X Rebirth Launches New DLC Alongside Major Update

Since it’s rather catastrophic launch back in 2013, Egosoft have been steadily steadying the X Rebirth [official site] ship with a host of free updates and expansions. The latest drive to get the space trading-a-thon back on course sees the release of the game’s Home of Light DLC, its major update 4.0, and discounts across the board to both the base game and its add-ons.

The Home of Light expansion is said to “massively increase” the size of the X Rebirth universe, adding three new star systems, not least the titular Home of Light from the X3 games. This particular systems runs a far-reaching economy, comprised of dozens of Warehouse Trading Stations that facilitate high-volume commerce; whereas “fascinating new phenomena” and new enemies lurk in the systems further afield.

Update 4.0, on the other hand, is free and paves the way for a new bulletin board system used to keep track of missions, a new Trade Deals menu complete with profit estimates, an overhaul of the game’s external view, and new missions tied to hack stations and the gathering of rare and valuable items, among many other improvements. Seriously, there’s loads, check them out over here.

For a closer look at what Home of Light and update 4.0 entail, here’s Egosoft:

It’s worth noting that I myself haven’t ventured into X Rebirth since around the time it was considered, how should I put this, not very good, so I’m clearly not in the best position to say whether the intervening updates have actually improved matters since launch. Negative Steam reviews still well outweigh positive ones, however a cursory glance would suggest it’s gathered more favourable reviews in recent months.

In any event, Home of Light costs £6.39 with a 20% discount on Steam. The X Rebirth base game is also going for £8.74 with a 75% discount between now and 10am PST/6pm GMT tomorrow. This time frame applies to similar discounts to X Rebirth’s various Collector’s Editions and bundles.


  1. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    I want to love this game, but I can’t even like it. It is as smoothly impenetrable as the plastic packaging tech goods are sold in. Egosoft, repent of your wicked ways and return to the Light!

    • frightlever says:

      Rebirth or the X3 games? Rebirthers claim X3 lovers are into spreadsheet gaming, but I loved the clear, abundant simplicity of the carefully hidden X3 menus.

      • Zenicetus says:

        The X3 games for me were okay as a placeholder, in that long dry period when we had literally NOTHING else for cockpit-level trading/fighting space games but X3 and Evochron.

        But at this point, with more current options like Elite:D, Star Citizen, No Man’s Sky and all the small indie projects, I think it’s not enough just to release another X game that’s a minor improvement with a few Rebirth features bolted on. Egosoft really needs to start from scratch. Wipe the slate clean. Throw their resources into a modern space game that’s immersive and fun to play.

        Not that it will happen. This studio seems to be hermetically sealed. They follow their own odd intuition and design sense, regardless of user feedback.

        • frightlever says:

          Again, immersive. I don’t think it’s fun to wander around a space station looking for either your ship, or a smuggler with secret information or whatever the asinine X:R plot is.

        • feamatar says:

          Star Citizen and No Man Sky is not even released, and there are many people complaining how empty Elite Dangerous is, so I am not sure if that is really a step up from X3. So no, we don’t really have anything like X3 yet.

        • Jay Load says:

          “I don’t think it’s fun to wander around a space station looking for either your ship…”

          Shift-D is your friend. But I do take the point – it can be annoying having to wander those halls looking for the right NPC to talk to. Superfluous busywork – any immersion is broken by the janky, shopping-trolley movement controls that feel like they were coded by Derek Smart.

          • SomeDuder says:



            nah I kid, but that boy is seriously weird

        • geldonyetich says:

          I played around a bit with 4.0 X-Rebirth the other day, and I have to say that after Elite: Dangerous’ incredible focus on immersion it really feels flat, dated.

          That said, I do think Egosoft needs to continue their focus on what makes their games unique, because when playing Elite: Dangerous I really miss the kinds of things X3: Terran Conflict would allow me to do:
          * Create my own space stations.
          * Own whole fleets of ships.
          * Have resources produced by actual in-game facilities (and not just manifested magically for the purpose of trading) with a supply:demand model that makes sense.

          In the end, I’m thinking X-Rebirth is a game that is unfortunately sabotaged by a few bad ideas:
          1. Walking around in space stations would be good if it wasn’t just monotonously tracking down NPCs to talk to and nicking stuff everywhere. For now, it should probably be removed.
          2. Huge space stations are less interesting than the individual, smaller space stations because it is so difficult for the player to find what they want in them. The side-activity of scanning every component of a station to get the best deal gets monotonous fast.
          3. Having only one pilotable ship is not nearly as interesting as considering purchasing other ships with radically different capabilities, even if the ship you are piloting is some kind of super prototype ship.

          These kinds of ideas are what’s holding X: Rebirth back, they should be dropped and Egosoft should work on improving what made Albion Prelude and Terran Conflict great. That said, they had some good ideas, like an increased focus on drones.

  2. amateurviking says:

    Urgh I got so burned on this.

  3. Geebs says:

    At that price, I might just take a punt. I know it disappointed everybody, but the trailers look great.

    Admittedly I seem to remember the trailers looking great before the disastrous first release….

    • Jay Load says:

      I’ve dropped £20 for the complete edition, DLC and base game. I previously said I’d rather set myself on fire than try this but the curiosity is too strong.

      • Geebs says:

        Me too! My will was overpowered by the lure of blue floating rocks.

        • Jay Load says:


          You know what? I’ve been playing this most of the day and I’m actually having fun with it! I can see why it annoyed the shit out of the purists but I hated the X-games so perhaps this was made for people like me.

  4. anandus says:

    I wish they’d stop putting effort and resources in this game and started work on a new X3-game, which (I’m quite sure) will sell a lot better than this dead-end spin-off.

    • SyberSmoke says:

      They are not going to stop working on X Rebirth because it uses the same engine that they are developing their new game on. They are experimenting with ideas and those that survive, and fit within rebirth go into rebirth.

      As for it being a spin off…not really. They did not spin off Rebirth, they made it in the same way they made X Beyond the Frontier. You had one ship you upgraded, the universe was small…etc. Look at the history of the game and then you may just understand what they did and did not do.

      @joe Give it a play…it has changed…all I will say.

      • anandus says:

        That’s why I’m saying they should go back and continue the far more successful X3-games instead of the X-games.

        There’s fierce competition for single-ship games, like Elite, Star Citizen, etc.
        But there’s almost no competition for X3-like games.
        Egosoft gambled on the wrong horse and lost.

    • FelixG says:

      They really should stop throwing good money after the bad.

  5. seroto9 says:

    Was it really 2013? The trauma is still fresh in my mind…too fresh to go back yet.

  6. sharkh20 says:

    One of the most broken games I have ever played. What a pile of garbage this was. Huge fan of the X series and this just made me never want to buy something from egosoft again. Just terrible.

    • Utsunomiya says:

      Do you know what a stereotype is? it’s a superstition, a shallow opinion about a game, based on a brief experience. You don’t wanna fall for it.

      • vahnn says:

        That’s not what a stereotype is.

        He said he loved the previous X games, and if that means for him what it means for me, he has played many or all of the previous X games and had an absolute blast with them.

        I must have 500 hours in X3 alone. I know all their had somewhat rocky starts and were refined with a little time, but it was never like Rebirth. I’ve tried it twice since the launch fiasco and as of November last year the game still has not redeemed itself.

        I doubt a paid dlc is going to improve it and I’m not looking forward to any future releases from Egosoft. At least not enough for any more day one buys.

        • Utsunomiya says:

          Really? Five hundred hours, and you’ve not once heard that particular line? :p

      • thebigJ_A says:

        You don’t know what ‘stereotype’ means.
        You also don’t seem to know what ‘superstition’ means…

        Neither of them have anything to do with “a shallow opinion based on brief experience”, especially not ‘superstition’.

        Even still, I do think I get what you’re attempting to say, and even that’s wrong. They said they played this game as well as the previous ones, and found it to be broken, so what it seems like you were attempting to say doesn’t follow.

        Hell, might as well:
        a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
        to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same


        Excessively credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings. (i’d argue any belief in supernatural beings is excessive, by definition, but I digress)
        a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        How does it matter whether what sharkh20 thinks about the game is ‘stereotypical’? Moreso, you have no information on what he (or she) likes, how long the game has been tried and what his/her experience was.

        So, er.. please try to make a little more sense next time rather than to fall into the stereotypical gamefan (whether you are such or not) response of immediately lashing out at supposed affronts.

      • geldonyetich says:

        Heh, I got the joke, Utsunomiya. Apparently these other repliers haven’t messed around with the X: Rebirth dialogue system enough to memorize every line.

  7. Leafcutter says:

    Despite it’s quirks, this is still the best (if not the only) example of a 4X space action, empire building game that doesn’t involves point & click moving sprites around a map.

    As immersive and pretty as Elite Dangerous but in my opinion with more single player driven purpose… as the antisocial, weak minded, time limited fool I am, this I prefer.

    People who continue to put this down are like you and me, resistant to change… but guess what sometimes change is good.

    Regardless of your opinion: Current state of the game is exponentially better than release.. but you need maturity to learn how to play.


  8. frightlever says:

    There’s a demo. Set in the new sectors (the Terran sectors from Albion Prelude.

    I played the demo for a couple of hours last night. It’s kinda janky. Not for me. If you’re into that whole Star Citizen, wandering around inside spaceports, then maybe you’ll get on better with it than I did.

    I just don’t understand how I can plug a T Flight HOTAS into my PC, fire up a space sim and it doesn’t make any concession to recognising it. By default twisting the grip fires your lasers. Obviously you can rebind everything, but it’s a pain in the ass. I could be wrong here, but I don’t think you can even load a profile, which I’m certain the old X3 games allowed.

    I ended up playing a bit with the mouse, which is probably what the game expects, and with a 360 controller, which was decent.

    The highways are still baffling at first.

    Took me ten or fifteen minutes to figure out how to dock at a space station. There’s a whole discount mechanism around scanning every nook and cranny of the stations which feels like a pile of busy work.

    I dunno. I lasted longer in the demo than I did in the ED tutorial, but I plan to go back to ED when I have a week free.

    • kalmiya says:

      Try changing the setup from the default “controller” to “joystick”.
      Playing with a joystick configured to match the “xbox controller” will result in the issues you experience.

      • frightlever says:

        You’d think so, right? It detects the joystick, and it doesn’t care. You have to change all the default bindings anyway. It ASSUMES you have a controller plugged in.

        That was the point I was trying to make. When I first played it I only had the joystick plugged in – because I have a Fractal Design R4 there are rubber plugs in most of my top-facing USB ports (I’m a sloppy drunk) so I unplug the 360 controller to plug the joystick in. It’s not like it was having to chose.

  9. frightlever says:

    Oh, Unending Galaxy is a 2D vision of an X3 game, put together by one guy who was an X2/X3 modder.

    link to store.steampowered.com

    Currently nine quid and with 100% less wingmen crashing into things.

    • Hunchback says:

      This game deserves to burn just for having the balls of being named as it is. UNENDING… GALAXY? Really? After Endless Space won the hearts of so many and somewhat brought back 4x ?
      The balls, man!

  10. Shadow says:

    I played some X3TC back when it first came out. It was fun, but the game’s engine was extremely obsolete, single-cored and CPU-dependent. It really held the game back as you couldn’t have a complex scene in sight (several ships and stations) without the framerate taking a significant dive.

    Rebirth had the chance to be a better game, but unfortunately it was a disaster, and it seemed its serious, deep problems went beyond mere bugs. Design decisions like confining you to a single ship (whereas in X3 you could pilot any ship you wanted) were terrible and highly unlikely to be “fixed” by a patch, so I deemed the game unsalvageable.

    • SyberSmoke says:

      The single ship decision was needed. Think of it like this, X3TC was the product of ALL the games before it. All the sectors, all the ships, all the everything were there because Egosoft built it up.

      X Rebirth used a new engine, the old assets would not work…so well..thy get to remake everything again. It is hard to compete with the last game when it is built on top of the last five, quite literally. So…the rebooted things…they went back to the start and did what they did in X: Beyond the Frontier. One ship, a few systems, and a plot. And people freaked…heh.

      • frightlever says:

        The single ship was because of a self-imposed design constraint, primarily because it was going to be an Xbox 360 game.

        I don’t actually mind the single ship design, but they’ve been outright lying about the reasons for it. You can allow the campaign to play with a single ship choice, and let the player fly anything they want outside of missions, if necessary – and that was in fact how most of the X3 missions played. The technological restraint was purely because the engine was shoe-horned to fit a decade old console.

  11. Cinek says:

    Is it playable now, or still fundamentally broken?

    • Pheriannath says:

      I’d like to echo this question, though perhaps in a more neutral, less failure-expectant way. Could we have impressions from someone who has played this game *recently*, after this update?

      All the comments I’ve seen so far seem to be based on years-old negative experiences, which frankly doesn’t tell me anything about the game as it stands today. As it is they look like they’re coming from people too embittered to give X Rebirth a fair shake (“It had its chance years ago, it’ll never get better”) or who find it somehow fashionable to instantly put this game down (in the “Ubisoft, pfft” kind of mob mentality).

      A more objective impression would be nice before I decide if I should get this.

      • SyberSmoke says:

        You can play the game and it is fun *IF* you can take it for what it is. The reboot of the X universe using a new engine. People’s expectations were far too high with Rebirth and the game was far too buggy. But the bugs have vanished and a lot of the rough spots have been belt sanded off (they mad the highways A LOT faster…like in the super highway for just a few seconds faster.

        So, dust it off, download it again, mod it up, and give it a try…you may just enjoy it.

      • Leafcutter says:

        If it’s the kind of game you will enjoy (Only you will know that) then the game is much better than at launch and there are very many complex systems to uncover and understand on the way to building your empire… all wrapped up in a very pretty shell.

        there are some shits bits… but name me a game that doesn’t have something not implemented well.

  12. racccoon says:

    This game has improved massively from the start.
    I think they have now done the job! Its great that they have done this but its taken a long time, it is such a shame they and other developers seem to think its ok to release before testing or just keep amounting massive amounts of public funds forever ever i.e. Star Citizen=Greedy Pigs.
    I think beta testing the old way was the best as it gave us the chance to blow the crap out of the game and your just a tester you send positive reactions to mistakes not negative ones!
    Instead today they just keep on complaining & cussing about it. Once they’ve made payment the player today becomes an absolute other person!
    The today’s bullshit phenomenon of paying to test is so retarded for the gaming industry. The pain is real and it is extremely damaging.

    • Holysheep says:

      Who cares about Vaporware citizen? we’re talking about X rebirth. X rebirth has improved from very shitty to shitty.
      It’s not that bugged anymore but is still is pure crap. I list it as one of the biggest license rapes I’ve ever seen on licenses I like, along with Guild Wars 2 and such.

      There’s nothing to save in X rebirth. Shit is so bad I actually restarted albion prelude a few weeks ago, after spending over 800 hours in X3TC.

      I doubt they can fix the massive clusterfuck X rebirth is. I’d drop it if I were them, to work on a proper X game.

      • SyberSmoke says:

        Then you’re not going to like what their next game will be also. They have said that their next game will be a middle ground between Rebirth and X3’s style. But they are never going back to what they did. Hey it is their property…they can do as they please…not like they owe us anything.

        • frightlever says:

          They’ll go back if their sales keep dropping with successive releases. As I understand it, Terran Conflict was their best-selling game, comfortably beating Albion Prelude and Rebirth (by a mile).

          • Jay Load says:

            Really? RPS seemed to think Rebirth was Egosoft’s best selling title: Link to RPS article: “Interview: Egosoft On X Rebirth’s Troubled Development”

            “Panned by critics and alienating fans, it was easily the worst received entry in Egosoft’s long-running space series. It was also the most successful, selling more copies than any other X game”

          • frightlever says:

            Not a chance. Steamspy estimates 200k sales, while TC is about 500k. Sure, both are for sale outside Steam, but it would still be indicative.

          • Baines says:

            I want to recall that Terran Conflict has been in cheap bundles, which inflates its numbers at least somewhat.

    • drinniol says:

      Wow, I didn’t know SC was using public funds. All this time I thought it was private buyers in the private market buying things they privately wanted. Privately.

      • SyberSmoke says:

        Yeah I know…when did they start getting taxpayer money to make Star Citizen…and can I have some?

  13. Meoith says:

    lmfao I highly doubt SC is using tax payers money to make SC, it is surely entirely crowd funded.

  14. Menthalion says:

    If you compare it with Guild Wars 2 I’d say it’s a pretty good game, but not the one a tiny butthurt minority of players of the previous version wanted to see.

  15. Chaotic Entropy says:

    Unless the game is no longer X-Rebirth, then the changes are not far reaching enough.

  16. gabrielonuris says:

    So, by the comments I think I’m really the only one who prefers Rebirth instead of *ANY* other X game (mostly that X3:TC snooze sim).

    People are comparing X:R with games that doesn’t even exist, like Star Citizen and No Man’s Sky… For christ sakes, I wouldn’t compare X:R even with Elite Dangerous (unless it was to say that X:R at least has a freaking campaign to go along, while Elite is just you and the vastness of numerous missions you can’t even complete most of the time, because of broken features or a complete lack of information).

    Who cares if the game hasn’t all the spreadsheets of X3, if I was about to have fun with that kind of thing I could simply stay at my work doing some overtime; X3 is the kind of game that you need to play for the rest of your life if you wanna see at least 80% of its contents, if you have the time, great, but I don’t have it, I barely scratched its painting since I bought the game 2 years ago, that franchise was in a serious need of some accessibility, and X:R delivered it; no more hundreds of hours of play time just to buy a fcking new ship.

    • frightlever says:

      My takeaway here is that you find X: Rebirth preferable to doing overtime at work, but I find myself sceptical of even that statement.

    • Jay Load says:

      Hit the nail on the head, friend. The X series has long been a HUMUMGOUS time sink, of long-term interest only to hardcore spreadsheet capitalists. Like you, I find myself welcoming the new accesibility. I repaired my ship 90% damaged for only 20’000 credits, for god’s sake! That would have cost me a small fortune! I’m loving most of the rest of it, too. Good riddance to bad rubbish, X-3 et al. I hope the next game takes after Rebirth more than those earlier torture implements in the series.

  17. shrieki says:

    i had my share of frustrations with this game because of the bugs but i quite enjoyed it when it worked. i think it has an awesome quirky atmosphere. flying around the space-stations and hear water bubble and steam hiss is totally unrealistic but so awesome. visuals are really awesome and i prefer the pretty fantasy space vistas opposed to what i recently saw in elite- but well comparing the games is ridiculous- so i just say i prefer the visuals in the x-universe – also for ship and station design.
    just re-installed x rebirth and will give it another go. if i find myself liking it again i will buy the new dlc. from what i´m reading on the forums the game really did improve alot.
    i think trading is easier now with the new update… the cryptic trading system was the main reason why i gave up on rebirth lets see if its more fluid now…

  18. Jay Load says:

    I also want it said that Egosoft’s commitment to their products is nothing short of Legendary. As shonky as this was at release, it’s been polished steadily until it really shines.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I’m not sure how admirable that is, since nobody would buy their next game otherwise. It’s either “dedication to their customers” or “desperately trying to save their reputation,” depending on how you look at it.

      It also doesn’t excuse the way they had no pre-release code for reviewers when Rebirth first came out. They knew it was a stinker when they released it, counting on blind X3 customer loyalty for that first shot of sales before anyone knew how broken and badly designed it was. That’s not an attitude towards their customers that I feel like supporting, no matter how patched up it is now.

    • Hunchback says:

      Yes, much respect for them for sticking with this. Most other studios would have done everything possible to completely forget this release ever happened and directed their customers to “new” projects. Egosoft got TRASHED (and still are, apparently) almost harder than Molyneux and still they stick with their game and patch it 3 years later.
      I did try it a couple of times and bounced off it, and i WILL try it again now with the 4.0 patch since every new review says the game has changed A LOT. I am not sure i’ll end up playing it long term, but i am amazed by the devs and their devotion. People who throw garbage at them just because everyone else is should DIAF or move on, jumping the band-wagon to destroy someone is so weak :/

      • Zenicetus says:

        I don’t know about anyone else, but for my part I’m not jumping on any bandwagon. I bought the game on release, at full price, and got burned by that experience. I feel it entitles me to an opinion. No bandwagon needed.

    • Jay Load says:

      Just wanted to pop back to put my OP in context.

      Egosoft are not a developer I like very much. I got burned by X3: Reunion, the launch of which was comparable to Rebirth; that too was released in alpha/beta condition. What upset me most at the time was their forum moderators telling people that the game was perfectly coded – it was user’s machines causing the issues. However, I think the fourth major patch – v1.4? – suddenly smoothed the whole game out and made it playable. So I stopped buying Egosoft games at release, or until at least six months or a year of work had been done to it. I think I only bought Terran conflict when it was a fiver somewhere, and that was probably to try out one of the mods for it rather than play the game as Egosoft intended.

      Egosoft deserve plaudits for keeping the Space Game Dream alive when no-one else out there was interested.

      Egosoft deserve ALL the praise for their devotion to their products. Every single game they’ve released has had attention lavished on it LONG after most other devs have moved on, although there are now small Devs of a similar calibre out there.

      Despite the praise, I have struggled hard with the X-series, designed as they were to suck all the fun out of space in favour of horrible spreadsheet Capitalism. Work disguised as fun. In all the years I have played the games I’ve never owned a capital ship. The repetitive in-game work – and real-time commitment – required just to attain small fortunes was always prohibitive for me. And so many smaller things about the games drove me bananas, despite the very many things they got right.

      I’ve played X: Rebirth for 12 hours now and think it may very well be the best X game ever released. The ground-up rebalancing and re-focusing has made the game a DREAM by comparison with the earlier iterations. Egosoft still suffer from slightly sub-par implementation in many areas but their ambitions are always huge, and their results utterly unique. With Rebirth I think they’ve come closest to achieving the vision of their game as they always wanted it: an adventure in a living, breathing universe. I’ve LOVED my time with it so far and am sitting here at work dreaming about going home to continue playing, putting it among the hallowed pantheon of all-time games I absolutely adore. It’s the game I wanted from Egosoft when I first loaded up Beyond the Frontier and that huge Teladi cruiser passed over my little prototype jump-ship.

      I’ve been Horrible to Egosoft for many a year. I’m opinionated, and not short about putting the boot in. I now regret if I’ve done this for Rebirth. They fucked up badly putting the game out early. But they’ve been soundly damaged by it, reputation wise. And that Metacritic score must sting. But I won’t continue to hold a grudge like a petulant child (Yes, I called myself petulant child there) when they’ve got so many praiseworthy qualities.

      I’ll be watching for the next game with interest, and having a blast playing this one – which I urge all non-hardcore capitalist Space fans to buy as soon as they can.

  19. keefybabe says:



    (yes I know there are mods to *thankfully* remove this stuff)