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How Spelunky Creates Amazing Unexpected Situations

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Spelunky’s entity code

To give you an idea of how Spelunky understands its objects’ properties, Derek Yu and Andy Hull have given RPS access to part of the remake’s source code, something that hasn’t been revealed before. Here are the defining characteristics of Olmec and the shopkeeper.


The ‘tough’ flag denotes that the shopkeeper is impervious to whip attacks. You can also see what governs the fact he has a shotgun and how you can’t pick him up.


em = create_entity_monster(x, y, type, TEX_MONSTERS, ANIMSET_SHOPKEEPER, MONS_SIZE_SMALL, 0.2f, 0.5f, 0.4f, 10, 1, MONS_WEIGHT_MED, 6);
em->canBeStunned = true;
em->tough = true;
em->isHoldable = false;

if (wantedLevel > 0)

em->state = ENT_STATE_PATROL;
em->heldEntity = (EntityItem *)create_entity(x, y, ENT_TYPE_ITEM_SHOTGUN, true);
em->heldEntity->holder = em;
// em->heldEntity->heldOffset = Vector2(0.25f, -0.35f);
em->hasGun = false;
em->state = ENT_STATE_IDLE;
em->hasGun = true;
em->passive = true;
e = (Entity *)em;


You can see the flags that tell the game that you can’t web him, hold him, crush him – the rest of his properties are defined by his true nature as a push-block.


ei = new EntityItem(x, y, 1.0f, 1.0f);
ei->subtype = type;
ei->texture = textureManager->get_texture(TEX_OLMEC);
ei->height = 4.00f;
ei->width = 4.00f;
ei->collisionDown = 4.0f/2.0f;
ei->collisionUp = 3.0f/2.0f;
ei->collisionSide = 3.5f/2.0f;
ei->solid = true;
ei->stunned = true;
ei->canExplode = true;
ei->isHoldable = false;
ei->heavy = 0.0f;
ei->collideWithActive = true;
ei->invincible = true;
ei->canExplode = false;
ei->depth = DEPTH_CLIMBABLE – 0.5f;
ei->crushable = false;
ei->isReflective = true;
ei->state = ENT_STATE_RECOVER;
ei->canBeWebbed = false;
//ei->collideWithFloor = false;
//ei->flying = true;
e = (Entity *)ei;

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