Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Trailer Has Nice Hats

I’ll come clean: I’d forgotten about Rising Storm 2: Vietnam [official site]. The sequel to WW2 FPS Red Orchestra’s Pacific front spin-off was announced by Tripwire Interactive during E3 2015 and, well, I never remember much of E3 week. The data overload flows through me and burns out the paths. Then, months later I’m reminded e.g. oh hey, the Rising Storm gang Antimatter Games are making another realistic-ish FPS, this time jumping to the Vietnam War! Yeah! This renewed awareness comes from a new trailer.

All we’d seen of Rising Storm 2 before (by which I mean all my mixed-up garbagebrain can remember) is jungle warfare, so oh hey, look, city streets too.

Let’s talk about what’s really important here: those soldiers’ helmets. Look at all their different helmets, all the ways they’ve personalised them by drawing or tucking things into the band. Surely those will be cosmetic customisation options? Tripwire have dabbled in cosmetic bits with Killing Floor 2, after all. One might have an ace of spades, a pack of smokes, a matchbook, a gruesome kill tally, a pretty leaf, a paperback novel, a banana to feed a monkey, a Rambo-style headband, a photo of your sweetheart, a Dear John letter… endless fun!

The trailer comes via the folks at cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer, who revealed it during fan club gathering in London over the weekend.

We’ve still no firm word on when Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be released. Its Steam page says a vague “2016”, but I’ve no idea how current that is.


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Oh man! If there is no options to customize your helmets I will be very dissapointed.
    They would also add “realism” *blegh* because American soldiers were mostly draftees, and the 60’s were a time of “peace and love” culture. So the soldiers protested by personalizing their helmets with peace symbols and stuff. I could be wrong on some things but that’s ’bout how it went down.
    Another thing that would make this game great if it would be “Full Metal Jacket” style exploration of the nature of the war. But alas, it’ll probably be another “America shoots filthy commies” game as always.

    • PoulWrist says:

      It’s multiplayer only as far as anyone knows.

    • rebldomakr says:

      I understand this isn’t a American website but the misinformation you have about Vietnam shows how little you’ve actually read about the subject. The first by repeating one of the oldest rumors about Vietnam, that most soldiers were draftees, when in fact 2/3rds of soldiers fighting in Vietnam had volunteered and 70% of casualties were volunteers.
      The personal modification of war equipment is something not new to Vietnam and has been around as long as organized war itself.
      It is also the turning point for Communism in the world. American involvement in Vietnam kept South-East Asia free of Communism which is why places like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia (especially Indonesia, which threw the Soviets out in 1966 directly due to American support of Vietnam) all are doing much better then Vietnam and North Korea.
      If you asked anyone who fought for Vietnam on the Communist side if they feel they had won anything, they will easily admit nothing of any importance was won in Vietnam.

      • Angstsmurf says:

        Yeah, it’s amazing what losing a war against them could do to discourage those communists. It’s a pity you people didn’t lose the Iraq war as well, then you might have kept the Middle East free of islamism.

        • Palindrome says:

          It could be argued that they did. The original war aims certainly haven’t been met.

      • harrumph says:

        As someone who has been to Vietnam and spoken to Vietnamese people, including veterans of the war, I can assure you that you are completely wrong. They won their nation’s unification and independence, and they are intensely proud of it to this day.

        And if you think Thailand is doing much better than Vietnam in any way, you’ve got another thing coming.

        • rebldomakr says:

          Thailand is about four times richer then Vietnam. So yes, they are doing much better.

          Also I’m not sure what you mean by “you people” but if you want to give all the credit to America for ridding a concentration camp built upon a mass grave posing as a sovereign state, then thank you.

          You aren’t arguing with your stoned friends who didn’t happen to get their fill of left wing propaganda today, you are trying to argue with someone who actually reads so try and be humble when you are wrong.

          • Premium User Badge

            phuzz says:

            Thailand might be richer, but that doesn’t make them better off by default.
            They’ve had military coups approximately every decade for the last hundred years which isn’t most people’s idea of a great place to live.

          • Sentient_Fool says:

            And your making a mistake if you attribute the state of affairs in Southeast Asia to be wholly attributed to American intervention. You’re ignoring that Indonesia was already unaligned with either of the Cold war Blocs as a result of the wisdom of Mountbatten not allowing the Dutch to return, contrary to the french Indochina.
            And while Sukarno was initially not communist, his attempts to grab territory and curry favour with the PKI led to purges and Suharto overcoming him.

            A shame Vietnam couldn’t escape its trauma. Which I blame the Cold War for. Southeast Asia is a narrative of nonalignment and nations attempting to wrestle away from either bloc, without the bloodshed and casualties.

          • Sentient_Fool says:

            A concession for you. The only thing I found noteworthy is that you stating nothing of value was won in the 2nd Indochina War. I agree. But the intervention made it worse, and extended the agony of suffering for Vietnamese & Americans alike out of false fear of the Domino theory in . In hindsight immediately dis-proven by frictions among communist states, when Cambodia, China, Laos & Vietnam went to war with each other multiple times until 1989.

          • harrumph says:

            Lord, you must be fun at parties.

            For your information, I didn’t say anything about “you people”; that was another commenter. I’m actually an American myself. Thailand is richer than Vietnam in terms of GDP and average income, yes, but that doesn’t mean the average person’s quality of life is better. Social services in Vietnam are better, and, although it’s a corrupt one-party state, it’s peaceful and relatively free, whereas Thailand is a repressive military dictatorship.

            Also, for all you claim to have read, it’s laughable that you’re talking about the US saving anybody from concentration camps. You know we backed the Khmer Rouge, right? We helped arm and fund the perpetrators of the worst genocide since the Holocaust, solely because they were enemies of the Vietnamese.

      • Poor People says:

        The amount of American exceptionalism and misunderstanding about how this region works from this post is mind boggling.

        I can’t speak for Europe, but the domino effect simply doesn’t work all over a region with a complex sets of governments, ethnic and religious compositions, and history.

        Communism in Singapore and Malaya sputtered out in large part to the earlier Malayan Emergency in the 1950s and 1960s successfully mitigating the reach of communists in both territories. Communist successes since then were met with less success in the following decades, especially when Singapore’s aggressive capitalist model was able to calm discontent while Malaysia’s ethnoreligious divide effectively stigmatized communism.

        Indonesia’s communist purge was fuel largely by a localized coup, not Vietnam, and it was also a bloody, nationalistic purge no less that not only targeted communists, but also those with even a slight communist link and ethnic Chinese people who are assumed to be communists. It’s not to the scale of the Killing Fields in Cambodia, but still substantial with hundreds of thousands killed.

        Thailand, being closer to the Indochinese sphere, is more relevant to your comment, but even then it’s hard to tell when the country’s ties with its royals and the military are stronger than communism, and that Indochinese geopolitics and the Sino-Soviet split mitigates the wide spread of communist ideologies in the region. Just look at the Khmer Rouge and how it’s ironically disposed by the unified Vietnamese’s forces. And all this happened when America was not even militarily involved there anymore.

        • Holderist says:

          I really enjoyed reading this history discussion, thank you.

      • JFS says:

        Who would’ve thought domino theory is still alive and kickin’.

      • Winstons says:

        Wow, your comment is massively misguided. The Vietnam war was an incredibly complex situation with a huge number of competing ideologies of varying degrees. The basic peasant fighter had little interest in Communism, and was more concerned about winning his countries freedom after decades of imperial abuse. The American myth that Communism had to be fought to the death in the jungles of Vietnam coloured the entire strategy of the war and was one of the reasons for the eventual American defeat – the military and politicians failed fundamentally to understand what it was they were fighting.

        I highly recommend you give this excellent book a read, which is a huge eye-opener. “Self-Destruction, the Disintegration and Decay of the United States Army During the Vietnam ” – link to amazon.co.uk

        The poster named ‘harrumph’ summed it up very well also.

      • Burnspeed says:

        HAHAHA! You’re arguing with someone who reads. That’s hilarious, that may make you “informed” in the US, but as you can see from responses most people in the UK read.

        Reminds me of Bill Hicks:

  2. merbert says:

    Looks aaaaaabsolutley sssssshhhhhhit.

    • Palindrome says:

      Its very much in alpha at the moment, some of the animations and most of the sound has been directly recycled from RO2. I would expect that to change.mI’m more worried in how the game play will be affected by the widespread use of assault rifles.

      • demicanadian says:

        It looks like cawodooty shit.

      • WiggumEsquilax says:

        Devs are going for realistic amounts of recoil, so assault rifles won’t be the be all and end all of bullet slinging. Expect semi-automatic fire to a deadly accurate preferred firing mode. Sustained full-auto rifle fire OTOH is going to suffer as pure spray and pray.

        • Palindrome says:

          Considering how good the MKb.42 is in RO2 I would expect the M16s and AK47s in this game to function along those lines. Having the majority of players armed with such weapons would fundamentally alter the game play.

  3. Umberto Bongo says:

    Why is Fortunate Son not playing? I thought that was some sort of legal requirement.

  4. jellydonut says:

    I realize this is alpha footage as the disclaimer says, but the animations look absolutely godawful. The graphics and effects are also not exactly what I expect in 2016 – the napalm effects in particular are distinctly 2008 to my eyes.

  5. Crocobutt says:

    Honestly, after Red Orchestra 2’s merciless leveling systems, I really feel no inclination to play their games anymore.

    • Palindrome says:

      It was largely cosmetic though and some servers disable it entirely.
      The wapon upgrades have the largest effect but they don’t take long to get.
      The battle levels certainty take ages though. I have been playing since release and only got to 79 last night.

      • klops says:

        Yeah. I still think that because of the great grief the leveling system in RO2 caused, Tripwire would have done better if they turned it off. Or changed the xp to get some cosmetic-only crap the forumists are so fond of. “Sniper’s cape!” This could be in RS2, where you could buy an ace of spedes or cute matches for your helmet?

        Actually almost all the “new” stuff could’ve been left out in RO2: leveling (caused weird amount of rage), setting your sights (completely useless), cover system (nice idea, no one practically uses it and often it does not cover you completely), detailed tank interiors (cool, sure, but give nothing in game play and apparently delayed/stopped any new vehicles).

        Good game still and I’m interested in RS2. The most interesting thing in the trailer were the mentioned hats, though.

        • Unruly says:

          I actually liked being able to set my sights in RO2. It was a handy feature, just like it was a handy feature in the tanks of RO1. I’d much rather be able to do that and keep my sights on a target than try to guess how much I need to raise my aim, taking my sights off my target, before firing.

          The issue was that for the most part the distances were so much shorter than they were in RO1. You didn’t have big maps anymore, so the feature was made redundant by the fact that you’re rarely taking shots over 200m.

          I totally agree with you on the leveling and vehicle interiors though. Especially the vehicle interiors. Having only 2 vehicles in the entire game made tank maps basically non-existent. And the smaller map sizes meant combined arms maps would stick one tank in the middle of a city rather than being some combination of terrain.

          Of course, I spent more time in the Darkest Hour RO1 mod than I did in RO1 itself, despite that mod’s rather toxic community and it suffering from “Germans should have all the big cats ALL THE TIME and in HUGE NUMBERS!”. So you’d end up with 10 guys in Shermans going up against 2 King Tigers, 2 Tigers, a Jagdpanther, and 5 Panthers and it was called “a fair fight.” It was still fun to get 4 guys together, put 2 each in a Cromwell, and then just pull drive-by shootings on the big cats or run circles around them as you outpace their turret traverse even though you’ll have a hard time killing them. Sort of like what we all did in World of Tanks, except with less tank-hugs.

          • klops says:

            But… you couldn’t even see to the distances where setting your sights had a n effect. Or could you? Perhaps there is something wrong with my eyes or monitor. Or my playing style (Urraaaa!)? Setting your sights in tanks had effect, that I agree.

          • Unruly says:

            That’s what I meant by “you’re rarely taking shots over 200m.” For one, there were only a handful of maps where that was even possible, but then they had crap draw distances that were masked with “fog” which meant that you could barely see past 250m at best.

            Meanwhile, in RO1, you had maps where you could see for 1000m easily. Having the adjustable sights in that would have been amazing, but they were only on the tanks then. If RO2 could have at least doubled the view distances it had then it would have been much more useful feature than it actually ended up being.

        • Scumbag says:

          I’ve spoken with and seen some comments from people who tried (and in some cases succeeded) to add more tanks to the game and the interiors were somewhat minor when it came to development issues. The armour plate coding is apparently so mindbogglingly complex it puts a lot of people off trying, plus the community seemed to reject tanks early on so Tripwire stopped bothering with them.

          • klops says:

            Yeah, I’ve read about the tank project, but not too closely because it seemed like an eternity project. I thought the interiors were the problem so thanks for the clarification.

            In my mind the community (or me, myself and I) rejected tanks since the maps sucked combined arms wise and the tanks could mainly move on them on pre-planned rails. Every single obstacle was too much for the paper tanks and the original maps didn’t have open spaces. For me the tank(s) became sensible in modded and years-later maps like Bridges of Druzhina where they had room to manouver but also had bottlenecks so the tanks could not roam wherever they wanted.

          • Scumbag says:

            Not going to comment on the tank Mod team; that was one unholy mess in the end. One guy did add a Type 95 Ha-Go to Rising Storm however and it is semi functional. I don’t think it has its armour profiling however so if you used another tank on it things would possibly go all kinds of wrong.
            link to youtube.com
            (Disclaimer: I made that vid)

          • klops says:

            You have charming nicknames!

  6. buzzmong says:

    I wonder if it’ll still be plagued by “can’t prone here”.

    I enjoyed RO2 for what it was, it had some good bits, a lot of average bits, and some bad things (levelling system! ++ technical debt). Pacific Front was actually a really good expansion.

    Hopefully they’ll have improved quite a bit behind the scenes as TWI and Anti-matter seem like a good bunch of chaps.

    • klops says:

      Wasn’t “can’t prone here” _eventually_ fixed? Like two years after the game was launched? I don’t remember it affecting the game the last time I played it, which is around a year ago.

  7. JFS says:

    We’ll let the gooks play the Indians!

  8. Super Rostropovich 64 says:

    Except for the catastrophicly stilted model animations this looks very interesting.

  9. Sentient_Fool says:

    Thank you Poor People. That was essentially the main point I was attempting to communicate, albeit roughly. Please take note of his brilliant comment.

  10. duns4t says:

    Still waiting on a good single player Vietnam FPS… nothing has really scratched the itch that SEAL TEAM left 20 years ago.

  11. CannedLizard says:

    Came to the comment section to see how quickly it exploded into politics. Was not disappointed.

    Enjoyed how quickly “Oh man! If there is no options to customize your helmets I will be very dissapointed” became “We helped arm and fund the perpetrators of the worst genocide since the Holocaust”.

  12. zeep says:

    Hey you know that point you were defending, the other team have capped it. So now suddenly this happens:

    So REAL!!

    • klops says:

      Otherwise a RO2 is a total realism simulation. 10 guys spawing every 20 seconds and running to the front line that has maximum sixty people in a walled aquarium is what the WW2 battles were all about.

  13. Unruly says:

    You know, I wonder if they’re finally going to take a cue from every other game with smoke grenades since 2006 and do a real particle cloud effect for them rather than layered, rotating sprites.