Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Coming F2P To PC


Forza Motorsport, the Xbox racing series from Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft, is driving over to our neck of the woods, though it’s had a bit of work done. Forza Motorsport 6: Apex [official site] will be free-to-play when it arrives on Windows 10 (via the Windows Store) this spring, unlike the full retail Xbox One release. I’m really happy, because Pip and I are fascinated by Drivatars and now I’ll finally meet one.

Forza, then, is a drive ’em up focused on realistic racing, sort of the Xbox answer to Gran Turismo. It’s shiny and has been on Xboxes since 2005, and this spring will come to Windows 10. Because Microsoft want you to see Windows 10 and the Windows Store, y’see. It’ll support DirectX 12 and resolutions up to 2160p, for maximum shininess.

And it has DRIVATARS! Microsoft might explain Drivatars as artificial intelligences trained by your own driving style. As I understand it, Drivatars are digital versions of myself trapped inside computers and forced to drive endlessly for others’ amusement. It’s Hell. It’s consigning part of yourself to Hell. But what if a lightning bolt strikes my PC and causes me – actual me – to be uploaded in place of my Drivatar? And if my Drivatar is a fragment of me, can I bequeath it to my niece to comfort and support her after my death? What if someone steals my Drivatar and uploads it to a robot with knives for arms? What if end up facing the Drivatar of a murderer?

These are important questions.

Turn 10’s Dan Greenwald calls Forza 6 Apex “curated and focused” but I think that means “we cut a lot of stuff out.” The announcement explains what’s in there, detailing its small lineup of tracks, but neglects to mention how it’ll be monetised. Silly Microsoft, forgetting details like that. Handily, Ars Technica had a chat and learned that while a third of the game’s cars will be free, the rest must be unlocked with fake money earned by playing – which can be skipped by paying real money.

Turn 10 say Forza 6 Apex “paves the way for future Forza experiences on Windows 10.” Until spring, here’s a trailer:


  1. zarthrag says:

    *whimper* F2P….in VR…. peeeze!

  2. ahac says:

    MS talks about doing better on PC all the time.

    But their idea of PC gaming obviously didn’t change at all. They still believe it’s only good for F2P and rereleases of old games…

    • derbefrier says:

      Expect that’s not true at all or games like Quantum Break wouldn’t be releasing on Win10. What they are actually doing is seemingly turning windows 10 into an alternative to the Xbox one for those that don’t want the console or already have a gaming pc and don’t need a console. We now have several xbox exclusives coming to pc.

    • Bremze says:

      No wheel support, no multiplayer.

      • iainl says:

        No wheel support, when the Xbone release does support wheels? Really? Blimey.

  3. Jekhar says:

    Oh look, if that’s not a selling point for Windows 10, then i don’t know what else is. Making a stripped down version of last years console release Win10 exclusive will surely make everyone switch. That really worked out for Vista, when Halo 2 finally arrived, didn’t it?

  4. Styxie says:

    I’m sure your Drivatar won’t murder anyone Alice. It might just beep appreciatively at a tree now and then, or perhaps reverse into a pond mid race.

  5. iainl says:

    As much as I’m pretty wary of F2P most of the time, there’s a couple of good arguments for this might be a good thing here.

    Firstly, because there’s no bloody way I’m ever giving the Windows Store my credit card details, so a free game is the only way I’ll get to play this. Which is nice.

    But also, I’m not going to be persuaded to change my mind on that first point by the prospect of seeing if a port is as much of a mess as the Halo 2 one was all those years ago. But if it does run well, and it turns out to be a decent game (I’ve got Corsa and pCars already, so it’s not like I lack driving sims) then mmaaaybe I might buy Forza 7 in future?

    • Scurra says:

      The advent of prepay credit cards was a godsend for times like this. When internet payment first started, I got a credit card with an insanely low credit limit on it to minimise any potential damage – now I have a prepay card for the odd times when I am unsure about somewhere.

  6. TerminatorJones says:

    This vexes me slightly, because I bought an XBox One literally just to play Forza 6, since they said it wouldn’t be released on PC. I think I’d still do it over again though. One nice thing is that I’ll be able to buy a steering wheel that works on Playstation 4 and PC, and be able to play both the Forza and Gran Turismo franchises without having to buy two wheels.

    I’m actually sort of excited about this, because one of my biggest complaints about the XBox version was that they throw money at you hand over fist, so I didn’t get the same sense of a achievement I did from say Gran Turismo. I realize that I’m essentially saying “I wish I had to grind more!” but yeah, that’s about the size of it.

    Also, 20 tracks isn’t too shabby – the full game had 26. I wonder if the other six are more a licensing issue than anything else. The cards in Forza 6 were a fun addition, and I hope they’re in this version too.

    • iainl says:

      That’s an interesting statement, because while I didn’t get an Xbox One, and therefore not Forza 5 or 6, GT 6 similarly threw money at me like crazy, while at the same time ensuring that it threw so many worthwhile cars at me as free rewards for completing races that it wasn’t until fairly late in the game I even needed to spend much of the cash I’d accumulated. The only big expenditure point I hit was the series for the final cup, really.

      Both games launched trying to push Real Money For Fake Money systems, and both so overreacted to the backlash that you really don’t need to worry about it very much.

      • TerminatorJones says:

        Yeah, I guess I should have specified that GT 5 was the last one I played. In that, it wasn’t all instant gratification – there were some cars I wanted but could not yet come close to affording, so it provided a better sense of progression, I thought.

        Your experience in GT 6 seems similar to Forza 6 in that they throw so many cars and so much money at you that by the time the dust has settled a little bit and you’re buying interesting cars, you’re already super rich.

  7. derbefrier says:

    So we get a Forza game on pc with standard f2p business model. This is a pure win. I hope if it does wellwe Will get a proper Forza 7 full release.

    This makes me pretty happy as Forza is my favorite racing series.

  8. something says:

    But what if a lightning bolt strikes my PC and causes me – actual me – to be uploaded in place of my Drivatar?

    OK, I’m gonna need you to see if there’s an Evil AI trying to take over the system and invade the real world. Can you see one? It’s probably the best driver in the game – should be in a black car. Have you got that? OK, great!

    So, to get out, you just need to defeat the Evil AI in the final race of the season. Don’t worry if it’s looking bad – it’ll come down to the last lap, when another AI that you thought had been killed by the Evil AI will appear out of nowhere, and, yeah, basically that should sort everything out.

    Oh, and for some reason, you should come out of this a better person with a stronger relationship with your immediate family. I’m not sure why that happens. If it’s a problem, let me know and I’m sure we can fix it.

  9. Unsheep says:

    20 tracks and 63 cars is well on par with PC racing sims like Project Cars, Race 07, Assetto Corsa etc (excluding their many DLCs). If these are all available for free its a great thing indeed.

    They seem to be adopting RaceRoom’s business model. Since Forza 6 on the XBox had some 450 cars, I imagine you will able to buy a decent number of cars in the PC version.

    This is not unreasonable considering you get the core game for free and are basically just paying for DLCs.

    The Drivatars are utterly dreadful though!

    If you enjoy racing with kamikaze morons who can barely drive straight you might enjoy the Drivatars.

    However if you are into “clean” racing, the Drivatars are a curse. Thankfully you could avoid them on console by simply setting your console to offline mode. You could also adjust the idiocy of the Drivatars in the game’s menu.

    Hopefully you can adjust the Drivatars in the PC version as well.

  10. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I’ve always quite fancied a go on Forza, so I’m cautiously optimistic about this.
    As for micro transactions, well, I’m not going to spend any money on something I can get for free, so I guess I don’t care.

  11. Avus says:

    Let me just quote this from Tomshardware article about this game
    “What might be a concern for diehard racing fans is the fact that you can play with a controller or the keyboard and mouse only when the game comes out. This means that you won’t be able to use your racing wheels with Apex, at least in the beginning. Turn 10 is currently working on getting support for various racing wheels, but it’s unknown as to what brands and models will work with the game.”

    A serious racing title that not support steering wheel? no thanks. I also hope Turn 10 will not actively block other steering wheel to support a specific brand/model of wheels…

    • zarthrag says:

      Welp…that’s an automatic “no” for me, then. I quit the “tap method of driving” a couple decades ago.

  12. mukuste says:

    So, does this “Apex” refer to a spinoff, or a sort of cut-down almost-demo of the actual game, or is it something different entirely?

  13. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I am going to play this just so I can create a Drivatar that drives around the track in the wrong direction.

  14. PoulWrist says:

    I really loved Forza 2, 3 and 4 :| After the reason I got an xbox 360 got a PC announce the day I received the Xbox, I was like “meh” and it just kind of collected dust for a long time. Then I got myself the Forza games and the MS wheel. Some really great driving in that game.
    Yea, purists will probably say “go play iRacing, it’s much better”, but really, I loved the slick production, the campaign, the earning cars, credits, progressing through races. I never even played online (screw you, xbox live gold, why does it cost money to play online ;( i refuse to pay when the PC is all access all the time for free).

    Always hoped it’d come out on PC, because while we’ve had other racers here, none of them have come close to having as great a driving model as the one in Forza or a productionvalue anywhere near the quality put on display in Forza 4. Man, that game is like carporn.
    Sad that it’s going to be this way, because I’m not going to be buying an Xbox One just to play Forza ;(

  15. drewski says:

    Pretty excited about this. Always wanted to play a Forza game because I love “realistic but not really” like Gran Turismo racing games. Even as a F2P game, I just want to throw fast carss around a track, I don’t care if I need to grind/pay a bit for some content. As long as the core driving game is worth it, that is.

    Cool that the whole Windows 10 integration to Xbox is actually bringing some good games to PC. Hope it lasts.