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Total Warhammer's Dwarf Campaign Detailed In Trailer

The latest Total War: Warhammer [official site] campaign video shines a light on the proud, stubborn and vengeful Dwarves. Unlike the previous trailer, which examined how best to set up shop on the battlefield, this one kicks off 29 turns in and explores the minutiae of maintaining a war that’s well underway, not to mention why it’s important to keep the dwarf’s Great Book of Grudges in check.

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As we join the following overview, the dwarfs – guided by The Creative Assembly’s Al Bickham – have secured treaties with a few of their neighbours and have managed to successfully push back and divide their pesky Greenskin rivals. The dwarfs now have carte blanche in their province and thus can enact Commandments to gain bonuses in the surrounding area, much similar to the system featured in previous Total War games, which is demonstrated by Bickham at around the two minute mark here:

The last third of that there video explains what the aforementioned Great Book of Grudges – or Dammaz Kron, as it’s otherwise known – is all about, which sounds pretty neat. It’s specific to the Dwarven Race, you see, making it a first for the Total War series, and is essentially where you record the crimes committed against your tribe during the course of battle. Besides recapturing fallen Dwarf Strongholds, your remit as a dwarf is to settle said grudges so as to maintain public order and improve diplomatic relations. Fail to do so and you’ll face increasingly negative consequences such as decreased confidence in your leadership.

Add that to researching technology, maintaining cities, waging your own wars and being dragged into your alliances’ battles, and it’s little wonder why dwarfs are viewed as proud, stubborn and vengeful. You can help them out if you wish come April 28 when Total War: Warhammer is due for release. It’ll also be at EGX Rezzed earlier in the month, as will RPS.