Have You Played… Samorost?

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Amanita Design are no doubt now far more famous for the gorgeous adventures Botanicula and Machinarium. But it all began with Samorost in 2003, designed to be played in a browser. And they hit it out of the park on their first attempt, a beautiful, oddly touching, experimental adventure game blending organic and technological, photography and hand-drawn design, and just the complete loveliness of an alien world that reacted as you swept the mouse cursor over it.

And you can play it right now, just click here. Straight away, look at that extraordinary image. A floating forest-floor-like planet of wood and moss, and the amazing looping music track. From then on it’s about exploring the screen with the mouse, finding things that offer an interactive hand, and experimenting to see what might do what.

This earliest game certainly shows a naivety that’s missing from their full-length adventures now, and it’s far less well signposted. But the art and sound is so wonderful, the effort so obvious. With Samorost 3 coming at the end of this month, there’s no better time to become familiar with the series, especially since this one’s free.


  1. TWChristine says:

    I played the HECK out of this little game! I was so excited when I realized that Botanicula and Machinarium were by the same people, but for some reason I’ve never been able to really get into those, despite how much I really want to. This game is what made me try Lumino City, and is what I love (from what I’ve seen) about Unravel as well. If you enjoyed Samorost, you might want to give Small Worlds a try as well. It’s not entirely the same, but I love the music and the story behind some of the worlds.

    • bill says:

      Me too. My favorite adventure game, in fact.

      Maybe that’s because I tend to find adventure games frustrating, but this is just lovely. Samorost 2 is also good.

      I was so hyped for Machnarium, which also looked lovely, but it was a little too much “regular adventure game” and not enough samorost, which was disappointing and has so far put me off getting Botanicula.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Heh, I remember this very question was once a running joke on the Adventure Gamers forums. Nothing against Samorost itself (lovely, charming game) but the frequency of new users innocently posting “I discovered this really interesting game you guys might like” Samorost threads was such that it became a tradition of sorts.

  3. njury says:

    Now I have, thanks!

  4. Gandor says:

    Great little game. Now if they would only make Machinarium 2…