Enter The Gungeon Sets Sights On April Release

“I just picked up a gun that fires t-shirts,” begins Steve Messner’s recent hands-on with Enter the Gungeon [official site]. Now, from the footage I’ve come across so far, if ever there was a way to describe hyper-zany, ultra-chaotic, lightning-paced bullet-fest that is Dodge Roll’s incoming roguelikelike shooter in just one sentence, then that is most likely it. Today, publisher Devolver Digital announced that we’ll finally have access to the Gungeon come April 5, and marked the occasion with a new trailer.

Similar to the likes of Nuclear Throne and The Binding of Issac in basic structural terms, Enter the Gungeon sets itself apart from the horde of genre similars with its array of silly weapons. While there’s loads of ’em – including a unicorn horn that plays a song as you shoot rainbows at enemies, for goodness’ sake – Steve also admired the moments that require strategy. He notes that for all the game’s trailers have typically focused on its bat-shit crazy running and gunning, beneath that facade lies some deep strategy and a need for considered and timely tactics in its moment-to-moment gunplay. Then again, he did love its guns:

“And then there’s the guns. Oh lord, the guns…The variety of weapons is easily Gungeon’s standout feature. There’s a flamethrower which you can use to coat entire rooms in oil before unleashing a burst of flame that engulfs everything in a firestorm. There’s a gun that shoots puddles that a shark will swim around in, devouring wounded foes. And then there’s a whole host of guns which are strategically useless but are just so goofy that you’ll want to use them anyway, like my t-shirt cannon or the peashooter I was given during the tutorial.”

Feast your eyes on the latest gameplay trailer, which shows off snippets of Enter the Gungeon’s single-player and co-op modes:

Enter the Gungeon is due for release on April 5 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  1. TechnicalBen says:

    Looks fun.

    Online or local Co-op (Sorry official website is all pictures, which is cool, but no description).

  2. whale says:

    local coop only. (dev here)

    • FrenchTart says:

      That’s a bit of a shame but this game still looks very interesting :)

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Hello dev, this game looks very bullet helly. How big is the hit box in relation to your character?

      • whale says:

        interesting question the hit box is a square that is roughly 1/3rd of the size of the art. it covers their chest and lower part of their head. Bullet’s hit boxes are also smaller than their art, so you have to fully overlap with a bullet to get hit- but it isnt like some bullet hell games where only the center point of your ship is collide-able

  3. KRVeale says:

    Was… was that a Beholder with a submachine gun?


  4. TechnicalBen says:

    Thanks! I’ll still see about getting it, but my bro is too far away for his arms to reach my keyboard… :(

  5. Frank Langella says:

    Fantastic trailer! The game looks really great. I always wish that Nuclear Throne had more upgrades and was just a bit more like Binding of Isaac. This may end up being a rare case of me buying a game on release.