Clickbait! Path Of Exile: Ascendancy Expansion Today

Free-to-play action-RPG Path of Exile [official site] launches its fourth expansion today, full of new and exciting things to click on in new and exciting ways until they explode into showers of new and exciting belts, jewels, swords etc. The Ascendancy expansion brings new areas full of trials and traps, with new boss battles and, as a reward for besting all this, new character subclasses.

The Ascendancy expansion focuses on Emperor Izaro, an undead chap entombed in a labyrinth which he uses to test people. Heroes will need to complete the six Trials of Ascendancy, dodging traps as they go, before they can enter the Lord’s Labyrinth. If they can survive the Labyrinth and Izaro’s attacks (dying will kick you all the way out), they can pick an Ascendancy Class. These offer new skills with different playstyles, as well as cool names like Gladiator, Trickster, Occultist, and Deadeye.

The Labyrinth changes layout once per day, so knowledge gained on one run can be useful on the next, and prizes will go to the solo players who can complete the maze fastest each day.

Developers Grinding Gear Games explain that Path of Exile’s servers will go down at 5pm GMT today to roll out the expansion, then come back up at 8pm. It’s free, of course. They also explain how to pre-download the upload through a Torrent, if you really want to enter the Labyrinth sharpish.

And… I’ll stop summing up information. The the patch notes are over here to explain everything Ascendancy adds, and this trailer peeks at some of it all:

Clickfans might also be interested in Grim Dawn, which finally left Early Access and properly launched last week. Or if it is literally clicking you enjoy, Cookie Clicker’s freshened up too.


  1. Jokerme says:

    I understood that reference! PoE is a click heavy game. It’s funny.

  2. RuySan says:

    I’m still addicted to Grim Dawn. Please give me and my mouse some time out.

    Mouse figuratively speaking, since Grim Dawn plays quite well with a gamepad. I wish every diablo-like had this option.

  3. Freud says:

    It’s not my favorite ARPG. I think the action part of it is too wooden and slow. That said, the developers and their dedication to the game is admirable and I hope they do well.

    • Minsc_N_Boo says:

      Combat can be very slow when you start out, but by end game your character will be a whirlwind of destruction!

      Check out some of the map runs on youtube to see some crazy clear speed.

      • Arkayjiya says:

        I can’t speak for Freud but it’s not the problem for me. I’ve played with high level character after seeing them played and the woodness is still there. It’s the specific way in which they coded the action that result in something deeply unsatisfactory. It’s not a matter of clearing speed, I just can’t get into exactly like I couldn’t get into Titan quest before. Because of something as simple and stupid as “how I feel when I clic”. In D2 you were super slow and weak at the start (especially when leveling solo in 8 player games xD) but it always felt right. It’s hard to define…

  4. Slabs says:

    Ready for some hardcore Perandus action.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Qazinsky says:

    Gladiator gets a “100% of block applied to spells” node! I need to be a gladiator NOW!

  6. OlaSarcasm says:

    I’ve already spent 4 thousand hours in this game. Grim Dawn has been a nice game to fill the time between Talisman and this, build 31 is excellent, but PoE just has more longevity in the gameplay for me.

    • Slabs says:

      Grim Dawn lacks a proper end-game at the moment, save for running the unchanging dungeons in search of better loot. It needs a variation on the PoE maps or Diablo rifting to hold interest.

      • OlaSarcasm says:

        GD might lack an endgame, but so far it’s way more fun to build a character since it’s 100% cut off from an online economy.

  7. HigoChumbo says:

    Despite all the praise I still have never got a proper argument about what exactly makes that game enyoyable… Is it just about autoattacking everything and theorycrafting builds? Is there no interesting inter-class teamwork? (as in healer, tank, etc) Are there no proper tactics other than constant hit and running?

    I really want to like the game, I like the dark tone, the overall design seems interesting and it’s freaking free (so easy to get buddies hooked)… but really, the only thing I get when I ask is an endless tech tree filled with +1%randomstat which somehow people find the apex of game design just because it’s unnecessarily complex and looks cool.

    • Glokta says:

      I had a lot of fun with this game about a year ago. I got into the builds and couldn’t decide which one I wanted and tried three or four before never really settling on one and giving up because it was such a bitch to level up and figure out what paths to take. The idea of jumping back into the game honestly gives me the same feeling I get when I have two weeks of calculus homework to do in one night.