Euro Truck Simulator 2 Ira En France Avec DLC Nouveau

SCS Software sont… oh bugger it, I’ll spare you my broken French. Let’s start over.

SCS Software are busy trucking around America now, but they still have a folks who stayed home to keep an eye on Europe. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 [official site] team have announced they’re revamping and expanding France in a “major DLC expansion”, which sounds lovely. America’s wide skies may be a place of dreams for me, but I wouldn’t say no to pootling around Normandy either.

SCS explained in a blog post today:

“We are expanding the little bit of France we have in the game now to cover the whole country. This also includes a lot of touches to the existing areas (total overhaul of Paris region for example). The changed parts of the world will of course still be accessible in the base game, even if they are upgraded visually.”

They’re now big enough to have separate teams working on American Truck Simulator’s new DLC states as well as ETS2’s France. It sounds like they have more on the go too, quiet for now.

No word yet on when the DLC will launch. Pay SCS a visit to see a few more screenshots, though do be aware some flora is placeholder art.


  1. Barberetti says:

    The [official site] link links to this page instead of the official site.

  2. Dingbatwhirr says:

    This looks excellent. I’ve recently got back into playing ETS2 (it makes a wonderful game to play for an hour or so before bed – driving along to late-night French local radio is hypnotic) and, much as I love the game, one of the things which has been bothering me slightly is how identikit the regions look. These screenshots look like a breath of fresh air; I can’t wait to pootle round Normandy, knocking the corners off traditional stone houses with my unwieldy trailer, all to the soundtrack of some French alternative rock. Sign me up right away.

  3. Viral Frog says:

    I held off on ATS just for the fact that it only includes two states at the moment. One of which (Nevada) I have visited numerous times and find to be very uninteresting, sans for Las Vegas and Mesquite. So I’m glad to see they’re still showing love for those of us on ETS2!

  4. Elarmarth says:

    Avec Un Nouveau DLC, I’m sure you meant to say. :)

    • Wandering Taoist says:

      French will surely have their own way of saying DLC. Maybe CTC (Contenu a telechargement) or somesuch. Weirdos, they are. I spent a lot of time hitchhiking trucks there, so I’m definitely getting this CTC.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        But the average French person will probably still call it DLC, whereas Canadians will only ever use their ‘French’ version.
        (I will ask my French flatmates what they call DLC later and report back.)

        • Kerenn says:

          We say “DLC” but Québec might translate it to “contenu téléchargeable” as it is the correct version.

      • Poolback says:

        We call it DLC as well :)
        The official translation in-game Contenu Téléchargeable. But everybody just call it DLC, even the french press.

  5. PsyX99 says:

    Chouette, en voilà une très bonne nouvelle.

    I hope that I’ll be able to drive in Brittany where I’m from :).

    But only France ? That’s a bit sad. Italy and Spain deserve to be there too. o/

    • Octane says:

      Have you tried the TruckSim map? France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and a huge part of northern Africa as well. Great mod with regular updates, although it has to suck for them to have to scrap large amounts of work everytime SCS releases a new DLC :p

      • BananaGX says:

        No Tlemcen,Oran,Constantine,Annaba,Bejaia,Tizi Ouzou,Blida,Bizerte,Hammamet…Including north africa in the truck sim map is a great idea,but it’s still far from complete

  6. JaminBob says:

    Yeah cool. But there’s an issue around consistency. Most of the map continues to look, y’know ok, whilst some of it looks amazing.

    For me the allure was the scale. If they obsess about accuracy it stops being a fun casual sim and becomes a proper ‘simulation’. Train sims make this mistake 1:1 accuracy is dull unless you really really like trains.

    I’d rather they made more/bigger maps then obsess over the details personally.

  7. Chaz says:

    With any luck we might actually get to visit Spain one day. Driving through Spain is on the whole rather pleasant. I did Alicante to Santander in a day and rather enjoyed it. The level of traffic on the roads was actually very close to the sparsity found in the game.

  8. snv says:

    Have they fixed the highway on/offramps yet?
    It’s a nice enough game, but those crazy autobahn-exits not just throw off my immersion, they are annoying to navigate too

    • Lolsmurf says:

      You should know those highway ramps are in SCS games since 18 wheels of steel across america. The community, me included, have been asking for realistic ones for years but the message doesnt get through I guess.

      They are okay ish for USA, but are totally dumb and unrealistic for any kind of european country.

  9. Blackcompany says:

    With all the map mods for France I honestly wish this team were helping with ATS at the moment. That’s the title most in need of this very type of work…strange.

  10. Alfy says:

    I usually call it: “une grosse arnaque”. Although it might not apply in the case…

  11. Akula says:

    Totally broken french.