Keep On Action-Trucking: Space Run Galaxy Announced

Back in 2014, building up a spaceship to run cargo in Space Run [official site] renewed Adam’s interest in tower defense games. Space Run gives players a big space-truck to haul everything from plain old cargo containers to thrill-seeking tourists, and naturally they must build up the truckship with weapons and defenses if they want to complete the delivery in time – and survive. Now developers Passtech Games have announced a sequel, named Space Run Galaxy, which is due to launch later this year.

Space Run Galaxy will add boss battles ranging from pirate ships to spacemonsters, and new types of cargo presenting their own challenges and risks (prototype weapons, for example, might be a bit… volatile). It also boshes in new online bits, letting players create the own contracts to challenge others, and a market to trade goods and supplies. Oh, and Galaxy does away with missions requiring truckers to use certain types of ship. Yep, sure, those sound like fun additions.

Here’s a bit of what Adam had to say about the first Space Run:

“If, like me, you’ve come to think that all tower defence games are alike, Space Run may be the voyage that reinvigorates your interest. It’s a game about narrowly averting catastrophe several times a minute and behind it all is the pleasant satisfaction of building spaceships with blocks. A brilliant piece of design and a polished experience.”

Something clicked in my brain and now all I can think about is a Mad Max-y War Truck mod for American Truck Simulator, bringing Galaxy Run-style customisation for rigs as you haul fuel, weapons, and… agh, get out my head, idea. You’ll only disappoint me. Might give Space Run a go tonight to help flush it out – writing this and reading Adam’s old thoughts has rekindled a little tower defense fire in me too.


  1. sicanshu says:

    Like the doo-dah man. oh-whoa baby back where I belong. Together. More or less in line. Just keep space-trucking ooonnnnnnnnn. (sorry. raised by hippies.)

  2. Captain Narol says:

    Space Run was a cool game, but honestly I would have preferred a tactical turn-based version of it (kinda like the boardgame “Galaxy Trucker” that it took inspiration from) rather than the real-time arcade-like thing it chosed to be…

    • Joshua Northey says:

      I agree completely, Galaxy Trucker is an amazing board game and I would love to see a more complicated and dressed up version of it in PC game format. Space run was a lot of fun, but for consumers like me (which might not be a majority of the customers), I would rather have the combat played out turned based.

      I mean it is a different game then, but the building is what I was more interested in, and I felt particularly with the real-time it got a little “puzzle-ish”. I hate when games are puzzle, I want to be able to have multiple viable solutions.

      • Captain Narol says:

        On Afterthought, I checked and there is a tablet&smartphone digital version of “Galaxy Trucker” already out and apparently critically acclaimed :

        link to

        Seems that a PC version is planned too and in the works, but not out yet !

    • Lord Byte says:

      I also thought it a bit too frantic, and at times, twitch-based. So I used CheatEngine to slow it down a bit (about 50% iirc) and it worked awesomely :)
      It’s still a bit frantic at times but now it’s manageable!

  3. Heliocentric says:

    Glad this got sequel, it had a good core but hadn’t reached what seemed like the natural conclusion of the ideas. Hopefully it’s development will generate some attention from all those who ignored it.

  4. HisDivineOrder says:

    This is a fun game. Glad it’s getting a sequel.