Wadjet Eye’s Shardlight Coming March 8th

Our John called Shardlight [official site] “an absorbing puzzle adventure, which is a phrase all too rarely uttered even in these days of the genre’s clumsy resurgence” when he played an early version. That’s a very John form of praise, isn’t it? But encouraging! Soon we’ll get to see for ourselves, as developers Wadjet Eye Games have announced they’ll release Shardlight on March 8th.

You know Wadjet Eye, the folks who’ve made the Blackwell games and The Shivah but not a Vertigo Comics game, and published plenty of adventure games made by others.

Shardlight’s set in a grim, dystopian city where everything’s trashed, the illness ‘Green Lung’ ravages the poor, and the rich lark about wearing creeping ornate gas masks. In this unhappy place, mechanic Amy Wellard is doing “lottery jobs” for her chance to win the vaccine until she gets tangled in conspiracy. She sounds nice. As John wrote:

“And most tellingly about her, she has a lot of friends all over the city, people who are pleased to see her, act positively toward her. Making them relatable too! While there is certainly unnecessary obtuseness from some, these are people willing to help her, positive around her, rather than grumpy or sullen or plain confusing. It is a fantastic shortcut for having you feel like you’re playing an established character in an established world, rather than the all-too common memoryless avatar freshly emerged from a cocoon.”

Good-o! March 8th it is, then. For now, a new trailer:

‘Green Lung’ does mostly remind me of Peter Serafinowicz’s Terry Wogan pirate radio sketches – “Big up Green Lungs and the Arachnid Egg Sac Crew in Isleworth, easy.”


  1. Waldkoenig says:

    Awesome! Pretty sure I heard some familiar voices from the Blackwell series in the trailer. I loved everything about those 4 games and if this is half as good, I’ll be happy :)

  2. sfury says:

    Not gonna lie, read the beginning of the first sentence 5-6 times wondering why you’re calling John “Shardlight”.

    Going to drink my afternoon coffee now, to remedy my (apparently 4-word) short attention span

  3. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    I’m getting a great Beneath the Steel Sky vibe from this; only trippier, like someone had a bad dream and mixed it up with Pathologic.

    Just hoping the mechanics don’t get in the way – you know, as in some modern adventure games where you can’t just zip towards the next screen or interactive object but have to endure interminable 2D animations, or they don’t include enough silly quips for when you’re trying out every nonsensical inventory combination because adventure games.

    I had missed John’s preview but it makes me so hopeful! Nowadays I feel like adventure games *just* have to avoid the checklist of stupid, archaic mistakes he points out, to which I’d probably add a few, and voilà: they can shine through clever puzzles and more importantly a fine story.

    Which makes me think I saw John – but he was just a blur of pixels in the tiny rear view mirror of a gigantic motorbike in a concept art sketch for Full Throttle’s upcoming remake. That’s why no one can find him! He is stuck between several layers of the proverbial space-time cake. But so are most adventure games, so I’m sure he and them are playing with each other all day long.

  4. Risingson says:

    Nice. Designed by the people in Wadjet Eye that are not Dave Gilbert.

    • Premium User Badge

      gritz says:

      I prefer Gilbert’s games to the other Wadjet Eye stuff. They’re still good, but I think he was able to draw me into serialization that I don’t think the other WE games could have.

  5. shadow9d9 says:

    There is only a resurgence in mainstream news paying attention to the genre. The genre flourished for a decade+ leading up to telltale’s non game resurgence of interest that it brought to the genre as a whole. Just because the genre was ignored, doesn’t mean it disappeared.

  6. slerbal says:

    Sounds lovely, I shall check it out on release. I also really enjoy the soundtracks for the Wadjet Eye Games.

  7. dorobo says:

    ..feel like you’re playing an established character in an established world, rather than the all-too common memoryless avatar freshly emerged from a cocoon.”

    think ill gonna do a memoryless avatar freshly emerged from a cocoon version in my game if it ever happens.

  8. caff says:

    More adventuring goodness.

  9. MazokuRanma says:

    For those interested, here’s the first part of an interview series with Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye games. This is a bit older, though, so no mentions of Shardlight.