EVE’s Project Legion Scrapped, New FPS Coming

EVE Online developers CCP are working on a new FPS spin-off from their space MMO for PC. No, not Dust 514. No, not Project Legion – but that’s closer.

You know, I’d forgotten that they even announced Project Legion, as we haven’t heard much since May 2014. CCP had always billed Project Legion as a prototype, though, so it’s perhaps not surprising news that they’ve sorta scrapped it. This mystery new FPS will build upon Legion’s ideas, and we should hear more about it in April.

The announcement last week explains that CCP Shanghai are behind this new FPS which, yes, is also still considered a prototype.

“Their experience is being utilized to build a new game from scratch using Unreal Engine 4 while harnessing all our learnings from Dust 514. This is in many ways an evolution of Project Legion, the concept we announced at EVE Fanfest 2014, but without the limitations of technical debt and development paths we quickly discovered in that effort that could never serve as a future-proof technology base for a full production game.”

They’ll take more about it at EVE Fanfest on April 21st.

CCP also announced they’re shutting down Dust 514, the free-to-play FPS spin-off for PlayStation 3. Dust actually ties into EVE a little bit, with Dust’s ground battles affecting who controls planets and EVE’s players able to bombard Dust battlefields from orbit. Dust will shut down on May 30th.


  1. iainl says:

    So, what are the odds of them joining the likes of The Division again in emulating Destiny’s size, but missing its satisfying fundamental shooting mechanics? Because that’s really what was wrong with Dust; it just wasn’t fun to perform the fundamental task of firing a gun at a target.

  2. uzihead says:

    Insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    I am sure this new FPS is going to be a stunning success.

    • Generico says:

      Experimentation – Doing the same thing over and over with subtle tweaks and comparing the results.

      It’s a thin line, but it’s there.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      That phrase is starting to annoy me.
      There’s plenty of situations where doing the same thing over and over again is the rational and sane choice (any situation where there’s a random chance involved), and definitions of insanity depend on complex mental health diagnoses, not a flip comment from a film.
      Ahem, sorry, needed to get that off my chest, carry on.

      • Baranor says:

        Name me one?

        And if it involves gambling… no.

        • Boozebeard says:

          Well anything where you are developing a skill? If I draw the same thing over and over again all the time. Having said that, it’s really more a case of people not using the qoute correctly, it really has to be doing EXACTLY the same thing over and over. When I draw the same thing I’m not actually doing the same thing, I’m making slight changes to me previous attempt to make it better. Which would be the same case in CCP making an FPS, I’m pretty sure they’re doing stuff differently.

        • Apocalypse says:


        • DaReaper says:

          Easy, any sport.

          Riding a bike

          Skate boarding

          Fireing guns.


          I can go on. All these you do the same thing over and over, in sports you try to sink the same shot with some variations. over and over.

          trying to ride a bike? same thing over and over

          everything in life actually. The quote of doing the same thing over and over is only if its EXACTLY the same thing. and most of the time its not.

  3. dorobo says:

    I bet they would have a walking in stations in eve online by now if not all these failed endevours..

    • iainl says:

      Mind you, as someone who keeps reading people pleading for the same to come to Elite Dangerous, what’s so great about walking around stations? It doesn’t seem to offer any immediate gameplay opportunity, and just turns all the stuff you currently do in 30 seconds through a series of menu screens into a 10-minute walk-em-up.

      It sounds brilliant for a week, and then I’d be getting frustrated and bored.

      • dorobo says:

        Maybe not in ED but eve is very much a social game.Surely you understand it could be optional and it’s purpose is not to carry stuff around but to socialize gamble your ships away sit in stripclubs etc and at the same time you can be doing all the regular stuff. They would have double the subscribers they have now if its done right. They sell clothing for characters and just to look at your self in the mirror? It’s silly.

        • iainl says:

          Ah, right – I hadn’t considered the massive social elements in Eve. Despite them trying to force MMO stuff on us, Elite’s largely about doing your own thing.

      • Apocalypse says:

        Outside of the unfun part to actually walk around in stations, it is great fun to shoot someone right before he enters his ships and steal that ship. Walking in stations is a great success in star citizen so far. ;-)

    • beowolfschaefer says:

      They’ve had that for years. It doesn’t do anything useful but it’s been there.

      • Distec says:

        Describing it as “Walking in Stations” would be generous. It’s more like walking around in a tiny Space Cabin. Or a janitor’s closet.

    • Alfius says:

      The player base doesn’t give a monkey’s about walking in stations.

  4. Ethaor says:

    I find baffling that someone at CCP actually thought it would be a tremendous idea to link Eve Online, that is probably at one extreme of the hardcore PC spektrum crowd, to a PlayStation exclusive arcade FPS.

    “Guys, you have got to try chocolate fish! I never have, but it must be great!”

    • beowolfschaefer says:

      It makes sense if you are trying to bring new customers into the fold not just exploit the ones you already have to cannibalize your current game.

      • Rindan says:

        It isn’t cannibalizing your player base, it is opening it up to people who are already interested in Eve, but want different game play. Eve is well known in PC circles. How many times have you read the words, “I love reading about Eve but hate playing it”? Lots of people want to be in the Eve world, they just don’t want to be space truckers, assigned boring patrol routs, or only engage in gank combat. Giving people other ways to participate is a no brainer if you can pull off that technical feat.

        I personally would be thrilled to join an Eve corporation where my contribution is flying a FPS style drone with a joystick and Oculus Rift that is smaller than the smallest Eve ships. I would love it to be a grunt fired at space stations to engage in FPS combat as part of a sabotaging raid. I want Eve to be a constellation of connected games, rather than an economic simulator with a few spinoffs that just share IP.

        There is a large PC contingent that wants into Eve, they should accommodate those people before smashing thier faces into the console market where they are total unknowns.

    • DaReaper says:

      it makes sense if done right. the link was little more then a gimmick

  5. Cinek says:

    Really? These guys seem to be exceptionally good in throwing money out of the window. Perhaps they should start backing some kickstarter projects, or something, cause clearly they got too much money.

  6. Sobric says:

    I’d love to try Dust 514 but on PC. If they’re just creating that (with the tie-in to the EVE world as well) I’d be very interested.

    I bounced off EVE a few times, but I like shooters and if I can add to the EVE world through the simplicity of shooty-mens but on a proper system (i.e. M&K) I’m sold. As long as the shooting bits are good.

    • NephilimNexus says:

      Problem is that all PC MMO shooters devolve into nothing more than a contest of who has the best hacks in less than a week after launching (and that in itself is just a contest between Russia & China).

  7. Moonracer says:

    I think the growing frequency of CCP’s failed attempts at doing new things with their product has been rather telling. They do a good job of making a sales pitch, but the end product doesn’t deliver. I’ll be keeping a distance from any new products they unleash.

  8. Geewhizbatman says:

    Huh, feels like this is becoming their thing to do. Hype a possibility, then scrap it. I mean, obviously they should feel free to do with their gamer cache and actual cash-cash what they like, but I find it striking that they just can’t seem to hold onto an idea for very long. Having the dedicated fans of EVE must make for a comfortable place to fall back on when things get choppy, but hopefully this new project will be all they are hoping for before “CCP presents…oh wait–it’s canceled” becomes their punchline.

    • SomeDuder says:

      CCP should just stick to what they are… well, I hesitate to say “good”, but they have proven to be dedicated to bringing technological improvements to Eve Online, so they really oughta stick to improving their core product.

      Anything else they try ends up cancelled or was never a real product to begin with.

  9. PancakeWizard says:

    multiplayer FPSs work best when they are twitchy, fast and easy to pick up and drop out of. After I tried Dust 514 Beta, I don’t have any confidence that CCP know how to do anything that isn’t bloated, slow and covered in spreadsheets.

  10. racccoon says:

    CCp p are hilarious..

  11. fc2mk86 says:

    I found the biggest difficulty to Dust to be spawning at a spawn point and have a tank barrel aiming at your face.