Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Free Multiplayer Weekend

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Multiplayer Starter Pack is a big mouthful for a simple idea: it’s Cod Blops 3‘s [official site] ranked multiplayer sold separately as a cheaper standalone game. It’s an interesting experiment in selling CoD’s many modes separately and a short one – Activision will stop selling it on Monday. But until Sunday evening, you can check out this substantial slice of CoD for free. This handy link should fire up Steam and start installing it.

You’ve got until 9pm GMT/1pm PST on Sunday to play everything in the Starter Pack. That’s the main game’s online multiplayer mode, its ranked Arena mode, its Freerun parkour mode, its Weapon Paint Shop, its Theater replay suite, and its Black Market. Everything else is off limits – such as the Zombies mode, Nightmares mode and of course the Campaign mode.

The odd thing about this method of portioning out modes, though, as Alice discussed previously, is that it seems Activision are merely using the Starter Pack as a stepping stone to entice players to buy the main game; not as a full standalone in and of itself. It would’ve been nice to see less restrictions placed on DLC maps – the Zombies mode, for example – within this package but alas it wasn’t to be.

That said, the Starter Pack is free until Sunday, before it vanishes from sale come Monday. Furthermore, Activision are offering a 33% discount to the full game this weekend and 48% off upgrades from the Starter Pack to the full game. [Whoops, snipped out some foolishness from old brokenbrained Alice -ed.]


  1. pelwl says:

    “Bizarrely, people who try the free multiplayer this weekend “are not eligible to buy the discounted upgrade”, Activision say with no good explanation.”

    Surely this just means that you have to buy the multiplayer starter pack before upgrading? Otherwise people would be able to buy the full game at less than £15, having paid nothing for the multiplayer starter pack. Allowing that would be more bizarre, I’d say.

  2. Lethys says:

    I haven’t played CoD since MW2 and actually quite enjoyed the multiplayer only deal they gave as a result. I’ll probably go another 6-7 years before buying a new CoD because it’s still samey in spite of the changes, but I am enjoying it nonetheless. It’s just a sugar rush experience, nothing too serious or grand.

  3. Fropp says:

    I didn’t play Call of Duty at all prior to Blops 3 cos I was arrogant and looked down on Cod players. But I gave it a go back in November (mostly cos there wasn’t anything else that took my fancy) and i’m glad I did. Lots of mindless fun to be had and just ignore the trolls both in game and on Steam – the game is great and I think excellent value even for the full price considering you get the campaign, multiplayer, zombies, nightmares, as well as a cool little arcade game.

  4. Jabberslops says:

    I honestly think an MMO-like subscription model would work in favor of CoD with the amount of games or content they release every 1-2 years.

    Since they are splitting the multiplayer from single-player, it actually makes more sense now than ever to make the multiplayer a subscription service. Think about it like this; all the people who would not have bought any dlc, would now have it all and be able to play with everyone else. That itself is probably the biggest reason for having a subscription. The people who would never buy dlc are already spending $60 for the single-player that many people never even touch.

    The only real issues would be the price per month. Probably $5 a month is reasonable since you are not buying the single-player, but are still buying the dlc. A subscription model means they can keep adding content to the multiplayer without needing to waste money boxing it up or releasing expansion packs.

  5. edna says:

    A free weekend is a good idea. I’m quite up for a lower priced version that targets the straightforward multiplayer, seeing as that is what I enjoyed most in MW2 (the last iteration I bought).

    Oh. But the servers have buckled under the pressure.

    I am pretty sure this happened last time I tried a trial of this as well. Shame, as I’d probably buy it if I could have a run around and check that it is as fun as MW2 multiplayer was.