Insurgency: Sandstorm Announced, Adding Story Mode

Insurgency developers New World Interactive have announced a sequel to their tactical FPS, named Insurgency: Sandstorm. Annnd that’s about all they have to say right now. Cracking, post done, let’s go ho- oh, no, I can tell you a teensy bit more.

Sandstorm will bosh in a new story mode on top of ye olde competitive and cooperative multiplayer, and jump from Valve’s Source Engine to Unreal Engine 4. That’s yer lot.

It is also coming to consoles, but a chap from publishers Focus Home swears blind this won’t see Insurgency change into a more console-y FPS. “That’s the point,” says producer Michael Douse. “The anti-CoD.”

Insurgency went the traditional tensies release route, with a Kickstarter to fund the commercial follow-up to a mod, which then went through Steam Early Access (though it did skip Greenlight), then finally launched properly in 2014. Now New World have hooked up with a publisher for Sandstorm. Maybe publishers will be the next big trend. Publishers will be cool again. Teens can call publishers Daddy and tweet sexual remarks to them. Or adults who read a Guardian Comment Is Free article about teens doing that and believe they’re still young and cool, aren’t they, will do it. Meanwhile, teens will have moved onto new coolsays like “Power me with MMX technology, Barry.”

Sandstorm is broadly due in 2017. Publishers Focus Home have a big event coming up, so we’ll probably soon hear more on the string of games they’ve casually announced recently.

New World have recently also been leading a free Day of Defeat-y mod for Insurgency.


  1. JimbobD says:

    GameWatcher say it’s coming in 2017.

  2. cakeisalie says:

    Hopefully the next one will have far better optimisation. The stutter and FPS spikes really put me off playing Insurgency on a more regular basis. Particularly as the graphics are relatively basic. Still a good game though.

    • Aldehyde says:

      Huh, never experienced any performance issues in the first one. It uses neat little things like picture-in-picture though that tend to eat up a lot of frames.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Same, rarely have performance issues, it’s running on Source after all.

      • vahnn says:

        I had stuttering issues when I accidentally installed the game on an older usb 2.0 external hdd. Then I moved it to my game drive and no problems ever again. Runs like a dream. A slick, sweaty, sensual wet dream.

      • cakeisalie says:

        Well I’m not alone, there are plenty of threads about it on the internet describing all the tweaks that people have played about with to improve performance. I have it running off an SSD and am running a GTX980 and AMD FX8350, no problems running other games, including source engine titles.

        • Aldehyde says:

          Never doubted you, just hadn’t heard anything about it. Then again, I’ve never really had reason to check either, I suppose. That sucks though! Probably one of my favorite shooters.

        • Catman51 says:

          I’m running a GTX960 and I7-4790K with 8 gigs of ram and it’s running amazingly. I don’t think it’s ever dropped bellow 40 Fps, even with a medium-ish GPU.

          Perhaps it’s something running in the background? Have you reinstalled it yet, as it could have been something while downloading. Another thing is it might be a mod you have installed if any. Check to see what GPU’s and CPU’s other people who have this problem have, as it might be something like that.

          You’re computer should be able to run it fine (at least the GPU.) The only think I can think of other than that is your CPU might not be enough. I had a CPU just bellow that (in performance) before and a lot of my games ran terrible just because of that. The game might also, like the Arma games, run bad on AMD CPU’s and run better on Intel, though I haven’t seen any complaints that would lead to that. This might also be something like Just Cause 3 had, which just ran horrible on some PC’s and ran fine on others no matter the computer.

  3. Goodtwist says:


    • Dominitus says:

      They’ll be missing a great opportunity if they don’t use it as the backing track for one of the game’s trailers.

    • Ejia says:

      And there it is.

  4. EOT says:

    Ref: ‘The Anti-CoD’

    Insurgency is pretty much CoD 4 on Hardcore mode Michael. Divn’t be kidding yourself. Doesn’t stop it being fun though, but don’t try and pretend it’s Squad or ArmA or something.

    • vahnn says:

      Yeah, I kind of lol’d at that line myself. It can certainly allow for tenser moments than you’d find in cod, but in a different way than cod’s constant Michael Bay adrenaline junkie speed fest.

  5. vahnn says:

    So does that mean the current pvp and coop modes are being moved to UE4 as well? That could be great news. It bad news. I guess we’ll find out some day.

    • Herr_C says:

      I hope it is a good news. But what worries me is that most FPS games made in UE and especially modern military shooters very often feel so artificial I just cant have fun playing them. Hope this is not one of those :/

      • vahnn says:

        Yeah, that’s what i meant. Very often ue4 shooters feelreally screwy amd i can’t enjoy them as much. Hopefully they overcome whatever it is in that engine that makes most games feel like that and it retains its current feel.

  6. smisk says:

    Insurgency is probably my favorite multiplayer FPS of the past couple years, and NWI are some of the best devs out there. They’ve consistently supported the game over two years with new content and balance updates, all free. I’m a little wary about the sequel being released on consoles, as the first game was very PC focused with mods, custom maps etc. But I have faith that they’ll do it justice and I’ll gladly give them more of my money.
    Still hoping they’ll make a SWAT game one of these days though..

  7. Avus says:

    I like Insurgency. It is the closest game to the original Ghost Recon before Ubisuck rapped it beyond recognition.

  8. Mr. Duckie says:

    this is a risky step, I really, REALLY hope that NWI won’t turn into another EA generation that does nothing other than grabbing as much cash as they can from their customers.

    stay loyal NWI

  9. marshman220 says:

    HOLY FREEKIN CRAP! I even asked Mikey if they were gonna make a story and he said no!

  10. tonicer says:

    Nice so PC gamers who bought Insurgency basically paid not for patches and upgrades to Insurgency but they paid for the development of a console game (multiplatform means consolegame because they have to “optimize” the game for gamepads which is and always will be a terrible idea) … nice job NWI and i thought indie devs are cool … well it looks like i was wrong thinking that.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      NWI have, so far, released Insurgency patches and updates for two years. They’ve also started a WW2 FPS as a free Insurgency mod. What more are you expecting?

      • GWOP says:


      • MOONRGR says:

        I will second you on that. From my past experience NWI is indeed a decent and responsible developer.