Just Cause 3 Patch Cutting Load Times Ahead Of DLC

Just Cause 3 [official site] will be ready to blast off with a cracking-looking rocketpack in the Sky Fortress DLC on March 8th, Square Enix announced today, though only folks who pay for all the DLC up-front in the Season Pass will get to play then. Folks who’d buy it separately will need to wait until the 15th.

On the bright side, a free update is coming for all and sundry tomorrow, bringing performance improvements, faster load times, and more fine things.

The big features of the update due on Friday are:

  • Reduced initial loading time and in-game loading screens by 20-50%
  • Fixed several memory leaks resulting in crashes
  • Reduced a number of random crashes
  • Improved streaming of game world
  • Some performance optimizations related to hitches and stuttering
  • Implemented DLC system in preparation of the Air, Land and Sea packages

The new ‘Bavarium Wingsuit’ looks absolutely swell, to be clear, with rocket packs and auto-targeting rockets turning Rico into some kind of meaty Iron Man (Chopped Liver Man?). And the wheeled mech coming in the second DLC sounds fun too, from the little we know. But my grumbling about the delay is sparked by: this isn’t to reward people who trust in Square Enix and Avalanche Studios; it’s to punish people who don’t.


  1. hollowroom says:

    Next time this is in a sale, I might buy it.

    How bad is the keyboard mapping this time?

    • deadly.by.design says:

      I’ll likely wait for a sale, too. It’s not because I don’t value the game, but because I know I won’t get around to playing it for a while.

      FWIW, I don’t recall having issues with the kb mapping in JC2. (my main gripe was about limited ammo) What trouble did you run into?

      • hollowroom says:

        There were a few keys that I couldn’t remap if I remember correctly.

        Didn’t stop me enjoying JC2, but it’s an unnecessary hassle.

    • fish99 says:

      I found the keys to be weird, although I didn’t try to remap them.

      I also found inconsistencies with mouse speed. In a vehicle, mouse left/right was OK, but mouse up/down was super slow. In a vehicle turret all mouse input was about 10x slower than it should have been. This wasn’t intended behavior because if you switched to a controller these issues vanished. I also found when a car was on fire, it’d tell you to press a key to escape but it did nothing and you’d die.

      There’s also the terribly low FOV and the car physics are still poor (and they lock skills behind enforced car missions).

      There’s a good (albeit console) game under there trying to get out, but to me it looks like they put minimal effort into the PC version.

      • deadly.by.design says:

        Yeah, the cars were definitely a disappointment. There was never a good reason to use them unless forced to do so.

      • foop says:

        I, too, was disappointed by the car physics and terrible FOV while driving.

        Cars actually worked, more or less, in JC2. It baffles me how they managed to make them so unpleasant to use in 3.

  2. The Sombrero Kid says:

    If this doesn’t make it playable I’m going to be raging. I’ve been waiting months for this game to get even a single patch. Absolutely no remorse whatsoever from avalanche or square enix.

    I’m not exactly Warner’s biggest fan but it’s not really fair that Warner got torn apart for trying to rectify their bad form where square enix just tried to play down a game in worse condition and got rewarded for it.

  3. haldolium says:

    So…. has the FoV been fixed?

    JC3 was sadly the most disappointing game last year (maybe because I don’t expect anything anymore of the entire AAA industry but a few exceptions, which once been JC series) – instead of pure fun destruction a lot of issues and a very grindy gameplay with a lot less fun as in the previous titles and questionable game design choices. I gave up at some point and uninstalled it, probably not reinstalling it given how slowly those irrelevant “patches” drop in…

    • onodera says:

      Try playing it with infinite ammo and a ten-mile-long grapple.

  4. brucethemoose says:

    I enjoyed this game a lot, but I don’t feel compelled to buy this DLC.

    If JC3-MP requires the full DLC package, that’ll be a different story… But until then, Square Enix hasn’t convinced me yet.

  5. Siimon says:

    They add more stuff like rocket-boosted wing-suits with auto-targeting rockets… but why? The game was already ridiculously easy, too easy, easy to the point of being boring. Getting this is like enabling homing bullets in a game where you already gave yourself god mode, infinite ammo and noclip.

    Give me more difficulty, better AI, and remove the stupid spawn-behind-your-back enemies, and I’ll play this again…

  6. Reapy says:

    I kinda like this game as a ‘relax and blow things up for a little bit’ kind of way.

    I have to play with a joystick plugged in though, when I get in the vehicle or want to use the wingsuit to skip around I’m leaning back with the 360 controller so I don’t end up puking all over the place because of the ‘you should be on the couch’ FOV setting they have in there.

    When I have to shoot things I got keyboard and mouse, for the most part, this works.

    I would hope they patch motorcycles. I honestly can’t fathom how this game can have the wingsuit, which is probably the best feeling transportations I’ve used in almost any game, and have the motorcycles, which are the most god-awful disaster of controls I’ve experienced in 30 years of gaming.

    In JC2 I thought cars were undrivable until I plugged a controller in, and didn’t make that error this time around. Really just the motorcycles are the disaster, otherwise this is a pretty good update of jc2.

    It would be neat if they could take some more steps to up the interactivity of the world, I’d love to be able to load up the transport helecoptor or truck with 20 rebels and drop them off in places, things like that.

    Still, fun game for unwinding and gliding around mountains on the wingsuit for 10 +minutes

  7. Ericusson says:

    Anybody with experience of the game could give a hint as to why the Steam score is so bad ?