Crytek VR Demo Puts More Dinosaurs In Your Eyes

Time travel is dangerous, we all know – look at what happens to Doctor When’s pals. That’s why the burgeoning time travel industry’s initial lineup of consumer products focuses on transporting only small parts of the body back in time. For £400, you can buy a pair of timegloves to touch 1682. Or for £500 you can transport your eyes in time and space, sending them to other eras and worlds. Crysis devs Crytek have a particular interest in sending eyes to see dinosaurs, and today they’ve released another bit of software letting people who own Rift timegoggles see some hoverdinos.

Crytek have put their Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2 demo up on Steam, free for everyone to download and coo at. Hardware-wise, you’ll need an Oculus Rift DK2 headset, an Xbox controller, and a fairly respectable PC. If you have all those, you can put your eyes in the face of an invisible spaceman (with uninvisible gloves) scaling a cliff face covered in hoverdinos. They don’t seem to keen on this, so do be careful that the lizardbirds don’t peck your eyes clean out the time portal.

But, as far as I know, Crytek still have no plans to bring their VR dinoventure Robinson: The Journey to PC. Just little snips and snaps of dinoterror.

If you don’t have cybergoggles, like most of us, you can have a peek at the demo in YouTube video format:

Can we save a lot of time if I say the current VR wave is so far doing nothing interesting enough for me to spend hundreds of pounds on it, and then you call me a cynic, then I sigh, then you say I’m a dinosaur, then I try to make a joke about dinosaurs or extinct technology or something, and it all goes… not even messy, just sloppy. It’ll make us all look bad.


  1. Greg Wild says:

    I totally agree it’s not worth the financial investment. Halve the price, and give me some kick-ass games that use VR as more than a gimmick, then we’ll talk.

    • MadMinstrel says:

      Hear, hear! Without compelling games the VR sets aren’t even worth a quarter of their asking price.

      • Frank V. says:

        Agree but this is (or shall become) a chicken and the egg problem…

    • spaced says:

      I’d be surprised if movie studios don’t also jump onto this bandwagon by licensing properties like Star Trek and having VR versions of different rooms from the different Enterprises or even an all-out Holodeck game. Imagine being able to tour the Overlook Hotel from the Shining. How’s that for a walking simulator? Have Creative Assembly do that one.

      Seeing people using the Vive controllers makes it easy for me to imagine a Doctor Who game where you can use the sonic screwdriver for various functions, and use the other hand for psychic paper or something. But being able to walk around the TARDIS (various versions as DLC, natch) would be pretty great. If you have a big enough play room, you could even walk in and out of it getting the full “bigger on the inside” effect!

      Now if I can just get them to recreate the set of Three’s Company…

  2. Stevostin says:

    Well if that was a full games it *may* be worth it. Even on youtube I can clearly see that the sense of scale and exploration is likely to be boosted significantly.

    BTW it’s not as expensive as a “Dream Display” either :P

  3. noodlecake says:

    I’d like to get a PC powerful enough to run VR well just so I can build my own virtual environments to explore.

    • noodlecake says:

      And obviously a piece of VR kit to go with it! But alas I am but a poor art student with no career prospects or work experience so it’s going to be a long ways off before I can afford the kit I need to kickstart my career as an artist.

  4. bit.bat says:

    I understand why they have done it but the fact that scaling a cliff face translates to holding onto handles and being pulled up is very deflating in a sad trombone kind of way.

    • kael13 says:

      Yeah, however their actual game, The Climb, will be making use of proper climbing techniques.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    Is your father a thief because he stole the dinosaurs from the past and put them in your eyes

  6. Clavus says:

    Another interesting thing about this demo is that the control scheme seems to be the early version of what Crytek is using in The Climb, which is coming to the Rift at some point.

  7. Kefren says:

    I don’t necessarily want new innovative gameplay experiences like climbing a wall. I just want to experience the feeling of “being in the world” a bit more as I play my favourite games. STALKER, Amnesia, SOMA etc. I can imagine hardly buying any games if I had a headset – just replaying my favourite existing games.

  8. Shazbut says:

    When that immersion breaking blue wash and those interactive hotspots appeared at the end I passed out in a wave of apathy.

    Up until that it looked…ok? But then I’ll never be able to run it so maybe I’m biased

  9. liquidsoap89 says:

    I’ve been using my DK2 a bit more frequently (since I finally managed to get it working again) and every time I use it I feel a rush of excitement and interest in getting the consumer version; then I remember that I’d somehow have to come up with $800 Canadian (unless the Rift gets a Canadian price, which is unlikely) and I’m immediately turned off from the idea.

    Here’s hoping some of the stuff released later will still work on my lowly DK2.

  10. Eleven says:

    Just played it, it’s pretty good for a freebie tech demo. It kind of reminds me of another demo, “Don’t Let Go”, which also tries to set off your flinch reflex to, well, make you let go.

    Even though the headset isn’t enough to convince you that you’re somewhere else, and you know full well the pterosaurs aren’t real, it’s still really difficult not flinch when a sharp beak is approaching at high speed :D

    It has some interesting ‘direction’, as in film direction. I kept finding myself naturally looking where the developer wanted me to, led by movement cues like falling rocks, and some pretty decent positional audio. The tension noticeably builds up as you scale the exposed rockface, each encounter with the dinos escalating and adding to your sense of vulnerability. I’d love to see this kind of thing done in a longer game.

  11. Goal_um says:

    I hope it’s achieved on a P.C.

  12. Jayson82 says:

    This is new tech and I mean VR not the demo sure VR has been in development for decades BUT only now is it viable tech which makes all the difference. It is not an upgrade to something that already exists like a new graphics card or monitor where we can compare the price and see if its worth it or not with VR its either the rift or vive or nothing at all.(I don’t consider any console only VR like Morpheus or google cardboard to be a good replacement due to its limited scope)

    Give it time all new tech started out expensive and without much support or content, all consoles started out much more expensive and with few games, all new pc hardware started out expensive and without much support at first. Your graphics card when it was first released was a lot more expensive than it is now so what the current VR gear needs in computer components will be affordable in time and in time more games and software will be made and the VR gear itself will be reduced in price due to the number of orders making the parts cheaper.

    I predict that in 3 years the current recommended hardware will be affordable and will be the standard spec of most machines, by that time the VR gear will drop in price and enough games and software will be released that it will be something to really consider adding to your machine, in fact a lot of AAA games will take 2-3 years to make and will start appearing around that time, they need say 6 months to a year to get VR standards ready so game developers can start planning how to make there games work with the tech and when that happens they will start making there games and in two to three years release them.

    There is quite a bit of negativity for been at the start of brand new tech, this is like when the first consoles where released or the first pcs or the first soundcards/graphic cards. New tech that was never experienced before by the public outside of r&d places. We ask people now what it was like when the first pcs or consoles where released in decades from now we will be asked what was it like when VR was released….our answer? We bitched about the price.

  13. Avus says:

    wait until it dropped around $300USD, I am willing to buy one just for driving games.

  14. HumpX says:

    sorry Mr. VR but Ima gonna wait about 5 years before I jump on your bandwagon