Stardew Valley: Harvest Moon-y Country Living Now Out

If you’ve wanted a game like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing on PC, hey, Stardew Valley [official site] came out on Friday evening and is very much that sort of game. That’s you sorted, off you go.

If those names mean little to you… Stardew Valley’s a country life sim/RPG/thing about a simpler life of growing crops, raising animals, fishing, going on adventures to duff up monsters, befriending townfolk, finding love, crafting, collecting, building and all that. It’s proving quite popular.

Stardew Valley sends players out to their grandfather’s farm then leaves them to decide a direction to their new life. You can try to run the finest farm in all the valley, build and decorate a grand house, conquer monster-filled caves beneath the town, find and collect donations for the local museum, catch all the fish, befriend everyone in town, or, you know, do a bit of everything. It runs to an accelerated daily, seasonal, and annual cycle, so there’s pleasing routine to it.

I spent most my weekend rustling around real plants (ace Glasshouses at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanical Gardens, I tell you), but I did see a bit of someone else playing Stardew Valley. It looks nice and cor, opening on a note of “Your life is a drudge, office drone, so flee the ratrace and start a new life on your grandfather’s farm” is pretty full-on. More games should open with “Hey, you there, you playing this, your life is AWFUL but I guess you don’t even have a grand inheritance, so this game will have to do.”

Over a thousand reviews are already up from players on Steam, 98% of them positive. That’s not bad, that.

Creator ConcernedApe has been busy since the launch, releasing several patches – one, two, two-and-a-half, three, three-and-a-quarter – over the weekend.

Stardew Valley is £10.99 from Steam and GOG.


  1. Xan says:

    It’s not just a deluge of positive reviews, it’s also firmly lodged into #1 top seller spot since launch.

    • 0positivo says:

      And rightfully so. This game has straight up devoured what was left of my social life

  2. says:

    Did the devs say they’d eventually add local co-op? That would be a selling point for me, as it would mean my wife could also play. A game like this where you create things and don’t have pressure situations sounds perfect for her.

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      According to this Q&A thread: link to it seems that they intend to add 4 player coop and it was recently updated too.

    • Shadow says:

      Yes, multiplayer co-op (not sure if local or not) is due out later this year. ConcernedApe decided to release it later so not to delay the launch of the singleplayer.

      • Choca says:

        If they add online multiplayer, I will be getting ripped off by that asshole Pierre the seed merchant for years to come.

        • liobi says:

          Rejoice, it’s going to be online. The dev wanted to have it on launch, but after talking with his following and the publisher, he decided to release the complete single player campaign and launch the multiplayer after

    • Thornback says:

      Please keep in mind it’s not devs, just the one dev. Makes this excellent game all the more impressive.

  3. Kefren says:

    Last time I was in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanical glasshouses it was to research possible designs for an alien overlord. Great fun when there weren’t gangs of schoolkids around to ruin the contemplation.

  4. elevown says:

    So far my biggest problem is I can’t stop playing :)

    • GameCat says:

      I would love to play it, but I fear that I will stop doing (almost) literally everything else after launching this game. :(

      • Chaoslord AJ says:

        It’s terribly addictive and only saves in the mornings. Then you just want to upgrade this tool and bang twenty minutes gone.

        • Shadow says:

          That’s a bit of a shame, the saving scheme. It might’ve been a necessity on the SNES, but it’s not something to be preserved if it can be helped. I mean, it’s a good autosave method, but RL interruptions don’t usually follow a schedule, and game days aren’t exactly short (not long either, but still). Would be nice to have a quicksave option.

  5. Troubletcat says:

    Stardew Valley finally managed to tear me away from XCOM2 for an extended period of time.

    10/10, but now how am I supposed to stop the aliens?

    • Choca says:

      With potatoes, obviously.

    • Shadow says:

      Clearly, this game was produced by ADVENT to distract the Resistance while they work towards their ultimate goal.

      We are stardew for the Elders. This is all a ruse.

    • GameCat says:

      No, you was just sent to provide food supplies for anti-alien squad.
      Hungry soldier is a bad soldier.

    • Xan says:

      Just don’t forget Bradford’s birthday.

      • Troubletcat says:

        I tried giving him a Gremlin Mk. II last year, and he said it made him depressed. Do you know what type of gifts he likes?

  6. Kitsunin says:

    Having played through two seasons in the last two days, all I can really say is wow. At long last, there’s a Harvest Moon game which actually nails everything.

  7. Penguin_Factory says:

    I’ve been playing this all weekend. It’s the real deal. If you enjoyed the older 2D Harvest Moon games, definitely check it out. The sheer level of content and detail is astonishing, especially considering it was made by one guy.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      Same with me, great remake with new ideas. Also it’s a new engine, not some generic RPG-maker stuff and it shows.
      Clouds cast shadows, details like animals and flying petals are there, plants and grass sway as you move through them. Houses and places completely redecorate in the seasons. Super NES at its best.
      First real HM-contender on PC.

  8. dkfgo says:

    It is too early to be saying that, but it think this is the Indie Game of the Year, at least for now. I’m hooked. Hopefully the guy will never have to worry about money anymore, cause I’m sure he has put a shitload of work into it. I dont know how to praise this game anymore, it has soul, but not in a hipster way, it feels legit. This is how video games should be.

  9. PsychoWedge says:

    I really, really want to play this game but I have the reasonable fear that I will not do anything else once I start and I just can’t allow that to happen at the moment…

    When people talk about first world problems, this is what they should mean!! ^^

  10. JFS says:

    So, it really is good?

    • Luperts says:

      If you like games like Harvest moon & Animal crossing: Oh god yes.

  11. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    How is the controller support? The game is obviously made with M+KB in mind but the Harvest Moon bones scream “Play me with a controller!”

    • Luperts says:

      It is completely playable with controller (this is what I’m doing), you miss out on some of the “ease of life”-functions like aiming the water can with the mouse and the menu system is a little clunky with a controller.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      X-box360-controller here. The controller is better for running around and playing the actual game, however the menus are made for a mouse so I often switch when sorting items. Otherwise you would steer the arrow with the slower controller.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        I use a DS4 so the touch-pad should work for the menus.

    • pistolhamster says:

      Gamepad is not perfect but doable. I use it when i game sitting in the couch. Using menus can be slightly fidgety, but given the game’s rather slow pace it doesn’t really bother me. 10/10 Would play again!

    • hagglunds says:

      I’ve been playing with a Steam Controller for the past few days and it’s worked flawlessly. As others have mentioned the game also has native gamepad support, so most controllers should work fine.

  12. Gravy100 says:

    Looks lush – what if you’re a person who has never played a Harvest Moon type game before but loved Terraria – would this tickle that itch?

    • LennyLeonardo says:


    • Shadow says:

      I’d say don’t go in expecting a hack n’ slash RPG. It has some of that in it, but it’s a mostly a minor part. The game’s primarily peaceful and farming/foraging/exploration oriented.

      Building is more restricted than in Terraria: you have full freedom customizing your fields, but I think the buildings themselves have fixed designs (except interior decor) and can’t be plopped just anywhere. I mean, aside from your fields, you can’t build tile-by-tile as you would in Terraria or Minecraft.

    • Troubletcat says:

      I feel like comparisons to Terraria are extremely forced. It is a 2D game with a retro art style and some of the mechanics are somewhat similar in the very abstract.

      As soon as you look at the game with any kind of detail it has very little in common with Terraria.

      It is also (in my opinion) a vastly superior game to Terraria.

    • Kitsunin says:

      As others have said, it doesn’t have much in common with Terraria. It’s pretty hard to make comparisons if you’ve never played Harvest Moon or anything like it. If you haven’t, and it does sound interesting, this is the game to get a taste through, and that’s for certain.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Don’t forget you can refund it.

        Going back to the itch — maybe. It’s also a game about steadily upgrading your equipment and home, although it goes about it in an entirely different way. I think one might find it cathartic in the same way.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      Not really except both games are good.
      SV is a hand-crafted game rather than generated. There’s less combat, but mining, farming and relationships.
      Both games are exploration-heavy and have grind aspects.

  13. Wowbagger says:

    I got it because I thought I’d need something mellow for after devil daggers sessions, but Christ is it boring, too low key for me.

  14. KFee says:

    Cute and all but man is that boring. Refunded.

  15. garsidetogo says:

    If you ever enjoyed any of the old-school HM games, I can’t recommend this enough. Takes all of the classic systems and improves and modernizes them. Doesn’t try to implement any of the bad systems from recent HM games.

    If your attention span has been destroyed by a slew of recent AAA titles, it may move at a pace that you aren’t comfortable with.

  16. proppaganda says:

    GUYS IT’S GOOD! (that is if you like these types of games)

  17. Syrion says:

    Are you able to water the middle crop of a 3×3 field? My inner farmer has his fingers crossed..

    • Kitsunin says:

      You can walk through your crops! Much innovation has been had.

    • styledatol says:

      Crops are planted individually (one seed per square), not in a 3×3 grid in harvest moon.
      But yeah, what the other guy said, can walk through plants.

    • Harlander says:

      Just be a little bit careful. Things like beans, which grow on a little trellis, will block you. You might be stuck if you made a 3×3 square of those – you wouldn’t be able to pick or water the centre beanpole.

  18. caff says:

    Picked this up. The music is so gridingly cheerful it made me want to stick a rusty balloon whisk up my nose.

    • Universal Quitter says:

      Do you remember the exact date that your inner child died? The saccharine sweet soundtrack and schmaltzy backstory are great.

  19. pistolhamster says:

    Wow, it seems to be doing quite well. 70.000+ owners according to
    That is like a million dollar in sales in a week! I am impressed.

    • capntao says:

      i had to read this like three times to determine you are not a spambot