Wildstar Gets Chilly With Destination Arcterra

I’m currently re-installing Wildstar [official site]. Well, sort of. I’m installing the public test realm so I can go investigate the sci-fi western MMO’s new zone, Arcterra. It’s very blue and I wanted to do a screenshot tour. While that happens (and while I try to stream a Dota 2 tournament and thus the process takes even longer) I am reading the blog to find out what Arcterra actually is* as well as catching up on some changes to PvP.

If you’d prefer to avoid spoilers you should probably stop reading now given the Arcterra region is a continuation of the game’s story so far.

That said I’m not up to date with where the story is right now so, as far as I’m concerned, Arcterra is about searching a previously unknown continent for a McGuffin. For the more current among you this is about seeking the Vault of the Archon in the chill of a new land.

There are new quests, new factions and new rewards plus a progression bar which you fill up again and again to earn rewards.

Senior story designer, Gary Astleford added a bit more info about dynamic events and group activities:

“There are Dynamic Events constantly taking place across the zone, and they include a wide variety of activities—from uncovering mysterious things buried in the ice to rescuing a Lopp caravan stuck in the snow. There’s also difficult group content to tackle as 2-player bosses wander the region. As players roam around defeating the 2-player bosses, a tracker for the zone progresses until 5-player bosses begin to spawn. And as the 5-player bosses are destroyed, the tracker will eventually fill and spawn powerful 20-player bosses—offering players of any group size the ability to contribute to a zone-wide boss-killing smorgasbord, and their powerful and rare rewards.”

I really loved Wildstar when it came out, but I drifted away as everyone I’d been playing with left. I’ve completely forgotten all the lore by this point and I’m not sure how behind I will be in terms of levels and gear and so on but there’s something about ice worlds which tempt me back in every single time. Mostly it’s because they tend to be very pretty.

With regard to PvP, the gist of the news is that the PvP servers are now rather sparse so Carbine are moving everyone onto the two PvE servers – Entity for North America and Jabbit for Europe. All characters will be automatically transferred as part of the mandatory migration on 16 March, but you can do it yourself using a free transfer which they explain in greater detail on the forums.

Game director, Chad Moore explains the decision thus:

“By bringing everyone together, we can help ensure everyone has access to active in-game communities, robust economies, and plenty of opportunities to play (or do battle) with other players on Nexus. And that by offering broader availability of open world PvP objectives (and rewards) we can actively increase the likelihood that players will engage in PvP combat while questing and playing.”

Now I will continue waiting for the PTR. London internet is truly a miserable thing.

*It occurs to me that doing this the other way round might have been the more sensible option.


  1. Roxton says:

    Hmm, thanks for this – I might give Wildstar another spin. I played it very early on and enjoyed levelling up but got rather bored when I reached max level.

    Also, London internet is miserable? I’m on 40MBs down and 10 up (BT, £25/m inc line rent), which obviously isn’t world-class, but it’s not that bad. London RPSers, what are your speeds like?

    • cxort says:

      I’ve got 100Mb down and 6 up (Virgin £33/m). It’s pretty nice and soon they’re upgrading most customers for a small fee (should be around £2). I’d say it’s worth it, definitely not miserable.

    • LastBestHopeOfHamsterkind says:

      London internet is a pretty miserable affair, yes. If you are lucky you can get decent, if overpriced (comparing to other EU countries), 75 Mb/s (give or take a few depending on circumstances). If you are very, very lucky and live in one of the new buildings for rich professionals, you might even get a megabit fibre. But in many cases your option is old copper phone line, where you pay £25 a month for 10 Mb/s and are happy about it because your friends in zone 5 have only 4 Mb/s for the same price. You can of course always prioritise the internet speed when looking for a new place to live, but seeing as property market in London is equivalent of eighth circle of Hell, you’ll probably find more important parameters: commute, crime, absence of rats and being able to afford it in the first place. Additionally the various speed check maps don’t always work as just because there is ‘high’-speed openreach in your area doesn’t mean you’ll be allowed to use it – there is often more demand than the line capacity and you’ll still get only copper line as an option (but BT will send you fibre speed spam mail anyway, despite the fact that you cannot actually upgrade, just to annoy you). So yeah, it’s fun.

  2. SomeDuder says:

    Well, I’m impressed they keep it going for as long as they do, but with the Asian release, I guess they kinda have to and hope that it may bring back players to their western version.

    The game is dead though. From terrible performance drops at random locations to terrible PR (“Play this game for hardcore raiding and the true MMO experience!” *Removes 40-man raids*). And the lack of PvP interest shows that this is not what people want from a MMO. Warplots are a wasted development effort and anything but the capitals and maybe a few questing hubs are a desolated wasteland.

    Doesn’t help that the design is terrible. They genuinly copied zones from WoW. While that may be a good idea for a traditional swords, magic and dragons fantasy setting, it kinda clashes with the whole spaceships, artillery and a damn race of robots. Kinda hard to believe that one of the dozens of spaceships that float around the planet can’t use its weapons on a whole area filled with necrotic monstrosities and reduce it to totalhelldeth, instead of having to rely on a single unlucky player with a sword to kill 25 plaguebeasts and bring back their buttcheeks.

    Wildstar needed more zones like the starting area, or Farside (Nexus’ moon with low gravity!), which took a break from the butt-collecting quests and windmill-powered farming communities.

    Suspension of disbelief is one thing, but this is just terrible writing.

    Oh, and the plot is about the white chick (Drusera) dealing with her multiple personality disorder. Fuck spoilers, story is dumb as a doorbell

  3. rexx.sabotage says:

    Wait didn’t we already do this in Wrath of the Li…. Oh, Wildstar.

  4. aliksy says:

    I played Wildstar a bit last week when it had a thing in the humble bundle. It felt very checklist-y. “Go kill 5 of those.” Check. “Go click on this person.” Check. “Go kill 10 of these guys.” Check and logged out.

    Maybe I’m spoiled by non-MMOs, but it just felt very vapid and unchallenging. Nothing seemed to be a threat to my character.