Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Extended Til Feb 2nd

I remember when everything between January and May was a wasteland, but nowadays you’d be forgiven for not having had the chance to try The Division‘s closed beta this weekend even if you did get in. Maybe you were playing The Witness, Darkest Dungeon, Dragon’s Dogma or building a spreadsheet of names to give your XCOM 2 soldiers. Or maybe you simply hadn’t read Adam’s hands on to understand why you should bother.

Good news! Said beta has been extended by 24 hours so it will now cease on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11am GMT, 12pm CET, 6 am EST and 3 am PST. If you’ve received an invite, then there’s still time.

Oh no. I usefully put all the information above the more tag, which means there’s little else to say. Why are you still here?

I guess I can add that the announcement post mentions that they’ve invited new players to the game throughout the weekend, and that they were now “inviting as many players as possible from the waitlist, in addition to those who had guaranteed pre-order access.” If you were part of the much smaller alpha Ubisoft ran last month, you might also like to check the patch notes to see what’s changed since.

Haven’t you skipped down to the comments yet to express your thoughts on the beta? OK, I guess I could also share a representative quote from Adam’s thoughts linked in the intro. Maybe this bit:

“The aforementioned Dark Zone is my favourite part of the game, and the extraction mechanic that is a fundamental part of that zone might well be the embellishment that elevates the game into something truly desirable. The Dark Zone is a contaminated area, a huge chunk of the map that has been sealed to prevent the spread of infection. You can enter at any time, with no loading screens to interrupt your session, and the area is layered so that the deeper you venture, the more likely you are to run into groups of lethal enemies.”

Yeah, that’s good. Let’s call it quits here and I’ll let you get along to Sin’s Have You Played.


  1. vahnn says:

    I had high hopes for this game, but 15 hours with the beta told me… NOPE.

    It’s like Ghost Recon: Phantoms meets Destiny, set in NYC. The beta is pretty limited in terms of content, but the mechanics and the movement and the shootybangs just didn’t deliver for me.

    The PvP premise is very cool, and perhaps with more or larger locations, and more interesting obstacles to tackle, it could be pretty good. But what’s on offer here isn’t what I hoped for.

    Also there’s a good read on Reddit about the multilayer data architecture. Almost everything is stored client side, with no checks, and cheating is as simple as changing a few numbers in a file. It’s the kind of thing that they will have a hard time just quickly fixing in the month before release.

    • Pulstar says:

      Might get it used on PS4, since I don’t play MP on that machine often.

    • Cerulean Shaman says:

      Thanks for the heads up, read the reddit article to boot. Pity, was already turned off when I heard it was modern day Destiny since I found Destiny pretty darn boring and repititive as far as mmorpgs go, usually I turn to the PvP to save me from the redundancy but looks like I will pass…

    • Vahnnsoundslikeabitch says:

      “the beta is pretty limited in terms of content.” It’s a beta bruh. go fuck yourself.

  2. JatApp says:

    thank you for this post!

  3. Banks says:

    I still have not received my code but honestly, after seeing a bit of gameplay, I don’t give a fuck.

    I was curious because It looked nice but I’ve got no time for tedious filling.

  4. zerosociety says:

    Logged in. Played for 2 hours. Uninstalled Beta. Canceled Preorder.

    • oggnogg says:

      Right, I forgot to uninstall. And the last game I pre-ordered was Battlefield 4 :)

  5. Ethaor says:

    Same. Though I never pre-ordered it.

  6. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    The problem with the beta is that it’s a beta, and therefore the amount of content on offer is quite limited. Can’t really fault them for that–they only *need* one story mission in order to test that their infrastructure is working properly, after all–but I’ll be interested to see how much PvE content there is in the final game.

    While I think they do need to dramatically up the rate of random hostile spawns, both in story mode and especially in the Dark Zone, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played so far. It’s a deliciously atmospheric game–I’m not always as attuned to the technical side of graphics as some people, but the lighting in The Division is really extraordinary. The moments when a snowstorm rolls in and you can barely see anything but the glow of streetlights and fires through the fog are just jaw-dropping. It’s so visually compelling that I’ve been enjoying just running around through the streets, which is a good thing because that’s what I’ve spent the majority of the time doing (they REALLY need to up the spawn rates). It’s a solid foundation, and I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

    (Also, I this is the first military shooter I’ve played in which handing out food and medicine to random civilians is an actual game mechanic. It’s super game-y, of course–you can some XP and possibly a new hat or something in return–but it’s a nice touch, and helps to sell the fantasy that you’re helping the city with rebuilding itself. Hoping to see more of that in the full game too).

  7. fish99 says:

    I enjoyed it enough to pick it up. It does look amazing, especially if you have a good GPU, and the combination of NY city plus severe winter weather make for a nice atmosphere. The gameplay is nothing special but the world is quite interesting.

    I didn’t try the PVP since from the streams I saw it looked to be very hard to achieve anything solo, so I’ll probably just play it as a PvE game and enjoy exploring and doing the missions.

  8. anHorse says:

    I’d uninstalled it by sunday

    Underwhelming game

  9. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Deeply uninteresting game.

    Shame, too. Drifted off quite a bit from the direction shown in that E3 video so long ago.

  10. Jediben says:

    The shooting is terrible. The cover system is tacky and obtrusive and has lots of stupid climbing puzzles to reach secret areas, but none of the buildings have interiors or stair cases. Dull dull dull.