Rainbow Six Siege Cracks Down On Cheaters (Again)

Ubisoft have already sent in digirozzers to bust cheating cheaters and the cheats they cheat with in Rainbow Six Siege, and now they’re setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme. In preparation for the Rainbow Six Pro League, today they’re releasing update 2.2. It patches up a few exploits, tweak maps to stop spawn killing, adds kill cams in Ranked play so folks can see if their death was fishy (everyone who kills me is cheating, I’m sure), and pops in a Report button to grass up suspected blaggards.

Reports from players “will feed directly to our cheating counter-measures to increase their effectiveness,” Ubi say in the patch notes. One imagines many of these will reports will come from folks who’ve watched the kill cam (a killer’s-eye view of your death). Ubi explain their decision to add it to Ranked play:

“We are aware that there is a certain widespread sentiment that high level Ranked matches are often ruined by cheaters. We want to deter ‘witch hunting’ as much as possible. While there were legitimate design reasons to remove the Kill Cam from Ranked, we cannot compromise on the quality of our game experience. For this reason, we are enabling the Kill Cam on Ranked matches to remove this ‘hiding spot’ for cheaters. It will help the community as well as ourselves identify suspicious behaviors with a better level of certainty. Given the nature of our game (destruction, observation tools, high lethality), players are very likely to have doubts about what happened when they get killed. This causes confusion whether they died by a legitimate player or a cheater. This doubt causes a negative atmosphere for everyone regardless of the presence of cheaters in the match. Therefore, activating the Kill Cam in Ranked serves two purposes: make it harder for cheaters to hide and improve players’ perception by allowing them to witness how they got killed. In the long term, we will also be working on improving the Kill Cam in order to make it more accurate and reliable.”

Kill cams can be a problem, as they will reveal information on positions and whatnot which the dead player can relay in any number of ways. I wonder if this is maybe a stop-gap solution while they beef up their anti-cheat technology.

Besides, good cheaters know how to conceal tell-tale signs of their antics. It’s actually pretty interesting, the ignorance cheaters must perform in case someone’s watching – pretending they end up in the right place through luck, and miming aiming up until their bot takes over. Cheats are easy to spot when fools use them to become godlike, but it’s a flipping nightmare when they’re used by someone who’s already actually quite good. This makes me wish I’d saved replays from other games Back In The Day to illustrate these little performances. They were great fun to study, I tell you.

Anyway! Back on R6 Siege, update 2.2 also tweaks spawn points on many maps, spreading them out and hiding them behind cover so spawning players aren’t so mercilessly gunned down by Defenders. “We believe these tweaks should fix the vast majority of those spawn killing occurrences,” Ubi say.

There’s more. Check the patch notes for everything. It’s out today on PC.


  1. rommel102 says:

    At least on XB1 we only have to deal with glitchers and not actual cheaters.

    • Holysheep says:

      the price to pay being to play a FPS on a console.

    • KevinLew says:

      The issue isn’t that it’s easier to cheat on a PC, but that the punishment on XB1 is so fierce.

      To play multiplayer on an Xbox, you need a valid Xbox Live Gold account which means you have to have a working e-mail address to activate it. In addition, any time you connect to the Internet, Microsoft scans your machine’s unique hardware ID. The point of all of this is that Microsoft has plenty of weapons against cheaters. The most obvious is that it can ban your account, which means that you’ll need to spend at least $50 to buy another Xbox Live Gold account. More importantly, Microsoft can ban your hardware ID, meaning your console can’t use any multiplayer features. For severe violators, Microsoft can just outright brick your machine. Regardless if you’ve been online banned or bricked, you’ll need to buy a new Xbox One to start playing Rainbow Six: Siege again, which makes cheating a pretty stupid and expensive thrill.

  2. BobbyDylan says:

    It would be nice if they can fix the match making. Taking a team of single digit level players against players that are 130+ is just not fun.
    Also the constant loading screen. Jesus.

  3. Holysheep says:

    > adds kill cams in Ranked

    ahaha, oh wow

  4. Synesthesia says:

    Yeah, the kill cam on ranked will definitely bite them in the ass. Not a good call.

  5. TresdelConwayJuan says:

    I just want better servers. Pretty annoying when you almost never have a latency below 100. In other games such as Battlefield 4 and Counter Strike:GO I always have a ping of around 50. As for this counter measure, I believe it will only increase this “Witch Hunting” phenomenon they mentioned. Also, kill cams don’t always show exactly what happened, probably because of the latency issues. I’ve had kill cams that looked like I shot someone through a brick wall, which was not the case.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      This. In every other game I play I’m around 40 ping. In R6, I’m seldom below 100. It’s like the server is in Alaska or something.

  6. shagen454 says:

    Now they need to crack down on that $60.00 pricetag.

  7. The_Hunter says:

    A MAJOR issue with this game is that player movement and player shooting are on separate tics rates. This is made even worse by the low quality servers not providing a proper sync between players.

    Most people aren’t hacking, but it definitely looks like everyone is because no one player is seeing exactly what anyone else is.

    Even when Ubi puts out a great game like RS:S, they have the infrastructure or guts to support it.

    Such a shame…

    • The_Hunter says:

      …they don’t* have the infrastructure

    • Taki says:

      YES! yes! yes!!

      This is what bugs me, sometimes I’m seeing the other player looking in a direction just to get headshoted a few miliseconds later. Then as I watch the Killcam he was looking at me from the beginning. This is extremely annoying.

      Also the matchmaking system needs a revamp ASAP. Almost every game I see gigantic levels discrepancies.

    • McB says:

      Yeah, I just had to quit playing because of too much frustration from the bad servers. It’s a real shame too, because the game is awesome. I’m just too tired of being killed by someone who never even appeared on my screen, and then seeing their kill cam where they are right in front of me for what feels like seconds.

  8. TheSopran0 says:

    I’m sure done to help soothe the on the fence buyers of The Division who experienced the awful cheating during the beta events.