Plague Inc Oozes Out Of Early Access With Co-Op

Plague Inc: Evolved [official site] is, at heart, ye olde Flash game Pandemic. Players design and evolve an infection to spread across humanity and, ultimately, wipe out all 7.4 billion of us blights upon the face of the Earth. Around that, though, Plague Inc adds all sorts of new and exciting ways to kill us vermin, mod support, competitive multiplayer and, now, co-op too. After two years in Early Access, Plague Inc: Evolved has reached version 1.0 and properly launched. Possibly ejected as a virulent sneeze on a crowded train. The game slrrrrpps down your cheek. You politely clear your threat and pretend not to notice, muttering about the Evening Standard’s Sudoku.

The launch update has added co-op multiplayer where two folks create their own infections, working together to kill us all – though humanity strikes back harder against these double-pronged assaults. It also adds an AI for the regular multiplayer mode, which puts one player in charge of humanity’s attempts to defeat the infection.

Though it’s now out of Early Access, developers Ndemic Creations (who didn’t make Pandemic, to be clear) are still planning more updates. “New modes, cheats, scenarios and official disease types are in development,” they say.

Plague Inc: Evolved is £10.79 on Steam right now. Here’s an old trailer:


  1. ButteringSundays says:

    It took them 3 years to bring the game from iPad to PC? At least they’re charging triple the price for it to make up for it. Oh, wait, what?

    • jrodman says:

      You PC users deserve it because you’re a bunch of pirates!

    • malkav11 says:

      They launched with everything that was in the iOS version and the additional development time (and price) reflect a whole bunch of additional content and features.

      I hate it when companies charge more for exactly the same experience as on mobile, but that’s not what you’re getting anymore.

  2. MrFinnishDude says:

    I thought this game had multiplayer months ago. I saw youtuber playing the same game together, different viruses against each other. Is the co-op mode different? Or is this all a bunch of “old-flash-game-copying-gits-overcharging-and-warping-information-for-better-press-and-stuff-wankery”?

  3. CannedLizard says:

    Is it still full of crap paid extras on top of the cost of the game?

    • Murmur says:

      Nope, the PC version has all the stuff you have to pay extra for in the mobile version.

      • mouton says:

        Which is logical and reasonable, but sometimes there are mobile games that retain their single-player in-game cash-shop in the pc version too, not even bothering to adjust the prices away from the mobile bullshit. Warhammer Quest was like that, for example.

  4. Haldurson says:

    Just checked: I have 55 hours in the game including several player-made mods, haven’t played it in months, and honestly I NEVER even knew it was a beta. I honestly don’t think that anyone else playing it would have noticed either without checking — it never ever seemed like a beta to me. Great game.

    • mouton says:

      Woah, that’s a lot of hours in it. I never found it to be as long lived for me. It is fun, for a short while, now I observe the Zika virus news articles and they remind me of Plague INC

      • Comco says:

        I played this a LOT on Android. Great game. I never played the flash game, but I’d caution against writing it off just by the look. Did the flash game have mutations? Ways of customising your virus to evade detection, multiple methods of propagation (water, rats, planes, ships, livestock etc), different types of infections (virus, spore, retrovirus, etc), different countries with attributes (quality of health care, population density etc)? If it had all of that, yeah, it’s pretty similar to the flash game. ;)

        I found the variation in new unlockable mutations, different infection types etc kept me coming back for a long time. It’s probably the most game time I’ve ever had on a mobile game. And as has been said, they’ve put in a lot of extra effort for the PC version.

        • Comco says:

          BTW – love how they’ve got the voice of Dr. Isaac Kleiner (HL2) on the trailer. :)

  5. minijedimaster says:

    I’ll buy it when its $5

  6. Joshua Northey says:

    I find it kind of uninspiring. I really want to like it, but really the main skeleton is exactly the same as it was 7 years ago or when I first played it as a flash game. I mean sure now there are 4 difficult to infect islands instead of 2, and they are more little options, but they are the same sort of options. I was hoping for a kind of next model up take on the genre. Instead I just feel like I got the same model with the fancier engine and upgrade trim and wheels.

    I don’t regret buying it or the time I put into it (maybe a couple hours), but it really was not what I was hoping for.

  7. Chaoslord AJ says:

    It’s not half bad even though the dev was somewhat pissed in the steam forum when I mentioned there being a free mobile game which looked exactly…
    Anayway a game with a world map slowly fading to red. I do like to watch things unfold. I played 18 hours apparently – seems too much but more value than a cinema ticket all the same.
    And there’s a bunch of user generated content on top.
    To say it’s not worth 10 bucks is really cheap and not considering the value of honest labour like buying T-shirts for five euros at Primark.

  8. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Did they ever fix Madagascar?

    • jrodman says:

      Fix as in destroy their miraculous defenses against disease?