Chivalry Devs Announce Mirage: Arcane Warfare

If you want to run around a virtual battlefield lopping off knights’ arms with swords and axes, you can’t go too far wrong with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. (Have You Played the first-person multiplayer melee murderfest?) But what if you want to do that and also be a wizard? Trying to perform coin tricks at your desk while playing will only get you killed. Friend, put your pennies away.

Chivalry devs Torn Banner Studios today announced Mirage: Arcane Warfare [official site], which seems to be Chivalry with wizards. Wizalry.

Torn Banner don’t have too much to say just yet, with this announcement being more a teaser leading up to a bigger reveal at 3pm next Wednesday. But it’s Chivalry with wizards – what more do you need to know? Here, check out this teaser trailer:

I can’t get a feel for quite how combat will work with everything cut up into such small snippets. Is it as deadly as Chivalry? Are careful strikes and blocking just as important? Do people look a little more mobile? How much does magic change things? What sorts of spells can wizards cast? Dunno. All we really have to go on for now is that trailer and the basic pitch of “a magic and melee-focused multiplayer FPS.”

The game’s due to launch some time in 2016, while a longer gameplay trailer is due on March 9th (with more details, I’d imagine).


  1. qeloqoo says:

    Fantasy, fantasy, more fantasy. Don’t devs think the whole genre is over-saturated long ago?

    • darkmorgado says:

      Fantasy isn’t a genre. It’s a theme ;)

      • qeloqoo says:

        Whatever, you get my point. Theme, this theme is so overused it becomes nauseating.

        • Zankman says:

          One, it doesn’t dominate at all.

          Second, if it does dominate that means that people want it.

          Third, there are loads of non-fantasy games for you to play.

      • Beefenstein says:

        In fiction fantasy is a genre.

    • Erfeo says:

      Well historical realism limits the kind of mechanics you can have in a game (although I wouldn’t accuse Chivalry of true realism). With a fantasy setting (or sci-fi) you can make sure that the rules of play and the rules of the setting feel like they match.

      If there is such a thing as an over-saturation of fantasy, it would be of the uninspired copying of DnD-like settings. But this seems to be trying for something a bit different, although it’s hard to tell for now.

    • Mrice says:

      Off the top of my head i can name chivalry, M&B and Stronghold as my favourites in their respective genres. Also the upcoming kingdom come: deliverance looks great.

      Cant we just appraise games in and of themselves? Without derailing every discussion by whining about genre trends and drama?

  2. TerminatorJones says:

    Chivalry had the best melee mechanics of any video game I have ever played. It was also one of the most unique first person multiplayer experiences I have ever had. If this game can capture a fraction of Chivalry’s spark, it will be well worth my money.

    • Menthalion says:

      Take a look at Mordhau, a chivalryesque game being made by former competitive chic players that loathed the cheap exploits of mechanics, and have a pretty clear vision how to fix them. Also, semi-historical instead of fantasy.

      • TerminatorJones says:

        That is awesome, thanks for the head’s up. Yeah, the exploits kind of killed Chivalry for me, but it took people quite a while to figure them all out and for them to disperse enough so that lots of people used them instead of one person every once in a while. Before that could happen, Chivalry was nigh-perfect to me.

        • IIIIIIIbarcodeIIIIIII says:

          The six months I spent with chivalry will always be a highlight of my gaming life and something that I will always remember…
          Ahh, the strictly enforced etiquette of dueling on FFA servers. Amateur real time amputation simulation. Blood, so much blood. Battlecrys. Fist-fights. The wacky shit that would happen at 2.30 in the morning when everyone was bored and decided it was time to test the physics engine and make porcupines with shields and javelins.

          Also, Robitussin and swordplay: fantastic. (It was a strange time in my life).

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      As for singleplayer melee mechanics (don’t like MP), Dark Messiah still reigns supreme for me. I’ve gotten to the point where I’d rather do anything than shoot someone. In e.g. Crysis 1 and Deus Ex HR I prefer to throw heavy objects at them, much more fun than using a firearm.

  3. HotSake says:

    Looks like Magestorm is back! I’m just going to throw this out there: does anyone remember the late 90s GameStorm network? It was a subscription service with access to a bunch of really ahead of their time multiplayer titles, including some 40+ player FPSs and one of the first graphical MMOs.