Meep Meep: American Truck Simulator Teases Arizona

American Truck Simulator [official site] is a lot better with geology than greenery, I was disappointed to discover. I’d hoped to follow trucking routes through redwood forests and other lush pockets of Northern California but no, it’s all a bit grim and disappointing. ATS doesn’t remotely capture what I remember from a road trip through there. However, its scrubby, desert-y lands are far nicer, which bodes well for the upcoming free Arizona add-on. Developers SCS Software today shared a few screenshots from it and ooh yeah, I can just imagine running Wile E. Coyote into those rocky stacks, watching the top roll off and crush him.

SCS explain in a blog post that they started work on Arizona a few weeks before releasing American Truck Simulator, and suggest that they might try running open beta testing for Arizona. They add:

“We are making great progress, but there is still a lot of content left to be finished. We don’t have a release date to announce yet, but there should not be more than a couple of months of solid work ahead us, plus the final testing and polishing stage.”

Hit that blog post for more, and bigger, screenshots.

Arizona will be the third and final free state for American Truck Simulator, joining California and Nevada. Beyond that, SCS say they plan to keep on making new states if it makes financial sense, but most, if not all, of them will be paid DLC.

I can get used to rocks. Plants and trees aren’t everything, I suppose. I want to grow to appreciate these rocks. Let’s see, what can ease me into Arizona? Thelma & Louise surely has the dream Arizona driving experience, though I suspect fines are quite heavy for driving a truck into the Grand Canyon. Raising Arizona is fun, but I shouldn’t raise my hopes for a Nicolas Cage appearance. Beyond that, it’s mostly Wild West for Arizona, isn’t it?

SCS still have folks working on Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well – France DLC is in the works.


  1. Unsheep says:

    Maybe the game’s newness is wearing off, but the more I find myself driving on yet another vast open road across the ATS maps I sort of wish the game took place somewhere more exotic.

    It has also started to annoy me a bit that the cities in ATS feel very small, the sense of scale does not feel as convincing as in ETS2.

    Perhaps its the limited map designs that are starting to take its toll on me. The ‘big open road’ was appealing at first but when it covers the majority of the maps I start to wish for more variety.

    • fish99 says:

      Well, the world is smaller, the actual scale of ATS is about half that of ETS2 (which is very disappointing), but the cities in ATS are actually a lot better. Compare Vegas, SF or LA to say London or Paris in ETS2, the difference is night and day. Most of the cities in ETS2 were just generic industrial estates with a city backdrop you couldn’t even drive through.

  2. Wisq says:

    More content in the works? Awesome, all the more reason to hold off until I get my Rift and/or Vive.

  3. Blackcompany says:

    Looking forward to more content. That is what the game needs most now. I just hope it continues to make fiscal sense for a goodly long time.

    As for what is there now…too much desert. I get that this is a big change from their existing game. The problem is too many OTHER games have relied on desert terrain for so long because it was comparatively low budget, and I myself am sick to death of desert brown in games. I suspect many others feel the same, if this odd thing called the internet is any indicator.

    Still though I would love to see them reach a point where they can manage at least the major cities from each of the continental 48. I know its a long shot, but I hope the game retains sufficient popularity for a long enough time that they get to do so.

    On the other hand, I question their decision to do the France DLC just now. That’s work for map makers and city builders. And those are precisely the folks you NEED working on ATS right now. It seems…odd…to keep them upgrading existing terrain in a years old game, but I am certain there are reasons for this behind the scenes of which I am not aware.

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      So… on the one hand you’d like them to continue working on this game for years, but on the other hand you question their decision to keep working on their (other, very similar) game for years?

  4. stoner says:

    SCS has a lot more planned for ATS. The ETS and ATS teams cross-pollinate ideas with each others. Functions in one game migrate to the other.

    As a SCS Senior Beta Tester for ETS and ATS, I’ve seen how each team enhances the other. We appreciate your patience.

  5. aircool says:

    I’ve been tempted by the Truck Sims for a long while. Are they more fun that hauling cargo in Elite: Dangerous?

    • fish99 says:

      I haven’t played ED so can’t answer that directly, but they are fun games and I reckon most people who give them a try get hooked on them. All I would say is don’t expect to play them for hundreds of hours. They are a little bit shallow on the economic side. Once you have a yard, a couple of trucks and you’ve done all the delivery types and seen all the towns, the game is just repetition at that point.

      I got about 60 hrs out of ETS2 and about 30 from ATS since it’s currently smaller and doesn’t have many trucks.

  6. Minglefingler says:

    I’d say driving a truck in one of these games is far more enjoyable than hauling in Elite. For one you’re driving which means you have to pay attention to your speed, other traffic, tuns you need to make etc. Also, you’re constantly moving through different environments in contrast to simply looking at a starfield with the planet you’re travelling to getting bigger. You also have the option of listening to real world radio stations that the game provides the ability to tune into. All of this gives you a feeling of being involved in what you’re doing to a far greater extent than supercruise does. Put it this way, I wouldn’t welcome a long journey in Elite but a forty minute drive in one of these games is a real pleasure.

    • Minglefingler says:

      That was meant as a reply to aircool.

      • aircool says:

        I bought ATS with the thinking being, if I like it, then I can splash out on ETS with all the trimmings.

        It’s kinda a relaxed sort of fun, so I’m happy I bought it. The only fun bit in E:D haulage was parking. What’s more, the technology in a modern day truck is far superior to that in the E:D spaceships.

  7. Dr Biffo says:

    Arizona, noon, on the 7th of June when they eyeballed over the pass. Bulldog Mack with a can on back and a Jaguar, haulin’ ass. Any questions?