The Division’s DLC Will Be 30-Day XBox Exclusives

Everyone in The Secret RPS Chatroom Of Mystery is currently downloading all 30.5GBs of Tom Clancy’s The Division, which is out now depending on how you bought it. We either like the idea of zoning out to the ringing bells of Ubisoft progress mechanics, or we’re curious to leap into its Dark Zone and befriend and fight other players for valuable materials. If you’re already in and playing however, then you might be disappointed to learn that some of the post-launch DLC we wrote about last week won’t be available on PC till 30 days after it appears on XBone.

The new was announced via the Ubiblog that the first two of three paid expansions, titled ‘Underground’ and ‘Survival’, “will have 30-day exclusivity on Xbox One, starting from the day of their respective launches.” There is no exact release date for those DLC yet, but Underground is due in June and Survival in “Summer.”

You can watch the ‘Year One’ trailer that outlines what free and paid updates are coming throughout 2016 below. I don’t mind Ubisoft talking about post-release content ahead of a game’s release, because no one buys a game like this without hoping it’ll be supported and grow, but it’s a shame they didn’t mention the exclusivity till the game was out and most pre-orders had been fulfilled. Is that sneaky? It seems a bit sneaky.

We’ll have impressions of The Division up soon with a review to follow late this week or early next. We couldn’t – and wouldn’t – review it till it was released and we could see how it fares on public servers, which is why it’ll be later than normal.


  1. ran93r says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this shit any more but fucksake Ubisoft, you don’t do yourself any favours.

    I have played a little this morning as my digital copy unlocked (a day after all the physical copies) and it’s quite polished. I haven’t noticed any major changes from the beta at this point but I only had a spare 20 mins to have a look before lemming my way to work.

    I’m glad I didn’t pick up the season pass having seen this news, I will probably not bother if that’s the game they are playing.

    • SyCo_Venom says:

      That is weird, did u buy it through steam? I got mine through steam and it unlocked same time as the servers went up. Now the servers went down for like 15 mins as expected but other than that pretty fun game.

  2. PoulWrist says:

    I don’t get why there’s a competition between Xbox and PC. I can understand Microsoft wanting to fight Sony and the Playstation 4, but why fight Windows? Especially with such a paltry exclusivity period, it’s just nonsensical.

    • Ericusson says:

      Different departments in the same giant company.
      With mostly autonomous status given to the Xbox division.

      An a lack of management.

    • mattevansc3 says:

      Because you assume PC gamers have the same relationship with Microsoft that Xbox gamers do.

      PC gamers don’t have a direct customer relationship with Microsoft. Yes we pay for the OS but that’s it. Gaming revenue goes through Valve, GoG, EA or Ubisoft. Microsoft isn’t doing this a thank you to people playing on their platform, they are paying for this to get people into the revenue stream.

      You are also assuming that Microsoft set the terms of the deal. This is Ubisoft’s property and publishers pretty much treat DLC exclusivity as it’s own SKU. There’s negotiation over the price but rarely negotiation over the T&Cs. PC exclusivity may never have been on the table to begin with. If it was, the cost of purchasing it for PC, especially when you aren’t selling it, may have been to much.

      Ubisoft sold exclusivity so the question should be why didn’t Ubisoft include it in the T&Cs or given PC gamers the same deal?

  3. Biscuitry says:

    I’ve been hearing good things about The Division, but I’m at the point where it doesn’t matter how good it is. Ubisoft have crossed the line once too often, and I’m not buying anything with their name on it.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Its actually not very good at all. I mean, its good in terms of polish and shine and general quality.

      On the other hand, its a bog standard 3rd person shooter with bullet sponge, Borderlands style enemies. Those armored t-shirts the enemies wear are serious business.

      Not to mention the shoot and loot game play is so at odds with the setting and the seriousness of the tone and atmosphere as to be laughable. Here you are, hardened spec ops types in a crisis situation in NYC, gunning down overly aggressive and well armed (gun control? where?) civilians in the streets. And then…looting said civvies for…better…stuff…than you had access to before?

      Armored t-shirts I guess.

  4. emotionengine says:

    For what it’s worth, the exclusivity itself was first mentioned in the E3 2014 press release (albeit without detailing the length of the exclusivity period), and reiterated in a promotional video shown in February. (Here’s a source: link to

  5. Henke says:

    I love how much mileage Graham is getting out of photoshopping that one Division image. :)

  6. janner1952 says:

    Hi, A bit disappointed that us pc gamers have to wait for the DLC`s. I think Ubi could and should have told us before we bought the game, very sneaky that. Of course they could compensate us for that by giving us the paid DLC`s for free lol…no chance of that happening. But it would be nice, if we got to wait for them instead of it being xbox exclusive till the summer.Seeing that Rise of the The Tomb Raider sold three times more copies on the pc then the xbox in the first few months and The Division will probably do the same, I feel a little hard done by and surprised that Ubi have done this, shame on you Ubi you have let your pc gamers down again.

  7. malkav11 says:

    I doubt I’d buy the DLC anywhere near launch anyway, but Microsoft sure is committed to (screwing) PC gamers!

    • Monty845 says:

      After their recent claims of caring about PC gamers while trying to promote the Windows Store, I was expecting Microsoft to wait at least a couple months before stabbing us in the back again. Guess they no longer have the patience to go for the long con.

  8. Philopoemen says:

    I’ve been playing most of the day (Yay annual leave), and aside from about an hour where the servers went down, it’s actually been quite smooth. Playing solo at least, I haven’t gone near the Dark Zone as yet.

    I’ll wait and see how whether the exclusive stays exclusive

    • geisler says:

      I have been TRYING to play all day. I’ve been able to play a 2 hour stint, after which i kept getting booted from the server. Since then, it’s been off and on, keep getting booted after about 15 minutes of playing. Right now, i’ve been trying to log back in for about 30 minutes, keep getting the message: “your account is temporarily unavailable” (MIKE error code). So yeah, not quite smooth sailing here (am situatied in central EU, other online games are running perfectly).

      • janner1952 says:

        Hi, sorry to hear that mate, I`ve been booted off once and that was when I was coming off anyway lol. Otherwise it`s been very stable just wish it was playable off line as well.

    • janner1952 says:

      Hi, I have as well, but I`m retired so I have plenty of time on my hands. I can`t get past the Hospital mission. Managed to get to level 4 in my stats, but there are so many of `em and I keep getting killed as I get to the final enemies, I am determined to beat it though, just wish it didn`t take so many shots to kill them, it`s a pain.

  9. bit.bat says:

    Do these types of exclusivity deals sway the buying decisions of gamers that significantly? I am honestly asking. There must be some data that shows them that it is worth alienating the PC and PS4 crowd for whatever gains they get through the XBOX but its somehow hard to believe. I mean, its a one month exclusivity deal for DLC…

    • Nauallis says:

      I play on xbox as well as PC – I know many of my xbox live friends refused to buy an xbox one and instead bought a PS4 because of the playstation exclusive content on Destiny.

      While Destiny and The Division do not share much of the same experience in regards to gameplay, the overall experience with friends – shooting and looting in a semi-tactical environment – is very, very similar. The point of both games is that the experience is supposed to be better when you’re playing cooperatively with your friends and in party chat so that more of the game is entertaining than it would otherwise be. Sure, there are plenty of singleplayer holdouts, and while I’m sure that Ubisoft actually did make enough of the game playable in singleplayer, the basic premise of the game is co-op.

      Frankly I’m surprised that any marketing folks think that 30 days will make any difference between platforms – 6 months or a whole year may influence purchasing decisions but one month is essentially meaningless for purchasing decisions, except maybe the one month between Black Friday and Christmas.

    • malkav11 says:

      They do in my case. I’m sure as hell not changing my platform preference based on exclusivity, so it means they forego my money for the duration and quite probably beyond.

    • Viral Frog says:

      Doesn’t bother me at all. So I get the DLC a month late? Big whoop. If it gets to the point of boredom, I have 417 games in my Steam library. I just might be able to keep myself distracted for a month while I wait for the DLC for The Division. :P

  10. ken0y says:

    Small price to pay for being able to play at 1080p.

  11. dysomniak says:

    Right now I’m more worried about the way difficulty scales to team size. As a one person army I can move through the early missions without too much trouble, but add a team and all of a sudden we’re facing down wave after wave of nigh invincible bastards.

  12. Thurgret says:

    The game’s being trashed by Steam reviewers – 49% positive is pretty bad indeed for the Steam review section.

    • fish99 says:

      Presumably that’s mostly due to the connectivity issues.

    • SyCo_Venom says:

      Ya and at 11:59 last night that game was rated over 80% positive. Little kids cant dealt with servers being overloaded for 15mins.

      And before someone says it. It makes no since to buy a shitload of hardware that u wont have any use for to make the servers stable for 15 extra mins. Other than that servers have been pretty solid.

      As well i dont care about the wait there are so many good game coming out and out now im kinda of relieved. And ill mainly just be pvping anyway.

      • wu wei says:

        It makes no since to buy a shitload of hardware that u wont have any use for to make the servers stable for 15 extra mins.

        Or they could do what non-gaming businesses do when they genuinely care about service delivery and use a virtualised computing service.

  13. Derty says:

    Since when did we decide that paying $100 for a PC game was perfectly acceptable? When did season passes jump up an extra $20? I’m out…

  14. janner1952 says:

    Just a note, little kids should not be playing this anyway…it`s an 18 rated adult game….but I suppose they`ll play it anyway !