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XCOM 2's Best Class: Tips For Sharpshooter, Grenadier, Specialist & Ranger

Class of 2035.

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A respectable third.

XCOM 2 Specialist Tips

I’ll be honest, I was sorely tempted to put the Specialist last. In their early ranks, Specialists are a weak class. Aid Protocol is possibly the dullest ability in the entire game, and they only have three or four abilities that might be considered “fun.”

That said, within a couple of ranks Specialists become incredible assets, with both specialisations of the rank sporting some cracking abilities. The Battle Medic is an essential build for anyone who isn’t an XCOM expert. The GREMLIN drone makes it far easier to heal squadmates, as it can be done remotely, while unlocking the Field Medic ability provides a single Specialist with up to 4 heals.

While the Battle Medic’s abilities are important for starting out, the Combat Hacker specialisation is where all the fun toys lie. Unlocked at Sergeant Rank, Haywire Protocol sends the GREMLIN drone to hack a mechanised enemy, either shutting them down for several turns, or even briefly switching them to your side. Turning the gun of a Class II ADVENT MEC on its allies is one of XCOM 2’s greatest joys. Scanning Protocol is also a valuable asset, as it lets you glimpse further into the map without alerting enemy units, handy for avoiding running into a massive cluster of enemies.

Best Ability: The Colonel-rank abilities, Restoration and Capacity Discharge, are both excellent area heals and attacks respectively. But Haywire Protocol is a similarly mission-changing ability that is unlocked much earlier. Be warned though, failure to hack a mechanised unit gives them both a defensive and damage boost, so choose wisely between shutting down and assuming control.

Worst Ability: Aid Protocol. Only provides a small defence boost, and gives a bad first impression to what is actually a pretty good class.

Hints: Don’t forget about Hack! The GREMLIN drone can hack all-important mission terminals from a distance, which gives a little extra leg-room in timed missions, and also lessens the likelihood of running into a big group of enemies unprepared. Furthermore, on certain missions you can hack the CCTV arrays to return your squad into Concealment.

Move on to our Sharpshooter tips, Grenadier tips, Ranger tips, or back to our general XCOM 2 Guide for more on strategy, performance, mods and more.

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