Street Fighter V’s Launch Server Troubles Continue

Street Fighter V [official site] is out, it is pretty dang fun, though barebones right now, (or so our Wot I Think sez), and it… has picked up a few tricks from your old pal Alice. Like me playing Street Fighter, when the announcer declared the battle was on, the game promptly fell over. Pugilists faced online disconnections and downtime last night, and problems persist today. Capcom are working on it, and say they’re jolly sorry.

“My sincerest apologies again about SFV server situation,” producer Yoshinori Ono said on Twitter. “I think that we need to improve on this problem the most.”

He pointed folks towards SFV’s server status Twitter account, which documented problems past and present. These three tweets are from last night-ish, in the hours following the launch:

And issues continue today, with this posted half an hour ago:

Cast your eyes over player reviews on Steam and you’ll find plenty grumbling about poor controller support, no option to rebind keyboard controls, and the absence of many modes and features Capcom have, to be fair, been quite clear that they’d add later.

It’s… it’s difficult to say quite what Street Fighter V is. Somewhere between an early access release and that old chestnut ‘games as a service’? Capcom plan to keep updating SFV with new features and characters for yonks to come, but I suppose the problem is that different people have different ideas of what’s an acceptable initial release. It has everything needed for big tournaments – such as Capcom’s own Pro Tour 2016 season starting real soon – but is slim for people who’ll play online and especially those wanting to punch faces by themselves. Let’s see how it picks up once a few more of the planned features are actually in.

I guess I’ll throw in this launch trailer too, because it’s here?


  1. Imbecile says:

    Hilarious captioning!

  2. SocialJusticeLawyer says:

    Saw this one coming, and it’s not surprising either.

  3. Baines says:

    From a console game perspective, Street Fighter 5 is using a similar model to what Nintendo did with Splatoon. A skeleton of the game is released at full price, with the rest of the content released over time. Nintendo did it with Splatoon to help keep people interested, as “new” content being constantly “added” months after release kept people coming back to the online multiplayer focused title.

    In the case of Capcom, it is more likely that they are quite literally finishing the game after release. Capcom’s Pro Tour put a limit on how late SF5 could be released, even if items like the story mode or even the single player AI had to be delayed until post-release. So it is an Early Access game released as a full release, under the justification of being a title that will be continually updated through a six year lifespan.

    But the end result is that if you aren’t much interested in online play, then you might as well wait a few months before buying. If you are primarily interested in online play, well, you’ve got most of that already (with the expected launch day server issues and potentially weeks of post-release tweaking). You just don’t have the fancier customizations yet.

  4. ran93r says:

    Finished work, played through opening tutorial, tinkered with some of the basic settings, tried to start a survival game and it crashed to desktop with no warning of any kind.

    I’m going to make a cup of tea and have a nice sit down instead.

  5. Zankman says:

    Wow, I didn’t even realize that this whole “barebones release” thing was going on… That is VERY lame, if you ask me.

    They literally released an unfinished game and are going to, needless to say, struggle to release all of the content that people would expect to be right there on release… For a FULL-PRICED game.

    And this “content over time” – will it be free or will it be sold as DLC?

    This whole thing is quite inexcusable as is; If it is the latter, then, really… They don’t deserve to sell any copies.

    • Baines says:

      It is a mix.

      Balance tweaks and other additions are free content. Things like the full story mode should be free content.

      Additional characters can be bought as paid DLC as well as being purchased with in-game currency. Six characters have already been announced, but more will presumably appear in the future. You should be able to, at least theoretically, buy all future characters with in-game currency, without spending any additional real money. (I say theoretically because this will involve playing the game a rather fair amount to amass that much in-game currency, the bulk of which will probably come from winning online matches and completing daily challenges.)

      Some costumes will be both purchaseable with real money and in-game currency. Some costumes can only be purchased with real money.

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      Lucky you got to play it at all; my flatmate doesn’t have a working Windows install at the moment so I booted my most powerful computer back into Windows 10 and let him install it. It played at exactly half-speed, due to my 4K monitor being driven by Windows 10 over HDMI at 30Hz (I was having some weird glitches with other things that made me unplug it from DisplayPort), as I eventually puzzled out. You’d think if it was such a problem, the game could tell you . . . but then again, the initial “do you agree to our license?” ingame prompt, while accepting the arrow keys for choosing your response, doesn’t accept input from the enter key, so I guess I shouldn’t expect such niceties ;)

  6. Laurentius says:

    CAPCOM may have been open about this but this is beyond wierd to me. Not to have SP version on realese ? I don’t get it I know it is mainly for MP but I have a lot of fun with SP of SFIV and generally I thought it was really good PC version, keyes could be rebind easily, run smoothly, this SFV looks like no buy for me.

  7. Bruschetta says:

    In this new SF you can’t even remap the keyboard buttons.
    The only option you get is the permutation of the preassigned keys.Feels almost unplayable in that way…

  8. caff says:

    Another rushed release. I feel sorry for the devs, they must have been stressed hard and things won’t get any better for them now…

  9. shaydeeadi says:

    Was disappointed the online was down last night but had spectacular fun playing with my housemates. It’s an improvement for me over SFIV.

    Some strange behavior with my X360 Fightpad where it thinks one of the face buttons is start in game but maps as a standard button in the menu, let the patches roll.