Hitmakers: Hitman Beta Feb 19th

Hitman [official site] is so close you can almost see the reflection of your face in his highly polished bonce. As you’ve probably gathered by now, the game itself will be released episodically, and the initial release will only include one sandbox location – Paris. The beta contains two different missions, however, set in a secret facility. The first of those missions is a set, recreating a party on board a yacht, and ol’ 47 has to sneak on board as part of his training. An origin story of sorts.

I like that 47’s incredible “skills and reflexes” are depicted as climbing through a window and kicking an unsuspecting man in the back of the knee. That’s the sort of thing I just about reckon I could pull off if I was in a terrible mood. I’d be a bit worried about actually doing any real damage to the target though because I’d be wearing slippers to maximise my sneakiness.

Preordering the game provides access to the beta on February 19th. That beta includes the above-mentioned yacht mission and a recreation of another historical hit, set in and around a hangar. You’ll be able to play until the 22nd, at which point the beta ends, and you’ll have to wait until March 11th to sneak through the prologue again. There are full details about the whole package here, including mention of the 4.7gb install size. Whopper.

As for the initial launch itself, we’ll have more details soon. It may only contain one location, along with the smaller prologue missions, but it will contain plenty of possible targets: a few exist for story reasons but almost everybody else can be creatively murdered as part of the Contracts mode, carried over from Absolution. That means you can create your own hits, by selecting specific weaponry, disguises and targets, creating new goals to be shared online. It also means you can pretend that you meant to kill that one waiter because you thought it’d be a challenge, not just because he looked at you funny.


  1. Sinjun says:

    I wonder if you can pre-order this on Steam, play the beta, then get a refund for the pre-order. I want to play the beta real bad but I don’t want to drop $60 for a game not complete till the end of the year.

    • ng.aniki says:

      Access to the HITMAN Beta is available for the pre-orders of the Full Experience, Intro Pack and Collector’s Edition.

      You have access to the beta by buying the intro pack too, that is 13 Euros, I don’t know how much it is in pounds.

  2. Raoul Duke says:

    I miss the days when games were just released when actually ready. These ‘betas’ seem to be more focused on hype generation than anything.

    • Unsheep says:

      I think its partly marketing, partly testing. Betas are a good way of creating awareness and potential interest for your game. Mainstream media, youtubers and streamers are all very eager to be among the first to try a new Beta, as it benefits their channels.

      Having Betas is much better than the alternative, of having the game be made in total secrecy, a situation where the consumer doesn’t really know what the final product will be, of what the majority of the gameplay will be like. So I’m happy that more developers and publishers are doing this.

      I have mixed feelings about episodic releases. On one hand I always wait until all the episodes are out, which means the game will usually be somewhat cheaper. On the other hand it means waiting for a while.

  3. Unsheep says:

    I usually appreciate innovation and change in games, however there are games that I think should stick to the original formula, a new Hitman game being one of them. Absolution was fun, but not as fun as the previous games.

    Considering each location in this new Hitman game will be a sandbox map, it does sound like a return to the original formula, which I’m happy to see. So I’m looking forward to seeing gameplay of the Beta.

    Still, if I’m considering actually buying the game I’ll wait until all the episodes are out.

    • Jac says:

      How this game has become such a confusing shambles of a release i do not know. Surely there was nothing simpler than a pitch for a proper blood money type hitman game, after the disappointing absolution.

      I want this to succeed but they have managed to erode any confidence. Even the intro pack for the first mission has some preorder pack bonus dlc bollocks.

      These maps better be one hell of a sandbox, they need to be able to accommodate more than a couple of contracts each and allow for variation within each contract for this to work. I’ll definitely be waiting for reviews on this. This would have been my most anticipated game of the year if it wasn’t so badly and publicly handled.

  4. Banks says:

    And now there is a beta? What?

    This game looks damn good but this is so confusing.

  5. anHorse says:

    So a beta for a singleplayer game that’s being released in parts anyway?


    • caff says:

      There is also a pre-pre-order alpha offer that gets you access to the intro video and options screen (but only the game options – video and sound options will be released episodically).

    • Raoul Duke says:

      Perhaps we’ll get a beta of every episode/chapter/gouger.