PES 2016’s F2P MyClub Spin-off Arrives On PC

'Free to play? No way!' says the footballman. 'Wait, free to play or pay to win?'

Football was free when it first began in 1362, when youths had the right to play on the village common and would swipe a sturdy-looking head from the pikes by the gates on their way out, so why do we have to pay for virtual football now? It’s not even real!

Well, you won’t get the munch the eyes at half-time, but Pro Evolution Soccer 2016’s free-to-play spin-off has now launched on PC. PES 2016 myClub [official site] is its managerial, player-collecting sort of mode. Something. But free to play!

PES’s myClub is, as I vaguely understand it, Konami’s answer to FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, right? You get ‘packs’ of virtual men, some of them good and some of them rubbish, and put a team together and train then and then play other people with your little stickersquad. You can buy these packs with currency earned by playing or real cash, but you’re legally obligated to record videos of yourself screaming as you open them.

Along with online play against other myClubbers, it has offline exhibition play against seven teams and a training mode.

myClub launched on PlayStations back in November, but only arrived on PC this week. Grab it from Steam if you fancy that footy.


  1. leeder krenon says:

    I played an online match last night and it’s so clunky. And the keepers were useless. Not sure I’ll go back to it.

  2. Gothnak says:

    I think the audio on that video is broken.

  3. Andy_Panthro says:

    It’s my least favourite thing about new PES games. Didn’t like it much in PES2015, and I still don’t like it in PES2016 either. Of course, I bought those both for the PS4, so I paid a decent chunk of money for it as well (the Master League and other bits that you get with PES are good, but I feel like they massively concentrate their efforts on MyClub at the expense of everything else).

  4. Zankman says:

    On one hand, I was never particularly interested in the Ultimate Team-esque game modes.

    On the other, I’ve never actually owned a legitimate copy of any PES or FIFA and haven’t ever in my life played an Online match.

    So, is the gameplay here exactly the same as the one in PES 2016?

    Or is it like FIFA World, the somewhat short-lived F2P Ultimate Team-only game which used some inferior engine?

    • Stardog says:

      It’s the same engine as PES 2016 on PC.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        It makes me so sad that the Fox Engine is likely never going to be properly utilized again.

  5. ahmedabdo says:

    This is for PS3 and PS4…

  6. racccoon says:

    I really don’t fancy being forced into Steam this week, I may pop in next week to further be forced use this tool to play the remainder of my play in Fallout 4. Steam sucks.

    • Silent_Thunder says:

      Great. Glad you took time out of your day to point out you dislike steam on an article that isn’t actually about it, just a game on it. We are all more informed now.

  7. Erayos says:

    This definitely needs a “Staring Eyes” tag.