League Of Legends’ Most Reassuringly Human Pro Game

Distracted as I was by the Oscars and an orchid festival and watching Casualty on catchup, I only dug back into week 7 of the North American LCS this morning. I’m so glad I did because the Dignitas/Renegades League of Legends [official site] match is now my favourite match in the whole world. This is because no fewer than four players died to an angry building and an even angrier bit of wildlife, and I will henceforth feel reassured that if I do the same I am probably exhibiting signs of “pro strats”. I’m going to share it here so that you may do likewise:

Here are the deaths in question:

First up was BillyBoss from Dignitas who died to a turret – an immobile tower which can do a lot of damage to champions early on. I teach newcomers to MOBAs to be terrified of turrets for this exact reason. It also took out Dignitas support KiWiKiD but was at least prevented from earning a triple kill.

(N.B a little later in the full version of the match there’s some speculation about whether this was an intentional move on Dignitas’s part to give solo experience to the last remaining player in that lane – my reading of it was that perhaps turning it into a solo experience gain for that player was the best outcome of a situation that had already gone bad)

Then Renegades took their turn in the “WHAT ON EARTH” spotlight as players Crumbz and Hakuho took on the Rift Herald and lost. It’s a purple, one-eyed monster (stop sniggering) which is a bit beefier than other minions. It requires a bit more co-ordination and damage to take down and if you don’t do it right you run the risk of, well, this…

Summoner’s Rift MVP.

Here’s the whole farrago. The match itself kicks off about 7:00 and the end is frankly hilarious:


  1. Wendelius says:

    This and the C9 vs CLG match yesterday were both a lot of fun to watch, though for very different reasons.

    If you haven’t seen the latter, I’d recommend catching up on it.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Philippa Warr says:

    Not yet! I was going to say there are only so many hours in the day but that rings rather hollow on the 29th Feb :) I should have just taken it to catch up on lol

    • Wendelius says:

      Alas, you are right on the limited hours in the day for fun stuff.

      Personally, I was stuck doing a monster pile of dishes. And the C9 match made me nearly enjoy doing so, if only for the excuse to keep watching. :)

  3. Daniel Klein says:

    +1 to the C9 vs CLG game. One of the closest games I can remember in the recent past between two teams who neither of them made any obviously big mistakes. Just incredible close plays all around, a good number of kills, and a heart-stopper of a finish.