Prepare To Die: N++ Coming To PC

N [official site], as I discovered this morning, is still a hole I’m more than happy to fall down. Along with Spelunky and ADOM, it’s one of the few games that has a permanent place on my hard drive. If you haven’t played it, you should go and do that right now. It’s free. Caution is advised, however, because N might consume you. It’s hard as nails but every time you die, you’ll recognise the error that lead to your doom.

N++ [official site] is a double-plus super upgraded version of the game, originally released on PS4. Despite some hitches in the porting process, it’s coming to PC.

N is one of the best games I’ve ever played, its brutal simplicity and elegance a towering monument of minimalist design. N++ is the biggest version of the game, with 2360 levels and six hours of glorious music. The music is important. Listen to it.

The PS4 release last year was not the grand success developers Metanet had hoped it would be. Raigan Burns, one of the three-person team, took to Neogaf to express his frustration following the release.

“Possibly we were also a bit idealistic, we figured that everyone would be able to see that N++ was something special, a game with a very high level of craftpersonship put into it; we figured that with only 3 people, we would rather put all our energy into making the game exceptional and hope that this would make it stand out and attract attention, but sadly a lot of people seem to be dismissing it as “essentially N+”.”

One of the team left after the release, which delayed the port but a month of work has now been completed and N++ will arrive in a few months, along with all of the “planned post-launch update stuff”.

“The good news: we’ve found a new programmer, and they’ve been working on porting N++ to Steam for the past month or so. There are still a few more months of work — we want to add all of the planned post-launch-update stuff that got put on hold when our team imploded — but we will definitely be bringing N++ to Steam. We’re still looking at other platforms too.”

It’s been a long wait but it’ll all be worthwhile in the end. In fact, it’s already been worthwhile because when I spotted the news this morning I played N for the first time this year. It continues to fascinate me.


  1. Harlander says:

    I can’t read that game’s title without uncomfortable flashbacks to dealing with code written by mathematicians.

  2. maweki says:

    So ist that SteamOS/Linux-Steam or Windows-Steam? Let’s hope for both.

  3. rustybroomhandle says:

    Definitely seems more the kind of thing that “PC” users might appreciate more.

    • iainl says:

      Maybe – part of the problem was that they did practically no promotion for the game when it snuck out, and I don’t know if they’ll do much more now, though I’ll grant you that thanks to the likes of RPS there’s more coverage for indie things on the platform.

      But there’s also that by coming out on the PS4 early on in the lifecycle there’s an appetite for new console owners to have games that make their expensive hardware purchase look obviously worthwhile with stuff drenched in seventeen million 3D particles and clever shaders doing stuff, rather than a 2D hyper-minimalist thing involving about half a dozen colours, no matter how brilliantly it plays. PC doesn’t worry about that quite as much.

  4. iainl says:

    n++ is pretty great, but at the same time it really does feel like a whole load more n+ with some new music and fancy colour palettes (and they really are gorgeous ones after the dull grey).

    So I can see why many passed. It also suffers a bit from one of the problems that Geometry Wars 3 did, in that with such a crazily large number of levels, and hence a crazily large number of scoreboards, it’s more difficult to find time or enthusiasm for getting the absolute best I can on each individual one, or even find the places I need to go back and up my game.

  5. Unsheep says:

    I don’t think making it a PS4 exclusive was the right idea, they could probably have doubled their sales had it been offered on Steam, GOG, Humble etc. Console gamers are very choosy when it comes to indie games, they seem to predominantly be interested in Big titles and multiplayer games. That’s just my impression.

    So its good that N++ is coming to PC. If popular youtubers, streamers and media folk can draw attention to it and spark the sales, the developers might get the success they feel they deserve.

  6. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Wonder if we get the soundtrack with the game or have to buy it seperately…

  7. Cockie says:

    This pleases me. :)

  8. Gurrah says:

    FUCKING. FINALLY. – excuse my french. Never really understood why they didn’t release N+ on PC, the game has always had a following on PC and it originated there … as I was saying, FINALLY.

    • Xzi says:

      Agreed. I bought N+ on the 360 years and years ago, but I certainly would have bought it for my Steam library too had I been given the option. Never would have guessed that a game about stick figure ninjas would be so great. The physics really make it.

  9. NathaI3 says:

    Excellent news. The best thing about N was it was the file was so small and the game so undemanding that you could stick it on a USB stick and fire it up at school! I spent so many lunchtimes with my friends taking it in turns trying to beat each others’ times, or just finishing the harder levels. Will definitely be picking this up when it comes to PC

  10. MJones says:

    This is the greatest game trailer I have ever seen. The game looks fascinating, as if all of a sudden somebody somewhere remembered what gameplay actually is.

    This will be a pure zen masterpiece, I can’t wait to get it.

  11. Oneiromancer says:

    So glad for this. I can’t justify buying a PS4 until both my PS3 and 360 crap out, since I pretty much only use them for streaming (and honestly if the PS3 craps out I’ll probably just buy a streaming-friendly Blu-ray player so the family can use a standard remote instead of dealing with the 360 controller). For N++ on PC (and to support Mare and Raigan), I will happily pay full price for the day 1 release despite my backlog.

  12. rexx.sabotage says:

    Coming to a bundle near you in 3…2……

  13. Herzog says:

    I totally bounced off on one of the previous versions. Did not like the floaty physics. Still actually my kind of game. Adored SMB, Spelunky and other platformers. But this trailer is really nice! Onto the backlog it comes!