Disgaea Levels Up With A New Patch

If you’ve played Disgaea [official site], you know how it goes. You can enter the world of any item, fight in the randomly-generated dungeon you will find in it, and if you come out victorious not only you will gain experience points for yourself, but you’ll level up the item as well. Then again, if you’ve purchased Disgaea on PC, maybe you don’t know how it goes. The game’s launch has been plagued by all kinds of technical problems.

Developers NIS have quickly assembled a diligent team of penguins and sent them to explore the inner worlds of their own game code. After clearing thousands of floors, piling up in pointless penguin towers and dealing billions of points in damage to the various monsters and creatures they found in it, the code leveled up! And so, a week after launch, a pretty substantial patch has arrived to a fair share of the problems.

The problems were pretty substantial, from crashes on startup to very low FPS no matter how powerful the hardware, from issues with SSAO and V-sync to lost save files. A large patch last Thursday, followed by a smaller fix on the following day, seems to have cleared the most pressing of those issues, and player reception has confirmed that NIS’ work was largely effective.

If you’re still having problems, the Steam forums offer some possible solutions, ranging from reinstalling OpenAL and VCRedist to updating your Intel drivers on Win7, or opting out of the Steam Beta client, for some reason. See this post from NIS for details and instructions.

If instead you were holding back, waiting for the problems to be cleared, the game seems to be in a much better state now. Not perfect, but playable, for the most part.

All our prayers go to those brave penguins that have put their lives on the line and have fallen for the sake of the players during their glorious mission.


  1. bakaohki says:

    Played the original on ds, then Disgaea 2 on a ps2 emulator (which even worked with my terribly old laptop) but judging from these screenshots and reviews the emulated one might have been a tiny little bit better than the PC port.

    • Baines says:

      The PC version has an optional “smear Vaseline on the screen” blur filter for the sprite graphics, along with some additional optional blur filters, and an optional ugly replacement for the terrain graphics.

      All presumably meant to hide that the graphics are from a 10+ year old console game, as some publishers are deadly afraid that blocky pixels will scare away customers, but at the same time aren’t willing to spend the money or effort (or talent) on creating an actually improved alternative. (Added “talent” there because even when a company is willing to spend the money and effort, it doesn’t mean that they give the task to people capable of producing higher resolution graphics that are equal and/or better than the original.)

      The “improvements” are all optional from what I recall, though.

    • jrodman says:

      Yeah, I went to buy it, then decided to read the forums and such a bit to see how good the port is and.. well, I’m holding off for now.

      • Assirra says:

        Honestly, it really aint as bad as some people imply. You can turn most of the new stuff off. I am currently playing it and it is a ton of fun, it is still the Disagaea you know and love.

        • Cigol says:

          I’ll second that, I must have played this particular version of the game more times than I care to remember, but here we are again on the PC and it’s working just fine now thanks to the patches and my unsubscribing from the steam client beta (which incidentally also fixed my constant launch crashing of XCOM2!!! So I’m chuffed to bits the problems of Disgaea have had a silver lining).

        • jrodman says:

          I’m happy to turn the new stuff off, it was the “Mysterious frame drops that make it hard to control the cursor” type bugs that were making me hold off.

          The patch list up there seems to address the ones I know about. At this point the wait is to see the user feedback that things are fine now, aside from the full screen blur stuff.

    • Nasarius says:

      For me it’s a choice between this or Disgaea 5 on the PS4. Which is significantly more expensive, but seems like it’d be more worthy of my time.

  2. neoncat says:

    Woah! I completely missed that there was a new RPS writer (or at least very frequent contributer) since last week. Hihihihihi! ≡(^ェ^)≡

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Melody is “new”, she’s done features before and used to be pretty regular in the comments.

      Melody, are you the full-time weekend writer now?

      • Melody says:

        Replying to both:
        Hello! And thank you very much.

        As Delrue said, I used to be a regular of the comment section (and briefly, of the forum) until maybe a couple of years ago, when real life took over and swept me away – I did keep reading but not much time for commenting.

        I haven’t done any features before! At least not here, I just started last week. And, I’m not the “full-time” weekend writer, I’m just the weekend writer when they call me. They may call me again for next week or they may never call me back again. I don’t know.

        The ways of the Hivemind are mysterious.

        Either way, thanks again for your welcome, it’s very appreciated.

  3. Be_reasonable says:

    My concerns were never addressed. One thing about those forum threads for support is that there was no way of actually lodging a bug report and getting acknowledgment. I’ve been happily ignored, repeatedly, and nobody will reply to my serious concerns. There needs to be a better way on steam to lodge bugs besides a free-for-all food fight.

    • jrodman says:

      As a potential buyer, do you have the energy to link to your concerns or repaste or summarize?

    • Baines says:

      That’s standard fare for PC games, particularly for console ports.

      I remember that people found the only way to get a response to issues with Koei games was to post on Koei Europe’s Facebook page. (Mind, I recall Koei Europe admitting that even they could barely get Koei Japan to listen to them.)

      Even if a publisher or dev sets up an official bug report threatd, that doesn’t mean that anyone reads it. Sometimes it is obvious that they stop reading it a month or two after release. Other times it looks like they never read it at all after posting and pinning it.

      And right after a title is released, particularly one that has issues, it really is a free-for-all even for community help. A significant vocal contingent will deny that there is anything at all with a game, and that it is your fault if you see any. Everyone else will be fumbling around the in the dark trying to find solutions, and you get plenty of anecdotal evidence for or against anything. And you can’t even dismiss the weirdest solutions, because sometimes those solutions actually work. (Opting out of Steam Beta, for example. Or take the beta of KOF XIII, where a workaround for slowdown due to insanely high CPU usage was to play with the window’s right mouse button context menu active.)

  4. AstroHun says:

    Those aren’t Penguins, they’re Prinnys dood!

  5. artrexdenthur says:


  6. SquidgyB says:

    Was logging in to say just this.

    They’re the souls of criminals who have… aaaaah fuggedaboutit.

    On a more serious note, is there any real reason not to just play this on a PSP emulator, which then allows me to transfer saves between multiple systems (well, android and PC at the very least)?

    Other than piracy of course – though technically I’ve bought the game on PSP and PS2 in the past, so, erm…

    • SquidgyB says:

      This was meant to be in reply to AstroHun. Ho hum.

    • Batos says:

      If you already own or have access to a game, then there are two main reasons why you should get it on a new platform:

      1) You enjoy the features that the new platform adds to the experience. If it’s on a mobile/handheld you get portablity. In this case, Steam has a variety of features, such as streaming with a Steam machine, permanence of cloud saves, sharing with “family”, etc.

      2) The only way we really have to vote with a company is with our money. If we want more ports to the PC, maybe even to the point of simultaneous releases on PC and console, we have to let them know that there’s a market for it. We could clamor on forums saying “wE want ur games on PC!!1”, but at the end of the day, they’ll make the decision on what’s profitable.

      If one or both of these options win you over, get it. If not, don’t. I’m a fan of the Disgaea games, and would love for more to come to the PC, so I made sure to vote with my money when this one came to Steam (and I’ve enjoyed playing it too).