Rocket League Kicks Off Season 2 With New Update

“Game on! Kickoff! Let’s ball this! Net it!” These cries and more signal news that motorcarball ’em up Rocket League [official site] has launched into its second season of competitive play. Along with a new ranking system, this update brings our favourite game of 2015 a smattering of new items and tweaks enjoyable even by folks who don’t get much into competition.

“The aim of Season 2 is to de-emphasize the importance of single wins or losses and put the focus where it belongs — consistently playing well and improving your game over time (not stressing over individual losses),” Psyonix said last month in a post explaining the ranking changes.

The new way removes Rank Points, and determines position purely by Skill Rating – because having both was a bit weird and confusing. It now has twelve divisions instead of ten too, but divisions have no size cap so top-tier (or bottom-tier) players will all be together. Everyone will need to play ten matches to find their starting division, though their Season 1 Skill Ratings will influence this too.

Update v1.11 has also brought player reporting to dob in folks who are being unpleasant, a ‘Rocket Labs’ casual playlist with prototype levels, an option to raise the maximum FPS beyond 60, and balance tweaks. It’s also added new ‘uncommon’ item drops, new hats and antennas which don’t have a straight-up random chance to drop – the odds of getting them increase every minute until one drops, at which point they reset. Hit the patch notes for more on everything.

If you want to start climbing the ranks, though, maybe it’s time you learned how to fly.


  1. Zankman says:

    Rocket League’s success is really… Hm… Satisfying to me?

    It’s a good, well-made game – both the base gameplay and polish/fluff are so on point.

    Good for them and good for the players that the Devs are still putting in work.

    I do wonder why it isn’t taking off a bit more as an E-Sport; It’s popular, fun to watch and there is actually quite a lot of depth to it (in terms of skill ceiling).

    Like, I watch some average players and have “Wow!” moments at the skills that are pulled off.

  2. Siimon says:

    So far these rankings have been even more uneven. I’m a Veteran, my buddy is a Pro. We met Master level players, we met players with silver and gold crowns (e.g. silver and gold rank in Season 1, where we were Bronze), we met players who where silver in season 2 (we are 1st challenger rank), and we met players who seemed like total rookies as we beat them 6-0 before they gave up…

    • Xzi says:

      Noting that the first ten matches are trying to find your starting rank for season 2. Has to see what you can handle.

      • Siimon says:

        “Look, he beat those two Rookie players 3-2 of course he can take on a Master and a Veteran!” ;)

        I get that the first ten matches will be quite uneven, but the next five were no better.

        • Siimon says:

          It is almost like I’m being matched against other people (with wildly different ranks) who are in their first ten and being used to benchmark them…

    • wondermoth says:

      “I’m a Veteran, my buddy is a Pro.”

      These titles have no relation to your skill level. They simply denote the amount of XP you have gained.

  3. Xzi says:

    Aw, I was hoping I’d get some sort of reward for finishing as silver in both 1s, 2s, and 3s. Can’t complain about a bunch of new free stuff either way, I suppose. :D

  4. satsui says:

    The new maps(?) are pretty fun. The half-circle was is incredibly bizarre, but crazy.

  5. caff says:

    I am hopelessly addicted to this game. I’m now beyond 250 hours gameplay and just about snuck past Bronze III rating in doubles which I’m half proud/half ashamed of. I love it though. Been practising flying offline last night whilst the servers updated.

  6. JonClaw says:

    This update was a breath of fresh air for the game. The “beta” maps are VERY fun to play.

    Psyonix is on the ball with this game.

    • Xzi says:

      Of course, they’ve released other new maps, custom game options, and cars prior. It never really stopped being fresh for me. They’ve done a fantastic job and I’m happy to support them.

  7. SuperDion says:

    Is a lost month something like a 13th month, or something else?

  8. ulix says:

    I like how they put the Wasteland map in the ranked playlist. Although I think it should be 4vs4 as “Standard” mode.

    The completely new maps are great, I think. We’ll see if I still play them in a week or two.

  9. TRS-80 says:

    I realise that global rankings means we’ll never see it, but I still want an offline/LAN mode.