Have you Played… Clicker Heroes?

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Click. Click. Click.

The name is a misnomer. Clicker Heroes and games like it replicate the click-happy combat of combat, albeit in a world where enemies are static images that appear on screen, your hero is nowhere to be seen at all, and you don’t control movement whatsoever.

Really, these are games about theorycrafting. You level up your hero or heroes, select new items and skills for them, and quickly find that you’ve no reason to click at all as damage happens automatically.

The game is instead about finding the most efficient route from your weak beginning to your unstoppable goal. It’s, in some ways, a game best played by mathematicians and economists – or at least, by people who are willing to look up online calculators to find the best ways through. Clicker Heroes is a casual game for a hardcore audience.


  1. GameCat says:

    Yes, I did and I regret the wasted time I’ve spend playing it. :/

    • dontnormally says:

      I do not wish that RPS not cover these sorts of games at all, but I do wish that they cover them as seldom as possible.

      • Pazguato says:

        Couldn’t agree more. This is the game equivalent to crack, therefore endorse these kind of unhealthy activities should be something to think about it.

  2. plastesin says:

    Of course yes… one of the most played game on Steam. I had reached lvl 500 enemy and was glad that I stopped playing it for unknown reason.

    My advice, stop playing it before you get more addictive of playing the game (and broking your left-click button mouse)

  3. Halk says:

    I know someone who loved collecting achievements and play games in general. Nowadays he only… “plays” those clicker things. That’s all he does and it’s sad.

  4. Shadow says:

    Looks like that godawful clicker thing from one of the seasonal sales, only made standalone.

    It’s amazing how people “play” such blatant rubbish. But then market something well enough and play with human psychology properly, and you can convince people to engage in anything.

  5. Somerled says:

    It was exciting booting up Clicker Heroes after being away for a while and finding it had trudged along without me. Suhweeet! Look at all that cash it made for me. I can buy a whole host of boosts and upgrades and bust through the next 10 levels without so much as a click of my own. After another few reboots, I got the impression that more was being accomplished when I was away than when I was playing.

    After a few more reboots I started to think the game was happier when I wasn’t around. We amicably parted ways. I now click on things in The Witcher 3, and sometimes wonder how Clicker Heroes is doing before reminding myself that we’ve moved on and are better for it.

  6. Freud says:

    I’m very much a hunter and gatherer in my gaming, but this seems a bit too much for me.

  7. Chris D says:

    Yes Graham, yes I have, but I’m out now. I’m starting to put my life back together. I’ve moved on.

    So go on now, go. Walk out the door. Just turn around now, you’re not welcome anymore. I’ve got all my life to live, I’ve got all my love to give.

    I will survive, Graham. I will survive!

  8. emotionengine says:

    No, but I did play Progress Quest – an elegant game for a more civilised age.

    (I actually gave Cookie Clicker a shot when that was a thing, but quickly renounced it as anathema to the reason I want to play games in the first place. Clicker Heroes, arguably being little more than the devil spawn of the latter, is something I have no desire to engage in at all.)

  9. SomeDuder says:

    Im still going on this, but Ive kinda lost my reason to live

  10. Tucker says:

    I play a game just like this at pcpartpicker.com

    +1 for all my clicky capitalists

  11. The Librarian With No Name says:

    What the hell is wrong with you, Smith?

    Yeah, I played it. I played it for most of a very surreal summer while my wife was off on an internship and the Daily Show was streaming every episode they’d ever broadcast back to back. These three factors had me pretty unhinged from anything resembling a human schedule.

    Fry a batch of chicken for dinner. Click heroes. Fall asleep to a high school student imitating Jon Stewart and making mean jokes about Monica Lewinski. Wake up at 1 AM parched from fried chicken. Drink water and click heroes while Lewis Black bellows about something I can’t quite parse. Go back to sleep. Wake up at 5 to go to work. Click heroes. Cold chicken for breakfast. Watch Even Stephens until it’s almost too late for work. Click heroes.

    Finally, I realized I was putting off playing a game I actually wanted to play because one of the timers was only three minutes from hitting zero and letting me click things better, and I quit cold turkey.

    Swear to God, the only thing that saved me was switching to Cookie Clicker. Talk about a game that’s happier when you’re not there.

  12. wraithgr says:

    Not quite the right sort of game for a “have you played…?”, no? I briefly booted up cookie clicker back in the day, after 5 minutes I programmed my nostromo to repeat mouseclicks on one button (figuring that out was more of a game than cookie clicker itself), then left a paperweight on that key. It says something (bad) about a “game” when a paperweight is better at it than you…

    The only winning move is not to play (had to be said)

    • flyswatter says:

      Finding new ways to hack cookie clicker with the developer console is a lot of fun. All the code is in global namespace so just start typing “Game.” and all the methods and variables are exposed ;) I challenge you to find a way to do what you did without using a paperweight. You are correct tho, everyone should stay well away from these clickers.

  13. defunct says:

    I played for a little while, found it really boring, and moved on to Time Clickers, which at least allowed me to move the mouse and AIM! But it was just sucking away my time, and I finally gave it up and uninstalled. It got boring, too.

  14. Danda says:

    I have wasted hundreds of hours “playing” this game and I rue the day that I decided to try it after getting hooked on the Steam Monster Summer Sale clicking game.

    It’s no fun at all. It’s soul-destroying addiction, plain and simple. Never try this game, or any other clicking game (like the far superior Time Clickers) for that matter.

  15. VeNT666 says:

    I find it to be a near perfect and Skinner box simulator.
    Just give me a rat mask and the illusion is complete.