Rainbow 6 Siege Gone Boating In Operation Black Ice

A fancy yacht crashed in cruel Canadian ice (quite contrary to the nature of its countrymen, Canadian ice) is now available for your recreational raiding in Rainbow Six Siege [official site], added today in the free ‘Operation Black Ice‘ update. It also brings two new operators with new toys (a leg trap is v. Canadian), though until next Tuesday they’re only for people who’ve bought the season pass – the rest of y’all will have to make do with getting shot in the face by them.

The new operators (or classes, if you want) are Frost and Buck. She lays down non-lethal leg traps which don’t show up on scanners, while he’s slapped an underbarrel shotgun onto his assault rifle for ease of breaching/murdering. Good times!

Season Pass holders get the two right away, while everyone else will need to wait until February 9th then unlock them with either Renown (earned by playing) or R6 Credits (bought with real cash money). Hey, this way, it’ll be those damned Wall Street Fat Cats who look like fools trying to figure out how to play the new classes, and everyone else can learn from watching their mistakes.

Yep, that’s all pretty much like the leaks said.

Black Ice also brought new weapon skins, spectator camera improvements, balance tweaks, bug fixes, and more. For the full patch notes, head on over here. This right here below is just some moving pictures with sounds:


  1. sicanshu says:

    Thanks for doing ALT-texts, Alice. Since Marsh bailed, you’re now my methadone to his heroin.

  2. spaced says:

    Still kind of surprised no one here has gotten all up in arms over all the female operators having their faces hidden by helmets/masks etc…

    • Junkmail says:

      Why would they?

      • anHorse says:

        I’m not sure if he’s expecting feminist or wanking based complaints

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Sorry to disappoint you! That you’re upset enough to leave a comment is… I’ll try not to let you down like this again, but you’ll have to send me a list of everything you want me to get all up in arms over. A few days’ notice would be grand, ta.

      Again, apologies.

    • Sulpher says:

      I’ve read this comment three times and still don’t understand your intent. What are you “on about” guv?

    • Hebrind says:

      Yeah, shit, how dare those armed, trained military/police personnel wear as much protection as they damn well see fit going into a combat area?


    • spaced says:

      Oh dear. I didn’t actually mean any offense. Maybe I should have said people in general, rather than people “here”. Though apparently I should have said nothing at all. Just chalk it up to me being American and carry on. It just seems like the kind of thing “some people” would get riled up and complain to Ubisoft about, and then RPS would devote a post to the news of the backlash. That was where I was going with the joke, but alas…

      • Ferno says:

        I have to say. I have absolutely no idea what you were inferring or trying to make a joke about? I’m not trying to insult I just really don’t understand. That they’re dressed like everyone else in the game?

  3. McGibs says:

    Ash is a female FBI operator that has her face exposed. Of the males, there’s only 3 that have exposed faces as well (thermite, castle, and pulse, all FBI operators), and now buck as well.

    The weirder thing was that up until now, only females were attacking operators.

  4. Sulpher says:

    This game looks right up my alley, but the Canadian maplebuck is so weak. $80 for the standard edition! Maybe I should take part in one of our notorious maple syrup heists to offset the cost.

    • TWChristine says:

      Yea, it’s starting to get ridiculous! I was super excited about the new Tomb Raider, but $70, go toss a moose, eh! It’s cheaper to go out for a rip and just giv’er.

      • Sulpher says:

        As long as I can get my double-double at Timmy’s for a toonie, I’ll be livin the life of Riley.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      Game is great fun but can be really frustrating. The Net-code and Hit Detection are legendarily bad.

  5. marvindeshong says:


  6. Unsheep says:

    Rainbow Six Siege…The Division…if only they had good single-player content.