Watch A Huge Elite: Dangerous Fleet Enter Hyperspace

Brendan rode along for the first part of the Elite: Dangerous Distant Worlds expedition, in which 900 pilots have grouped together for an expedition to the far side of the galaxy. The journey will take three months and has a long way to go, and the video below shows some of the players gathering together in Sagittarius A* – and what it looks like when 52 players jump into hyperspace at the same time.

This is remarkable for a number of reasons, not least of which is that 52 players managed to meet up in a single instance of Elite: Dangerous.

The expedition is being led by Dr. Kaii, alongside Commander Erimus, one of the game’s most ambitious player explorers. Kaii described the gathering at Sag A*:

“Last night six of us gathered at Sag A* for a screenie. Then I decided to ask some people to come join. Then I posted in all our comms channels for people to come and more and more came. I asked everyone to form a line. Then I thought, why not ask them to form a Star, an ode to Sagittarius A*, didn’t think it would happen. Then the 52 men and women who turned up shocked me with their cooperation, organisation, ideas and patience and slowly formed up into a star.

“After an hour of madness, I asked all 52 to lock on to the same star, charge their hyperdrives with zero throttle and counted down. At zero, 49 CMDRs high-waked (and 1 low waked) out of the system in perfect synchronisation and I laughed so goofily and so hard.”

It’s just one of the many waystations along the route the group are taking, designed to give stragglers a chance to catch up and pilots opportunities for hijinks like, well, this.

*Sagittarius A* is the name of the actual location, so that asterisk was not there to denote clarification at the end of the post. Or… or was it?!

Thanks, Eurogamer.


  1. Iain_1986 says:

    I look forward to once again reading the same comments that are always left under anything Elite and/or Star Citizen related.

    • ShaunOfTheFuzz says:

      Something, something, single player, something, something, Braben is worse than Molyneux, something, something, mile wide/inch deep, something, something, Star Citizen.

      There, I’ve saved the usual misery guts the hassle, somaybe this can just be a story about players enjoying a game?

      Hah! As if.

  2. xcession says:

    I like turtles

  3. rinseout says:

    Star shitizen, amirite?

    • PancakeWizard says:


    • SomeDuder says:

      More like, “Is Star Citizen is an actual videogame yet or are we just funding something for funding sake”

  4. ukpanik says:

    Well that was underwhelming. Nice try music.

    • Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:

      … I just watched it with no sound, thought it was pretty cool..

  5. ZippyLemon says:

    The X Wing Alliance nostalgia is real. Odds of the next Star Wars space sim not being shite, anyone?

    • PancakeWizard says:

      Some long odds indeed. EA have the exclusive Star Wars license for games. It’ll be mainly multiplayer ofc, but you’ll only be able to use PUGs and maximum 3 to a squadron and at the end of a match you’ll have to PUG from scratch. Star Destroyers will fall like mayflys as you pew pew with your OP’d 3 X-wings. Well 2, as one of them will be flying in the wrong direction mining TIEs for XP.

      • Avus says:

        EA had been a waste of exclusive Porsche license for almost 2 decade. I will not surprised they will EA the Star Wars license either…

  6. Catchcart says:

    Cause we got a little old convoy
    Rockin’ through the night.
    Yeah, we got a little old convoy,
    Ain’t she a beautiful sight?

    • CannedLizard says:

      “Ah, Cmdr. Rubber Duck to Cmdr. Sodbuster, come over. Yeah, 10-4, Sodbuster? Lissen, you wanna put that Anaconda in behind that Type-9 Hauler? Yeah, he’s haulin’ Imperial Slaves, and he needs all the help he can get.”

  7. Artist says:

    I still wish Elite wouldnt have this boring and lackluster gameplay… *sadface*

    • Rizlar says:

      I wouldn’t exactly put it like that. But yeah.

      This footage is gorgeous. I wish there was more of this sort of stuff in game, reasons to play in huge convoys (anyone else getting a BSG vibe when they all jump? *swoon*), reasons to seek out these amazing views (or at least a less labour intensive way to do it).

      There is good stuff in the pipeline anyway with the revamped signal source and mission systems, which should bring a bit more life and relevance to your surroundings.

  8. frightlever says:

    It’s like we’re living in the future. Or a week ago.

  9. Stone_Crow says:

    I’m going to assume Frontier are savvy enough to deliberately put some interesting stuff in their way, or pretty quickly they are going to realise there is no point doing this, because they will spend 3 months travelling only to find out where they got to is exactly the same as where they came from only with no stations, enemies or frankly anything to get excited about. In fact if Frontiere don’t drop a load of Thargoids in there at some point they are fecking idiots.

    Might have changes since I played but I spend 4 weeks heading towards the center of the galaxy and it was boring a hell.

  10. Hobbes says:

    So, they’re going to jump to the far end of the galaxy and find…

    … that the galaxies are procedurally generated. Because frankly at this point the odds of anyone knowing what is actually out that far away is rather unlikely.

    If they’re really lucky they’ll find a sign with the words “Coming in the next season pass!”

    • Atomica says:

      More or less my impression after playing a brief bit of stock ED the other day. I’m sure there’s enjoyment to be had there, but I just can’t be bothered finding it.

      It plays very much like Frontier: Elite 2 did on my Amiga, years ago. The graphics and mechanics are more complex, but the core game is still procedurally generated, which means an awful lot of what you see is a slight variation on a theme. It’s just not enough to hook me in, not like it used to.

  11. frenz0rz says:

    I hate to chime in with the usual vibe, but damn, that last footage of all 52 players jumping out is exactly what I wanted from Elite Dangerous.

    What pains me the most is that the engine and the visual and audio design are perfect. The technology is there, but the whole thing is undermined because it’s so damned difficult to interact with large groups of other people, and when you do there’s very little incentive to do so.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think what these players are doing is absolutely inspiring, but it still feels like making the most of a fundamentally suboptimal experience.

  12. DoomBroom says:

    That was gorgeous!

    This game is frickin awesome in Oculus Rift DK2 and with HOTAS! Can’t wait to play it on The Vive when it arrives and with a buttkicker! link to

    And it’s not boring you silly people!

    • gnardogjay says:

      Space should be a complex concept.

      I would rather the game be developed over years and be a true compilation of the equivalent of multiple games in one.

      I see the alternative as being a space game that is an incomplete and generic version of all the things a cool space game could be.

      Also I want to play it as it develops and have no problem paying the 50 bucks a year or whatever. The nay sayers can pay 50 bucks or Less five years in the future and get it all then. bleeding edge isn’t always a bad thing; depends on your passion.
      I will play it now it’s worth it to me.

  13. OmNomNom says:

    Came in psyched for something I wasn’t expecting.

    Left bored from another underwhelming Elite scene :(

    I played this game so hard hoping for something great but it just feels like they did all the dots but didn’t draw the lines.

  14. Namahanna says:

    Eve is still around and continuously getting graphical updates. Fleets of 100+ are common in large alliances. Fleet warps and operations look beautiful.

    link to

    • iainl says:

      It’s a lot easier to put large numbers of ships in a single instance for Eve, though – it’s a completely different sort of game. When everything gets too much for Eve, the game just slows down a bit to compensate, and people click their orders to the ships then wait a bit longer. Because you actually fly the craft in Elite, you can’t do that little trick.

      Obviously I think it’s a sacrifice worth making, because I play Elite and I don’t play Eve.

      • iainl says:

        Hmm – that possibly reads a bit snarky about Eve, sorry. I don’t mean it to; it’s just that you can have a hell of a lot more characters in a Wow server than a Quake one, too, because the former doesn’t rely on direct inputs and the timing that goes with that.

        I’d rather be the pilot than the captain, is I guess what I’m getting at, not that one game’s ‘better’ for everyone.

        • namelessclone says:

          I’d rather be the pilot than the captain…
          Sorry, I’m a month late, but just wanted to say you came up with the most elegant way to describe the difference between Elite and Eve.
          And it seems I prefer to be the captain, although I’m still desperately trying to love E:D. :)

  15. awm says:

    Pity there was one ship left at the end. The doofus who was afk getting pizza when the shoot started and blew the whole movie.

  16. Bernt01 says:

    Watched it twice,
    there’s something pure and very true in that video, it brought up a bit of my old space sim feelings.

    gj, thx.

  17. LetsGeiloLp says:

    Can I actually join? I mean I dont have a Cobra but an Adder with 20LY FS jump range….