Sunless Sea, Else Heart.Break() In Humble Indie Bundle

While Brendan skipped around gaily like a cyberkid in a cybercandy shop, hacking that candy to receive godlike powers, John was less enamoured with Else Heart.Break(). If you were torn between those two opinions and passed over the sandbox RPG when it came out last year, hey, it’s in the latest Humble Bundle. It’s a mega-bargain, also offering Sunless Sea, Trine 3, Door Kickers, and more for as little as £6.

As ever, the bundle’s a pay-what-you-want dealio giving more games as you pay more.

Paying anything will get you open-world nostalgiafest Retro City Rampage DX, first-person horror Outlast, a coupon for 80% off Outlast’s DLC, and storytelling platformer Never Alone plus its expansion. Here, check out Wot We Thought of Outlast and Never Alone. You’ll need to pay at least $1 to get Steam keys for those.

Beating the average price (currently $6.18/£4.50-ish) will also get you beautiful fairytale platformer Trine 3, tactical SWAT ’em up Door Kickers, and more yet-unrevealed games. Here’s what Marsh made of Trine 3 while it was still in Early Access. Here’s Tim Stone on Door Kickers, and he’s interviewed Chief Door Kicker Dan Dimitrescu too.

Lastly, paying $2 more than the average price (currently $8.18/£6-ish) will get you Else Heart.Break() and Sunless Sea on top of all the rest. Alec has told you that Sunless Sea is “essential” and Adam declared it one of the best RPGs so, like, it’s nice, okay.

All these games come for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as both Steam keys and DRM-free downloads. This is the Linux debut for Sunless Sea too.

Gosh, what a great bundle!


  1. Raoul Duke says:

    That is a very nice Bundle. Never Alone looks charming, Door Kickers looks excellent and more true to the spirit of Rainbox 6 than the current actual Rainbow 6, and based on the RPS reviews else Heart.Break() looks amazing.

    Much prefer bundles like this to the ones with 20 out of date Ubisoft games.

    • Banyan says:

      I spent so much time with Doorkickers last year. Between that and Frozen Synapse, I can’t imagine any purist fan of turn-based-ish tactical strategy needs anything else.

    • Czrly says:

      Never Alone is charming! It’s simply beautiful and, because it’s entirely fueled by real lore from a real culture of real people, it is something entirely fresh.

      Some might argue that the game-play is mediocre and the story will certainly be lost on many. This game is more like a fine white wine than apple-sours – the alcohol content is relatively low, the taste is delicate and subtle and, to fully appreciate it, you must take your time to examine the colour and clarity, take in the aroma and let it speak to your taste buds.

  2. defunct says:

    Really gotta agree with it being a good bundle! I’ve been avoiding the HB packages for a bit, but this one got my attention. I really wanted it for Door Kickers and Trine 3, but I’ll get around to the others because of recommendations. Still, only installing 2 games, because what I say and what I have time for are often very different.

    • DishyTish says:

      “All these games come for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as both Steam keys and DRM-free downloads” convinced me.

  3. Cropduster says:

    Else Heart.Break()was a bit of a mixed bag for me, it’s a cool concept and tinkering with it’s clockwork world was great. But outside of it’s art style I found it a bit charmless after a while. The writing and characters felt pretty flat and I just ended up wondering if I could code myself some less boring parties (I couldn’t).

    Sunless Sea was just amazing though.

    • Catchcart says:

      True, the characters aren’t it’s strong suit. I still liked the casual style of the dialogue, though. Felt so much more natural and flowing than the customary stilted choices you get with RPGs and the like..

  4. Catchcart says:

    It is nice to see Humble get back to the roots with a true HIB. And it’s worth it for Else Heart.Break() alone IMO. One of the best antidotes to games-as-questmarker-to-do-lists I have ever played.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Yyve says:

    I’ve been meaning to purchase Sunless Sea for quite a while now but kept putting it off since I already have a ton of games I haven’t touched yet. I couldn’t resist this Humble Bundle though since it includes that and a few more games that fall into the ‘I’d play it if I had it’ dept and it’s less than half the price of Sunless alone on Steam. One of the better bundles in recent times for sure.

  6. oceanclub says:

    Hmm, is Else Heart.Break() a slow starter? I bought the bundle last night and played it for about 1/2 hour and so far it’s a pretty boring (but pretty, admittedly) adventure game with nothing special about it. Go here, talk to someone, pick key, open door, etc – when does it get going?


    • grrrz says:

      It takes a good while before you get to the meat of the game (a few hours probably), and it’s a bit frustrating to get there, but it’s worth it in my opinion.

    • Cropduster says:

      When the game gives you some decent hack tools. Although even then, it’s definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

      It’s definitely very ‘edutainment’.

      • oceanclub says:

        I’ll persevere for another while then and see how it goes! With limited time these days I’m impatient with games: I parked “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter” as I found the trudging back and forth with limited reward to be not much fun.

        • Angstsmurf says:

          It is also a case of “as soon as the fun starts it is over”. The feeling of freedom and power once you learn how to program is incredible, but it also means you can get yourself to the end pretty quickly. I wouldn’t have minded a couple of harder programming challenges.

        • Raoul Duke says:

          Re Ethan Carter

          Oh god, me too. I kept waiting for something interesting or genuinely scary but no, just lots of trudging around in spooky forests with nothing much happening… very pretty, but empty.

  7. Alberto says:

    I wish my 12€ went only to Sunless Heart.Break() devs, for they are the only games I want to play.

    It seems unfair that developers of games I didn’t even installed get a share of the price. I wish there was an option of “please give me the keys of this and that only, and give them the cash accordingly”

    • Llewyn says:

      Just below where you select the payment amount there’s a “Choose where your money goes” option. Expand that and you’ll get sliders to adjust between devs, charities and Humble, with the ability to adjust for individual devs and charities.

      I always reduce to zero any games I’ve either already bought or won’t use the keys for so that the devs whose games I want get more.

    • burth says:

      but… there is exactly that option?

  8. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Ooh, what a good bundle but the marketing’s all wrong: Doorkickers is one of the best games of, like, ALL TIME, man. Needs to be in people’s lives if not already.

  9. Jalan says:

    Nice, doesn’t really do anything to change how Humble have effectively torpedoed their own brand through excessive dilution but is otherwise nice.

  10. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    There is at least 3 games in this bundle I have been hemming and hawing over, and now I can look at them all shiny in my steam-list!

    Also, here’s some keys for anyone who wants to take them and not thank me:

    Retro City Rampage: XGRLH*0WRJ9*PFX6J
    Otlast: 69XAJ*PM2QB*YQFFV

    (Where ‘*’ is a ‘-‘)

  11. mukuste says:

    Great bundle, good to see an actual classic HIB again, DRM-free and Linux and all.

    Also, no real filler so far (though that may come with the additional games) and several games I’ve considered buying. Instabuy from me.

  12. Ishikawakun says:

    Fantastic Bundle, also the first bundle i’ve bought since Oct 2014. Been looking forward to Else.HeartBreak() and Sunless Sea alot.

  13. bit.bat says:

    The games in this bundle feel different to older bundles I think. Perhaps it is games that are targeted at more specific (and different from each other) audiences which, for me at least, means that I do not own most of them.

    You get to try things you would not buy otherwise, definitely getting this.

  14. Blastaz says:

    Saw the email for this this morning from humble. It really has some class games. I’ve always been interested in door kickers and heart break (I already have sunless sea) so good value.

  15. noodlecake says:

    I bought Else Heart.Break() when it came out. Loved the music and the aesthetic. Tried to get somewhere. Ended up just talking to some dude who was teaching my how to use the programming machine and got to the point where he was just repeating the same line which had no information in it and there was no way to go back and read what I hadn’t been paying attention to properly that he had said before so I had to stop playing as there was seemingly no way to progress without taking up a beginner’s programming course or something. :S

    A bit gutted because I was enjoying it!

  16. RedSka says:

    Been playing Else Heart.Break() for over 3 hours now and still have absolutely no idea what’s going on! For some reason I’m really enjoying my time with it though.
    Chuffed because I’d probably never have played it if I hadn’t got it in this bundle.

  17. electroheadsa says:

    Wow, this is a good one. I don’t have a single one of these games and at least half of them if not more are on my wishlist–Sunless Sea in particular since I played it on the free weekend they had a little while back. It left me wanting MOAR! Else Heart.Break() seems pretty interesting too and Never Alone is very enticing to me from a cultural/educational standpoint and it’s unique dev history.