Look At These Lovely Desert Succulents

This is less of a news post and more of a sharing something I thought was cool post – look at these desert succulents 3D artist GameDevZombie (I only know her Twitter handle) is working on at the moment. I saw them come up on my Twitter feed this morning and I keep going back to them.

She works over at Brainbox3d on those environment and asset packs you can buy for use in particular game engines. These are for a desert-themed environment and there’s something about the colours and shapes here I find really pleasing. I think I like them even more because they’re divorced from an actual environment in these pictures. That might sound like a strange thing to say given they’re supposed to be seen within an environment but what I mean is that I would totally buy the above and below images as prints with those colours and shapes against the plain grey background.

The header image in particular feels like a modern game-inspired reworking of botanical illustrations like this one:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

You can see more of GameDevZombie’s work at @GameDevZombie.


  1. Cinek says:

    It looks really, really great. I see these are available for both – Unreal Engine and Unity, nice. :)

  2. MrFinnishDude says:

    Huh, what nice, colourful, cartoony and crisp little assets. Truly a style that will always be in fashionable. I believe that for example pixel art will eventually be completely shunned as an art style, but I’m sure this will always persist.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I don’t think pixel art as a style is in any more threat of extinction than any other kind of impressionism. What will die is the fad, and all the bad “throw it through a mosaic filter” / “wipe your arse with MS paint” dreck with it.

      …if we’re doing a thirty-ish year periodic thing, where people grow up and make games riffing off of their childhoods, we should be due a huge influx of low-poly Quake 3D before too long. Complaints about resized and rotated pixels will be replaced with ones about per-pixel lighting and shadowing when the period of the art style could do per-vertex and a low-res pre-baked shadowmap if you were lucky. I will probably be there with my cane, yelling at those kids on the lawn who can’t maintain a cohesive style, rabblerabble.

      • froz says:

        Early 3d is the worst period of game’s artstyle in my opinion. I hope it’s not coming back.

        • GameCat says:

          No, PSX/N64 3D games have this unique feeling you can’t find in modern 3D games.
          And some of them ale still gorgeous. Try playing Spyro on PSX emulator with high resolution. It’s beauty.

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            Then again, this is highly dependant on the most extraordinary examples of great art style.

        • caff says:

          Yeah early 3D was great. I mean it was 3D. So therefore it was futuristic.

        • grrrz says:

          else Heart.Break(); has this vibe and it’s pretty stylish

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      Pixel art will exist as long as there are indie developers without the budget for high-resolution art.

      • Cinek says:

        It’s not just a budget – it’s simply easier to make a good-looking game with pixelarts than any other style (well… fair enough: text-only is even easier, but that’s a special case). You can have programmers building a pixel-art games. It’s much harder to do that with other styles.

  3. caff says:

    I like botanical illustrations. Get down Kew Gardens if you do too.

  4. Tieranus says:

    I heartily approve of this segway from the vidja. Also, Viridi is a game that features similar artwork, which I believe was covered on the site around this time last year. Give that a shot if you’re into having a wee succulent garden, it’s free on Steam.

  5. gwathdring says:


  6. Ejia says:

    You have a lovely bunch of succulents.

  7. rexx.sabotage says:

    Wouldn’t mind a pot of those in Viridi, although I’d neglect them to death all the same :\

  8. Bernt01 says:

    These are wonderful. I should start using twitter.
    But why is it that i don’t feel comfortable around twitter?

    • Kala says:

      Because you could accidentally say the wrong thing and everyone will hate you.