Prospekt: Half-Life Opposing Force Fan Sequel Released

A fan-made, semi-official follow-up to Opposing Force, the Half-Life expansion Gearbox made, is now out. Prospekt [official site] continues telling Half-Life-y events from the perspective of marine Adrian Shephard, who’s still chasing after Gordon Freeman. This time he’s helping Gordo, though, causing trouble out of sight for the Combine during HL2’s Nova Prospekt section and onwards. It’s the work of fan Richard Seabrook, and Valve have given him the all-clear to sell it. This can only be good news for my dream of Valve endorsing my career as a writer of erotic Dog/turret fanfic.

ANYWAY. Prospekt follows Opposing Force’s trick of telling a story we know from another perspective. Gordo’s breaking into Nova Prospekt, and his Vortigaunt pals have decided to call in help from Shepard, who has been in some limbo or another since for years. His adventure rolls on for 13 levels, which Seabrook says will take about as long as Half-Life: Episode One (a few hours, then).

The return to Nova Prospekt brings a bit of a sprucing-up, with new textures, models, particle effects, and so on. It’s not 2004 anymore, you know.

Prospekt also goes to Xen, a place many fear to tread. We’ve not seen Xen in Half-Life 2 at all, and the Black Mesa gang remaking Half-Life 1 in HL2’s engine cut Xen from their first release.

Prospekt was due to launch last week, but was pushed back to dodge Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale. Probably sensible, that. Prospekt is now out and costs £7.50 on Steam. Even if it still says “Pre-purchase”, it doesn’t mean it.


  1. Kefren says:

    Weird timing, I just finished replaying Opposing Force last night. I hadn’t thought I’d get all the way through, would just dabble for nostalgia, but there I was zapping slug demons in the eye before it was all over. I like HL2, but prefer HL1 and its expansions.

    I also miss Xen! I always loved the floating platforms in space, gave me a visceral feeling. The only other game that did that was Clive Barker’s Undying, in the alternate space dimension quite far in. I enjoyed the jumping and platforms in Half Life and the expansion packs. Without them it would just have all been shooting. A welcome change of pace and skill.

  2. kament says:

    This can only be good news for my dream of Valve endorsing my career as a writer of erotic Dog/turret fanfic.

    And that’s when I knew it was Alice who wrote it. Not fanfic, mind you, although I’d read that too.

  3. Monggerel says:

    I’ve heard a lot of complaining about Half-Life 1’s first person platforming, but I actually really liked the jumping segments.
    Then again, I also played Climb maps in Counter-Strike for years and still occasionally do. Maybe I’m just broken?
    Just looking for someone to shed light on what’s so objectionable about FPS platforming.

  4. KwisatzHaderach says:

    Hehe, I read through the article, hit that paragraph, thought: “I’ll wear sunglasses for the rest of my life if this isn’t Alice!”, scrolled to the top… And there she was!

    • KwisatzHaderach says:

      Operator? Hello, operator? This was meant to be a response to kament’s comment…

  5. soopytwist says:

    I just looked at some of the mixed reviews on Steam. If this mod was free I’d give it a go. I pay for DLC, I don’t pay for mods therefore I’m not buying this especially after the drubbing it’s had.