

      It’s already more fun to play than DNF, so I’m not too worried about it.

      • Buggery says:

        I’ll add this to the list of things that are more fun than DNF:
        – Setting fire to your house
        – Tattooing your eyeballs
        – Euthanising a beloved pet
        – Star Citizen

  3. drinniol says:

    Inb4 stupid SC hate!

    … Oh wait. Too late.

    • DarkFenix says:

      People see something ambitious, they want to see it fail.

      • kael13 says:

        I’ve met/hung out with their upper management and I still wonder sometimes. The enthusiasm is infectious, though.

      • SaintAn says:

        Especially when the creator is a racist.

        • Molay says:

          How would that be relevant if it were true?

          • ButteringSundays says:

            How relevant is his character in wanting to see his venture succeed or fail? Why wouldn’t it be relevant?

            However, ‘separating the art from the artist’ is a bit of a philosophical black hole.

        • screecwe says:

          If that were true, then why would they have hired a diverse group of people consisting of many different races?

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      I think calling it hate would be a little strong – most of what I’ve seen is a healthy dose of scepticism, and I can see why. Most games that makes allusions to being the grandest things ever created either disappoint, or spend years being unfinished. I mean look at what RPS did to Peter Molyneux’s career, the poor old sausage.

      • Mokinokaro says:

        Apprehension isnt hate.

        Last time Roberts made promises of this scale and had a huge budget with little publisher oversight we got Freelancer which wasn’t close to what he promised.

      • edgepixel says:

        “Look at what RPS did to Peter Molyneux’ career”
        Uh, you mean what he did to himself, surely.

    • Eleven says:

      Your favourite [insert-published-media-here] sucks.

      You’re wasting your money
      You’re revealing yourself as someone who doesn’t understand [media-genre]
      You’re trying so hard to be part of something all our friends think is laughable
      You’re making the [media-genre] worse
      You’re supporting bad people who do bad things
      You’re encouraging the creator, who is arrogant and selfish and wasteful of money
      You’re making a mistake and encouraging others to make the same mistake
      You’re being delusional for ignoring all of the obvious flaws
      You’re just a poser

      Your attempts to be part of our clique are sad, because you like [published-media], and our clique hates [published-media], am I right guys?

  4. JS says:

    I put in $35 for the cheapest starter package (an Aurora ship) 3 years ago, and with the opportunity to try out or hire other ships (with in game currency), I’ve already had hundreds of hours of fun with SC, for about half the price of a AAA-title.

    Considering that what is available now is just a tiny bit of what is planned (and they certainly have the funding to make those plans into reality), I really can’t understand that people are still skeptical. Well, it’s your loss.

    • ankh says:

      The game is not worth 35 dollars in it’s current state today, never mind 3 years ago!

      • JS says:

        I have of course played more and more as more features have been added, I certainly did not play it every day 3 years ago.

        But like I said, over the years I’ve played hundreds of hours, and while there are of course still many bugs, and the features are still very limited, I have certainly got much more than $35s worth out of it already.

        • mascarpwn says:

          So what the heck is there to do now? Seriously, I’ve done the ridiculous tutorial missions and multiplayer once and that was more than enough.

      • Michael Anson says:

        Considering the gentleman stated that he’s played for hundreds of hours, I’d say he got more than his money’s worth, particularly since many other completed AAA titles are a handful of hours long at most.

      • Cinek says:

        And why is that? All I see in your post is throwing mud.

      • screecwe says:

        This statement is beyond ridiculous.

  5. Unsheep says:

    Remember folks, its still just an Alpha = a testing phase where the software may be unstable and cause crashes. The keyword here being ‘testing’.

    If you have unrealistic expectations the fault is with you, not the game in question. How well do you think Dark Souls or Skyrim played in their Alpha stage ? the answer is: probably not so well.

    Its great that they are splitting up the single-player campaign from rest. I really wish other developers would follow suit, because I don’t like paying for modes I am never going to touch.

    Between this and Elite Dangerous I’m gonna be a happy spacer for many years to come.

    • MrPete says:

      Considering the state Skyrim was in when it delivered (and other Alphas I’ve been testing) I’m surprised at the quality SC achieves in this state.
      Sure there’s network failures, crashes and some weird glitches but still: It’s an alpha and doing good in that state. Meaning it’s getting upgrades that manage to improve some stuff and mostly don’t break other things, unlike other finished titles (Planetside, anyone?).

      And yes, the flight model does seem a bit strange at times but at the same time it gives me a very satisfying feel of really controlling the ship. Even after three months of not playing and getting back in to find a “slightly” changed flight model…

  6. Arglebargle says:

    Roberts is a mediocre developer with poor management skills and vainglorious delusions of grandeur. His last game company spun its wheels for four years, without a single game being produced in house. See Digital Anvil.

    Does not mean the game will not come out, but it has been overpromised, and will underdeliver. With tons of money wasted. Oh, and it will be late, very late.

    My advice is to not sink any more money into it in advance of release than you care to just throw away.

    • Comco says:

      I’ll bite – this is absolutely bullshit. Attacking the guy purely gives away your own motivations. Just to put the facts in front of anyone who might actually believe you, Digital Anvil was created in 1996 and bought by Microsoft in 2000. Roberts left soon after. In the time before Microsoft bought them, they released at least one title – Starlancer. So…I can hardly see where this 4 years of wheel spinning came from.

      • aleander says:

        Attacking the guy purely gives away your own motivations.

        Oh, and those motivations are? To take over the world? I mean, don’t just suggest conspiracies, go ahead and reveal them. Have courage!

        Also, glargh, the game is well past development time where its performance would be still justified, and was designed using the “I want a pony, I want all the ponies” process.

        • derbefrier says:

          so you think the first alpha release of an MMO thats only been out for about a month should be running flawlessly? nevermind in single player modes the FPS is no problem 60FPS is easily attained, in crusader after about a month of patching higher end cards are getting ~40-50fps. I must ask if you think this is unreasonable what performance should we be expecting?

          • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

            Well, Elite was running pretty well right at the beginning of its development, and that game gives you an entire galaxy.

            I’d at least expect a developer to be able to run their own engine properly at this point, if I’d paid 107 million dollars for a house, I’d expect to be able to walk through an unfinished doorway without a fucking lintel falling on my head.

          • aleander says:

            No, but calling this the first alpha release is a rather extreme spin. The game was around a lot longer. Now, maybe in last three weeks they fixed it, but back then the incredible performance I’d expect would be more like 30fps. On 1080p with a 970, so not exactly a high demand.

            And even that, by now, is really, really late, and so very little.

          • derbefrier says:

            It’s not an extreme spin, it’s the truth. Crusader is the first release of the MMO portion of the game. The first, meaning there were no other releases before it. After about a month the fps has made great improvements in both stability and number. This is not spin, just the facts.

            The game modes that were already out( AC, free flight, vandal swarm) perform very well on even low to mid range cards. Again there is no spin here just the facts.

            Also while elite is a decent game, on a technical level it’s a lot more simplistic than SC. Everything is more detailed. SC is an actual real MMO etc.. I could go on but I don’t see a need. It’s a whole different animal and comparing the development time of them both and assuming they should be equal is silly. You wouldn’t expect Wow to be fully developed in the time it takes to make a dark souls sequel would you?.

          • brievolz84 says:

            @Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather,
            What in the hell are you smoking? Elite: Dangerous was off and on developed starting in the early to mid 2000s. It wasn’t until recently that they started to fully modify and develop the tech they needed for Elite: Dangerous (by recently I mean 2011ish).

            If you’re going to argue, please know what you’re talking about ;)

      • Mokinokaro says:

        Roberts was responsible for Freelancer which shares a lot of parallels with Star Citizen including huge promises and major hype.

        You can’t even blame the publisher because Microsoft gave him ridiculous leeway.

        He was over ambitious then and the project suffered for it. Star Citizen could easily be a repeat of the same mistakes though I really hope it isn’t.

        I wish best of luck to the developers including Roberts himself.

        • Arglebargle says:

          Took seven years for Freelancer to get out, and that’s with three years development past the Microsoft buyout. It was already a year and a half late at the buyout, and Roberts has been quoted as saying it was overbudget then.

          That’s about what I expect from Star Citizen.

      • Arglebargle says:

        Starlancer was developed by Warthog Games, out house. No game directly developed by Digital Anvil was ever released under Roberts tenure.

        Can’t find a single person who worked with Roberts at Origin Systems who had a good word to say about him. That’s ten people since the KS.

        • Neobone says:

          No, it was developed from Warthog AND Digital Anvil.
          Two studio for the development of one game its not a new thing.

          Some Origin ex-employees work on Star Citizen too.

          • Arglebargle says:

            Roberts takes credit for any game where he visited the building where it was being worked on. And that’s only partly sarcastic.

            Co-workers commonly reported him taking credit for the work of others. Roberts also surrounded himself with a coterie of sycophants and brown-nosers, often in major positions that they were not competent at. The one big positive thing mentioned was that Roberts was very good at atmosphere and cinematic elements. However, on the later Wing Commanders he apparently spent most of his time shooting the cut scenes, while others dealt with game aspects.

          • Neobone says:

            Just one developer has programmed for Wing Commander1 and this was Chris Roberts.
            Just one developer has programmed the flight model for the Star Citizen Kickstarter prototype and this was Chris Roberts.
            He also has coded with other developers the zone system for Star Citizen.
            He is not just responsible for Cinematics and was always more a programer than an artist, thats the reason why he has not created the game assets for WingCommander and Star Citizen.
            But thats not new for the gaming industrie.
            Warren Spector, Sid Meier and all the other famous developers have never developed a game alone.

          • Arglebargle says:

            Sorry, Neobone, that’s just not the case on WC1. Roberts shared producer credit with Warren Spector, and Designer credit with two others, including Stephen Beeman, who did all the heavy lifting in the programming.

            You can’t take Roberts as a reliable source. Everything he says is about promoting the glory of Chris Roberts.

  7. Det. Bullock says:

    Finally I get to see what the fuss is all about, while I found that the Wing Commander series tend to lean more on style than substance I’m really curious about this alpha.

    • Cinek says:

      This alpha is nothing like Wing Commander. Squadron 42 will be, but current alpha got very little to deal with it.

      • Det. Bullock says:

        I know, but if Roberts maintains the old boring WC mission design (escort, patrol and strike and literally nothing else) at least I’ll have a vague idea of how the ships are going to fly in a dogfight.

        • makute says:

          “at least I’ll have a vague idea of how the ships are going to fly in a dogfight.”

          No, you don’t. WC had sort of an atmosferic flight model in space. SC will have a much more realistic, quasi-newtonian flight model.

          Please, go watch some videos of actual gameplay at Youtube before making assumptions.

          • Det. Bullock says:

            The videos don’t tell me anything of how the controls *really* feel *to me*, given it’s for free I would like to try it out for myself, thank you, or is it such an alien thing in a time when demos are almost non-existent?

  8. Barberetti says:

    27.8GB? Yeah, I think I’ll pass. I’m only interested in Squadron 42 anyway. Any news on when that’s going to be finished?

    • ParasiteX says:

      27GB is a pretty standard size, considering how big games have become lately.
      Like recent Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider go over 20GB each.

      Altough, once the game is finished, they are expecting it to become much much larger. Think i remember hearing a crazy number at 100GB.

      • KreissV says:

        Don’t forget the new Wolfenstein was 40 gb. And that wasn’t even that great a game.

        • Buggery says:

          Correction: it wasn’t just great, it was fantastic. Both new Wolfenstein titles were excellent fun.

    • screecwe says:

      Squadron 42 is slated for release this year. My personal guess would be Holiday Season, but that’s really just a wild guess.

  9. Fitzmogwai says:

    Top marks Alice for the Zlad! reference.

  10. Simon_Scott says:

    I backed this, so hope it does pull off what it’s attempting. So far, though, I have bounced off of the alphas.

  11. Ufofighter says:

    Who cares, Xcom 2’s coming this friday.

  12. ianni says:

    I own Elite and Star Citizen but I haven’t logged any time with Star Citizen. Elite makes it easy to set up your HOTAS but Star Citizen doesn’t. None of the changes I make in the in-game menus stick once I close the menu. The only success I had was with a third party program that built a config file. I feel like I wasted my money, not on a product that won’t ever fully release, but on something that really is not approachable unless you use the default settings.

    • screecwe says:

      So…lemme get this straight. You feel you wasted money on a game, because the GUI in the pre-alpha doesn’t work properly.


      • Asurmen says:

        How is this pre-alpha? At least getting some basics right would go a long way to convincing the project is viable. I don’t expect the GUI yo be perfect or clean, I do expect it to actually work in some manner though.

      • ianni says:

        My concern is that there is a menu to change joystick settings and it doesn’t work. As mentioned by others if the option exists it should work. And this is not pre alpha. The alpha has been around for over a year and many players still can’t define custom controls.

        • brievolz84 says:

          Actually this can still be considered pre-alpha since they are still building the tech necessary for the mechanics. Alpha implies that you have the core mechanics implemented but are still iterating. While a beta is when everything is in but you are primarily fixing bugs and doing your optimizations

          • ianni says:

            @49 brievolz84, that is a fair way of looking at it. I would still argue that it is not pre-alpha because they have entered the testing stage. Alphas don’t have to have all systems in place. That said, the big reason I would say it is an alpha is because RSI does. I desperately want to fly around in SC but I can’t get my in game control settings to remain after I close the menu. I have a Saitek 52x so it isn’t because it is an uncommon piece of hardware. I would love for someone to tell me how to fix the problem and that was the motivation for my initial post.

  13. DariusOne says:

    Well just got myself a 750 TI in order to run basically anything currently out on medium(for Rise of TR mainly but from my understanding stuff like Witcher 3 and GTA5 should run fine if I ever bother with them), might as well give SC a shot and see how that turns out. Wish me luck :).

  14. MisterFurious says:

    “I’m pretty dang wary of Star Citizen, and some commenters have grumbled about my dismay over people paying thousands of dollars to an unfinished game for virtual spaceships which haven’t even been created yet – making them imaginary. ”

    How dare you speak logic and reason on a video game site! You’re supposed to think that every game that hasn’t come out yet will be THE BEST GAME EVER!!!! There is no place for rationality here, only blind zealous fervor!

    • derbefrier says:

      Faulty reaaoning. How does the ability to spend money somehow translate into a game being bad or unatainable? serious question. How does charging money for a spaceship mean there a better chance for fault than a game that doesnt?

      • derbefrier says:

        Bah , auto correct plus no edit button can be annoying.

        But seriously I have always wondered how people make the logical jump that charging money for a spaceship is reason enough to doubt the game can be delivered as sold. Not liking micro transactions is fair but I take issue that your dislike somehow means the game is more likely to fall apart than games that dont. If anything the stupid amounts of money will make it far more likEly that we get the game that was promised as there is now no doubt that they have the resources to accomplish it.

  15. sumd00d says:

    Fun things to do, err i mean test, in the Star Citizen pre pre pre alpha tech demo pre alpha free fly week:

    1. Push people away from the ship spawning computers, you can keep a whole room of people from being able to spawn ships and it is hilarious. Body block everyone.

    2. Steal ships. If it is a small ship just spam F as soon as they unlock the ship. If it is a big ship run right past them while they RP a salute or something equally stupid and jump in the pilot seat. Use it to perform items 3 & 4. There are also ways to clip into the ships from outside to get to the pilot seat long before they have a chance to complete the awful forced animations.

    3. Ram ships. Don’t bother ramming the free 2 try ships unless there is nothing else, wait for one of the whales to spawn their chariot then press v once, hold w, press v again to enter cruise mode and kamakazi it.

    4. Leave people stranded. Fly to the mission areas and blow up ships people have left floating in space or fly to the stations you can land at and blow up ships on the landing pads.

    Don’t forget to press F12 to read people’s comments on your testing ability.

    • screecwe says:

      Are you seriously copying and pasting the same comment on multiple sites? I mean…if your life is that empty…I suppose you gotta keep yourself busy somehow…

      I’d suggest a hobby though of some sort.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Copy paste or not, that’s exactly the kind of activity the devs need to see in any multiplayer game, so they can find ways to block it. Or encourage it, depending on the tilt of the game.

        Same thing happened in the Elite:D beta, with players camping station exits and taking advantage of bugged defenses, or ramming people for kicks with throwaway Sidewinders.

    • mascarpwn says:

      In which multiplayer part can you actually see other players landing and exiting their ships?

  16. Jokerme says:

    Ahh, the game that sells dreams… No thanks.

  17. Shizzle says:

    I tried it over the weekend. Oh boy, what is there to say – it’s still just a tech demo. I was suprised and staggered by lack of content. Now I’m even more puzzled by the fact that so many willingly pay hundreds of dollars for all those ships, many of them just a concept art. Cheers from Germany :)

    • drinniol says:

      It’s about the gameplay systems, at this point. The content is relatively easy.

  18. screecwe says:

    “But sure, while I won’t give Cloud Imperium money now, I will download a free trial for a nose around.”

    Do you want some sort of medal for doing your job?

  19. Asurmen says:

    Why’d this have to happen while in the middle of moving house?

  20. Gilmir says:

    I’d really like to try it. My PC seems to even run it half decently (framerate wise). But I have a few really weird issues. A Google search didn’t come up with similar results, so it’s even weirder ;)
    My funny things:
    – I opened hangar mode. The ship was sliding around and tilting around pretty randomly in front of me. I think mostly, when I walked close to it. Physics error?
    – I fired up the first tutorial. The game froze every two seconds for a second. Not constantly, but nearly all the time.
    – the game doesn’t see my joystick (Saitek X52), although there seems to be a profile specifically for this…

    I’ll try it one more time and then delete this, if it doesn’t magically fix some of it.

  21. MJones says:

    I watched a livestream of this last night, 4 guys multicrewing a ship through an asteroid belt and doing some eva. The amount of physics glitches, dodgy collision detection, clipping through the ship interior and exterior was shocking. Really really bad.

    The graphics look phenomenal and the detail is amazing but when it all starts moving it completely falls apart.

    It genuinely looks like the engine can’t handle what’s being asked of it. The basic movement of the ship and the players seems awfully flaky.

    Seems bizarre that they want people to try it out before the really basic stuff is working properly. There is already an indie spacey capital ship game in EA on steam with multicrew, flying down to planets, fps missions etc and its solid and looks immense fun. Bit weird that with all that funding and talent CIG can’t get something out the door that works at a basic level.

    • MJones says:

      Pulsar Lost Colony is the game I’m thinking of. It’s still in alpha, looks ridiculously fun. Star Citizen needs another couple years by the looks of it. Wasn’t there a standalone fps game to come out of Star Citizen?

  22. racccoon says:

    I was an early founder and rather annoyed by crappyness so I became a late refunder!
    Its been a massive journey based on theatrics & slight of hand movements, its one of the greatest gaming achiever at conning the crap out of the public with party tricks.

    • MJones says:

      Is the game really as bad as it looks? Just watched a couple more vids on YouTube and the ship physics look dreadful, especially collisions and ‘landings’.

  23. shrieki says:

    weird 10 minute experience. wonky movement,like i was drunken. couldnt figure out how to interact with anything. generic looking sci-fi ambient. wen to the hanger just to find that my ship was aparently drunken too. it spinned around doing weird noises. couldnt enter or do anything. is it just me that i´m too dumb ? or is the game really that bad ? lol

    • BobbyDylan says:

      It’s that bad.

    • Det. Bullock says:

      Yes, it does that when you enter the hangar, you have to select “electronic applications” and then Arena Commander to access the tutorial, there are still glitches there but it’s much more bearable and you get to actually fly a ship.

  24. Det. Bullock says:

    After downloading all night I finally got to try it.

    My reaction is mixed at this stage, it’s a strange Chimaera of a classic spacesim mixed with some hardcore simulation elements, and some of these elements seem a bit out of place in a game like this, am I led to believe that in a sci-fi universe like this they don’t have some inertial dampener thing to avoid the effect of excessive accelerations?
    Having my pilot almost pass out even when the g-limiter is active is a bit annoying considering that the way the enmies move in the tutorial you have to turn fst to maintain them in your sights.

    Having the guns on gimbals is just weird for a joystick user like me (I guess it’s for mouse and keyboard users, but then why the more simulative elements? Sincerely I don’t know any fan of hardcore simulations that doesn’t use a joystick) and when I finally found out how to put them in a fixed position I breathed a sigh of relief.

    Interesting having a different impact point based lead indicator for each type of gun, but I wonder why the projectile weapon (so limited ammo I’m guessing) was defaulted to the trigger bank and the energy one to button 2 (fortunately weapon banks can be customized in-game), perhaps it’s just my habit of avoiding binding weapons with limited ammo to the trigger if possible but I found it strange.

    I still don’t know if any of the missiles I launched actually hit the targets, but missiles act differently in every spacesim I’ve played so it’s probably me not getting how they work here.

    Also either the weapons in the tutorial are weak or the various drones and enemies are relatively strong for a tutorial mission as it took AGES to take them down.

    The game is still very much an Alpha (had to copypaste a user.cfg to get it running without pausing every few seconds) but I didn’t experience that many problems, of course with a Radeon HD7770 it’s a bit slow but playable.

  25. edgepixel says:

    At some point during their development, Elite Dangerous had a proper flight model and enticing combat mechanics, while Star Citizen had a pretty hangar. And a derpy fish tank. A fish tank, seriously?

    That fish tank alone should have been enough clue something’s way off with SC’s development priorities.