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The Necron Are Joining WH40K: Dawn Of War II, Sort Of

While talk of Dawn of War 3 remains but a murmur for now, the Necron will soon invade Dawn of War II – Retribution [official site]. A Necron Overlord will join Retribution’s co-op survival mode, The Last Stand, in celebration of the Retribution’s fifth birthday – the eighth playable character in its roster. As a present, you can get your hands on the new star free-of-charge between March 10 and March 15.

Developers Relic and newish publisher Sega – who grabbed the reins when THQ went under – have kept the Warhammer 40,000 strategy series busy in recent times, releasing new maps for original Dawn of War last September, and a bloody Retribution DLC for Halloween. Sega say the latest addition serves not only to celebrate Retribution’s fifth anniversary, but also to acknowledge the “unwavering dedication” of the game’s community.

To this end, the Necron Overlord will be free to download for five days following its introduction. After that, it’ll be sold for $9.99. As well as coming to Retribution, the Overlord will of course be available for The Last Standalone, the standalone release of that mode. Here’s Sega on what the Overlord is all about:

“The Overlords of the Necrons, armed with crackling warscythes, turn any battlefield into carnage as they dispatch foes in flares of blinding energy and even summon the powerful Nightbringer Shard to devastate foes. The new hero boasts a fresh combat style, playable as both a long-ranged, fast-firing battlecruiser, or as an area-of-effect melee expert.”

Also, a new patch will launch alongside the Overlord, which will address “the most prominent community-reported bugs” and add new achievement. Full patch notes for that can be found over here.

Both The Necron Overlord and the latest bug patch update are heading to Dawn of War II – Retribution on March 10. Remember, you can grab the Overlord for free between then and March 15.

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