Creepygrim Horror: Downfall Remake Released

Say, how do you like horror adventure games full of love and death and murder and insanity and red blood splattered on black-and-white scenes? I ask because The Cat Lady developer Remigiusz Michalski has released a remake of his earlier point-and-cower game Downfall [official site]. It’s the tale of a man and his wife on a romantic getaway to rekindle their struggling marriage when things turn all dark and unpleasant and, I’d guess, possibly-all-in-your-head. It has a demo so you can see if it’s your bag.

I’ve not played the original release, but have heard pretty good things about it (and The Cat Lady) from folks who like grim grim bloodygrim horror starring people who’ve probably gone super-murdermad. You know the sort. This remake brings full voice acting, updated dialogue, a new soundtrack, improved art, and a few mechanical bits inspired by The Cat Lady, while removing combat and a few tricky puzzles.

You can download the Downfall demo over here or through Steam.

Downfall is about £9 from GOG and Steam. A Linux version is due to follow later. If pennies are in short supply, hey, the original Downfall is free.


  1. wu wei says:

    Needs more Hitler.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I wonder if anyone has used that bunker meme to write a review of this game.

  2. povu says:

    The Cat Lady was really good.

  3. GamesBrit says:

    Wow! I truly did not expect to see this. It has just a small website announcing it would come out Q2 2015, which then fell back to Q4 2015. By this point I had rather lost hope it was coming out at all which was a shame because The Cat Lady is one of my favourite games ever. Really surprised and really glad to see the Downfall remake finally made it. Will be picking this up soon almost undoubtedly.

  4. Ketchua says:

    Nooo, the original soundtrack was brilliant! I don’t want a new one!

    Also, the folks who like grim grim bloodygrim horror starring people who’ve probably gone super-murdermad are right. It’s a good game.

  5. Sin Vega says:

    Still need to play this… I’ve put it off because the scene referencing it in the Cat Lady was a bit crap. But I really really loved the Cat Lady, despite having lots to criticise.

  6. Fireflower says:

    Also available on FireFlower Games: link to :)