Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries Expansion Is Out

Lawks, has Galactic Civilizations III [official site] really been out for nine months? With early access blurring the lines, part of me feels like it’s both been out for ages and only just come out. Anyway, nine months is long enough for an expansion (that’s not- this isn’t some baby joke), so here we go! Mercenaries launched last night, adding two new factions and mercenaries who’ll do duffing for you.

GalCiv III is also now fancier for people who don’t have the expansion, as the latest update has brought things like improved AI and graphics to the base game.

Mercenaries are, as you might guess, the big new feature of the Mercenaries expansion. They hang around hidden Galactic Bazaars, and can be hired to help out with everything from research to face-shooting. Remember, kids: in the adult world, hiring someone to do your homework for you is considered clever delegation.

The expansion’s first new faction is the Arceans, an ancient warrior race, while the other, the Torians (returning from GalCiv II), are the center of the expansion’s campaign. The Torians been enslaved by that dastardly Drengin Empire, see, and are calling in mercenaries to help.

We had a quick look at Mercenaries last month.

As for the big update, hit the patch 1.6 notes to see all it brings. In short, it’s balance tweaks, improved lightning and other graphical prettiness, UI changes, and bug fixes. Good stuff!

GalCiv III: Mercenaries is £14.99 on Steam and GOG or $19.99 from Stardock. The base game has a 25% discount right now too, bringing it down to £22.50-ish on Steam and GOG.


  1. BlackeyeVuk says:

    GAH! Must resist.. urge… to buy. Must wait … gold…. edition… must wait all cut-out crap DLC to end…
    My heart….Garhk….

  2. Joshua Northey says:

    I really want to like this game, but the whole process of managing constructors still sucks and is still 20% or more of the total time in game if you are playing rationally. Why on earth they haven’t abstracted that drudgery away I have no idea.

    The other main disappointing thing is that the factions and their build trees have less differentiation than in GalCiv2. That games movement to make the different factions play differently was smart.

    Moreover I have had some technical issues across a couple patches on two very different PCs, with odd crashes and non-responsive UI. While they did open a ticket for me, I was away on business, and then they closed it in like a week without ever actually getting a hold of me.

    I guess it bothered me because part of my work is providing technical support to often extremely ignorant users on complex database interfaces, and I certainly put a lot more effort into making sure the people with problems are satisfied than they did.

    • thetruegentleman says:

      I’m kind of surprised people enjoyed those broken build trees: some races became trash, some became overpowered, and many became trash in the AI’s hands and overpowered in the player’s.

      At the very least, I prefer the one tech tree approach for how much it improves balance, even if it removes some personality.

      • Joshua Northey says:

        I could see values in both systems, but I think the multiple trees lead to more replay-ability for me. Right now playing the X vs the Y is just some minor starting differences mostly. I liked the feel of the separate build trees, the tech differentiation was less important to me.

        In any case I love Stardock and they have given me a lot of great games over the years so I will continue to try their stuff.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Malarious says:

    Man, I picked up the $100 Founder’s Edition when it first launched because I wanted to support Stardock, but the game is just so boring and I don’t think it’s fixable with their current design team. It’s so micromanagement heavy. Since I get all the expansions “for free” I’ll probably install it and give it another go sometime, but the 10 hours or so that I’ve forced myself to spend with it have just been miserable.

    The new MoO is looking good, though. And Stellaris is probably going to be the Space 4X game to end all Space 4X games if it gets the same treatment as EU4 and CK2.