Street Fighter V Improving Controller Support

The face-punching core of Street Fighter V [official site] is pretty great, so our Wot I Think says. But wrapped around that is a bit less game than some expected, as a lot of features and modes are coming later. What’s there is also a bit wonky, thanks to server downtime and other technical issues. So Capcom have issued a status update which goes over the launch problems and into future plans. Expect better controller support and keyboard rebinding, for starters.

First, the broken bits. Capcom say that “login and intermittent connectivity issues should be less frequent” now the game’s fully launched, that they’ve fixed matchmaking issues, and that they have a fix for Fighter ID corruption. Keep an eye on the SFV server status Twitter for problems and updates.

They’re looking into crash reports too, and say some are caused by anti-virus software disagreeing with it (be sure to whitelist it).

With fires coming under control, Capcom are also looking forward to shared plans for features they plan to add in the future. Native DirectInput support is coming so folks can use a wider variety of controllers. Capcom say, “We realize many fans prefer to use their existing PS3/PS4 compatible Arcade Sticks on PC which are DirectInput-based, so we are actively looking into adding this feature in an upcoming patch.”

They’re also planning to add keyboard control rebinding, the ability to play in languages beyond the one your operating system runs in, and a way to switch screen resolution without flicking through every option in-between.

Those are good things to add. It’s silly that some of them aren’t in at launch, but the whole game’s clearly a bit rushed to meet the start of the professional season.

The first of SFV’s planned content updates is due in March. The month will bring eight-player online lobbies, first DLC character Alex, a challenge trial mode, and the store selling alternate costumes and character unlocks all that. The story mode isn’t due until June.

Anyway! Are you playing? Are you punching faces? Does it feel nice to punch them?


  1. Gribbstar says:

    Really glad to hear about them patching in support for other sticks. I have a custom built one that set me back a pretty penny and I refuse to buy SFV until I can use it.

    I still think it’s a little light on characters though. It’s just not Street Fighter to me without Blanka/Honda being in yet.

    • iainl says:

      That’s a strangely appealing thing for me, I think – I’m more likely to give the other characters a decent go if I don’t have my Blanka safety net.

      • Gribbstar says:

        I main Ryu so my net is very much there. I just love to chew some faces with Blanka from time to time! ;)

    • Ansob says:

      FYI, using JoyToKey to bind keyboard presses to the buttons on a PS3 controller works 100% so far for me. My stick is in the post so I can’t confirm how well it works with a TE/RAP/whatever, but it’s working splendidly so far with a bog-standard DS3 and an old SFxT Fightpad I had lying around.

      This is how I’ve set mine up: link to

  2. iainl says:

    Sounds like there will be a good game there by the time I’m ready to run it. I’m certainly not getting involved until I can use my DirectInput-based Dreamcast Arcade Stick, in any case.

  3. SirRoderick says:

    No directinput?

    That is just BAFFLING for a fighting game :/

  4. Bremze says:

    Not yet facepunching because the release has some regression from the beta builds that make the game ignore dedicated GPUs if there’s a integrated GPU present.

    I’d be up for some Rock Paper Shoryuken with the nice folks here once the dust settles though.

  5. JaguarWong says:

    Was just reading elsewhere that there is currently no punishment/penalty for writing mid-match.

    Would have thought fixing that would be a priority with highlighting.

  6. shaydeeadi says:

    Hopefully they add support for old X360 controllers and sticks in the middle of that too.

    • Gribbstar says:

      A friend of mine is playing it on PC with an old xbox pc wireless adapter and a controller from one of the very first release xboxes. He hasn’t had a problem!

    • Pretzelcoatl says:

      Also playing with a 360 pad (I know, I know.) Seems fine so far!

      • shaydeeadi says:

        I have a Madcatz fightpad (SFIV thingy) and in the config menu I can sdet the buttons up absolutely fine but once I’m in game the button used for HK becomes start for no reason. I also have a Hori arcade stick and LT and RT (used for 2 of the bottom row) do not work at all. So hopefully they do a bit of work on this.

        I’ll give it a week and see if anyone on Shoryuken finds a workaround but for me this is more disappointing than the server issues.

        • Gribbstar says:

          Yep my sticks board is from a PS3 Hori originally. Totally non functional in the game at present.

    • welverin says:

      From some things I read while trying to get my stick to work, I would suspect and Xbox 360 or One controller to work since they use Xinput.

  7. Pizzzahut says:

    Story mode due in June? That’ll be just before Super SFV then?