Point ‘N’ Click ‘N’ Scream: NightCry Due This Spring

You can get lost for hours, if you start digging for information and material around NightCry. It’s an horror game developed by Nude Maker, a Japanese all-star team led by Clock Tower creator Kono Hifumi, and it’s now lined up to launch this spring. We’ve not posted about NightCry since its 2015 Kickstarter to fund a PC version of what would have otherwise remained a mobile-only game, so let’s see how it’s looking.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first: NightCry is a 3D point-and-click horror in which, like its spiritual predecessor Clock Tower, you will you run away and hide, rather than fight back at the game’s main enemy, the Scissorwalker. The story takes place on a cruise ship, where people will start turning up inexplicably dead. The game will alternate between quietly tense moments of exploration and frantic escapes from the Scissorwalker, using tools or hiding places as best as you can to save your life.

Here’s a look at a recent alpha build sent to Kickstarter backers, played by ‘GuardianE’:

I’m also fond of the fascinating – and fascinatingly trashy – 12-minute live-action film released last year to introduce the world of NightCry. But my favourite is hands-down the Kickstarter page. I love the concept art for this game, I wish I could download all those images and use them as my desktop background. Unfortunately they’re all low-res versions. Is this a cunning plan to get me to buy the artbook?

NightCry is coming out this spring for Windows via Steam and Playism (DRM-free plus Steam key). It’ll cost $24.99.


  1. Hawkseraph says:

    And the award for the “best” studio name goes to…

    • yhancik says:

      Yes, until I read the Clock Tower mention, I must admit that the studio name + that screenshot made me expect something completely different.

    • Ashabel says:

      You laugh, but Nude Maker are actually a 14-year old studio with some really colorful history. Their work on early Clock Tower games aside, they have developed Steel Batallion – a mecha combat simulator for XBox that shipped with the most preposterously awesome controller ever created.

      A creative soul eventually realized the sheer awesomeness of said controller and built an entire immersion cockpit around it, allowing anyone who wants to have an authentic mecha pilot experience.

      Clock Tower games themselves are interesting, if slightly infuriating creations. I admit my strongest memory of the first game is that the true ending required a walkthrough and a stopwatch to reach. Not following the correct pattern (or following it too slowly) led not to dead ends or game overs, but to the player being permanently derailed into one of the alternate endings.

      • yhancik says:

        I never finished it, but I have very fond memories of playing Clock Tower. It’s an extremely interesting experience. Which makes me curious about this NightCry thing, as goddamn tacky as it looks :p

      • Reejun says:

        Kono’s history is colorful enough to include designing and writing a couple of porn games.

      • Scrape Wander says:

        The Steel Batallion with preposterous controller setups at PAXeast always tempt me. I fully intend to give it a go in April.

        I also hear that they reverse-engineered it somewhat with Kinect, which has always sounded even crazier to me than the actual controller itself.

        • Jekhar says:

          They made a sequel for kinect on xbox 360. You used the pad for movement, aiming and firing and used your hands to pull various virtual levers in your cockpit. It worked quite well, and was one of the better kinect titles, imho. Unfortunately, many levels were heavily on rails and featured gimmicky quick time events. Only a few levels (the one which could also be played as online coop) were true missions, like in the old games. They also dropped the alternate history setting with fictional countrys in favor of ye olde ra ra ‘murica narrative.

  2. Jerykk says:

    This looks kind of terrible. The controls and camera look very unwieldy (no doubt a result of designing the game for mobile devices) and the animations are terrible.

  3. bill says:

    That looks absolutely terrible.
    And not in a “so bad it’s good” way.
    I was going to complain about the ridiculous boobs (which the obviously confused/bored player helpfully keeps pointing out with his mouse) but after watching 5 minutes of that that is frankly the best part.