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XCOM 2's Best Class: Tips For Sharpshooter, Grenadier, Specialist & Ranger

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XCOM 2 Grenadier Tips

While Sharpshooters are the most tactically rewarding class, Grenadiers are the most immediately satisfying. During the early game, their grenade launchers are extremely useful for dealing damage to multiple enemies. As the game progresses, however, they evolve into more of a support unit, depriving enemies of cover and stripping armour bonuses in order that other soldiers can deal effective damage.

This is undoubtedly how Grenadiers are best used. They can be excellent damage dealers themselves, but because their hit-rate usually hovers between 60 and 75 – they have an annoying tendency to miss their target at important moments. A safer tactic is to team them up with a Ranger, so that the Grenadier can whittle down the enemy’s armour while the Ranger moves in close for an almost-guaranteed kill. When a shot isn’t viable, Suppressive fire is a useful alternative, although it does eat up ammo.

Best Ability: Shredder, without a doubt. Unlocked at Corporal Rank, Shredder upgrades all Grenadier attacks to rend armour, which is vitally important because ADVENT sure loves its armour. Shredder is also generally more effective at removing armour than explosives, and even Grenadiers with the worst eyesight can hit a towering MEC unit fairly reliably.

Worst Ability: Blast Padding: Gives your Grenadier additional armour protection. Has its uses, but it’s also not very interesting and to acquire it you need to sacrifice Shredder.

Hints: Don’t forget to stock your Grenadier with grenades most appropriate to a mission, as they can fire them further, have a larger explosive range, and get additional ammo. If in doubt of what enemies you’ll be facing, Acid grenades are a safe bet, as they do both immediate and protracted damage as well as eating armour like Maltesers. Stuffing your Grenadier’s pockets with explosives also frees up your other classes to use some of the more interesting items, like the Mimic and the Battle Scanner.

Move on to our Sharpshooter tips, Specialist tips, Ranger tips, or back to our general XCOM 2 Guide for more on strategy, performance, mods and more.

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