Mix’n’Match Multiplayer Modes In Trackmania Turbo

For a game as joyful and creative as Trackmania, the multiplayer modes have always struck me as relatively bland and predictable. Sure, you may not notice it for some time, busy as you may be, giggling yourself silly trying to find the perfect trajectory on vertical walls, upside down, through loops and jumps. But at some point you start noticing that all you can really do are variants on time attack, with basically no interactions with other players.

Trackmania Turbo [official site] wants to fix that and bring more fun (TM) to the multiplayer side of things. The latest trailer showcases 5 different ways to challenge your opponents – and you can mix and match them to create many more.

If you’ve been out of the loop (ha!), Trackmania is a racing series built on impossible speeds and ridiculously over-the-top tracks. There are races where all that matters is perfecting your driving to make it to the finish line a hundredth of a second quicker, and other circuits where simply getting to the end is an achievement in itself.

Devs Nadeo have shown footage for 5 of the multiplayer modes in Trackmania Turbo, as shown in this new trailer. (Spot the typo!)

Double Driver had already been announced: two players will control the same car, which will follow the average of their inputs. So if there’s a pillar in the middle of the track, and you try to dodge left while your partner tries to go right, you’ll crash straight towards it! Sure to test the durability of many long-standing friendships.

Splitscreen is exactly what you’d expect, whereas Monoscreen is a tried and tested mode to harks back the Micro Machines tradition: fall out of the camera’s view and you lose a life. In Stunt mode you gain turbo by performing tricks like a skateboarding game, and in Bonus there will be a handful of unique modifiers to make your car bigger or smaller, shoot your opponents, jump or get some boost and so on.

But that’s not all! The old modes like Hotseat and Time Attack modes are returning, and there are other new modes like Smash, in which you can only accelerate by quickly hitting the button instead of holding it down. And on top of that, you can actually take each of these modes and make additional combinations, like Monoscreen Double Driver, or Smash Stunt, or whatever crazy idea you come up with to make it impossible to have a normal race. And that’s really the whole point.

Trackmania Turbo is coming to Windows on March 24th, via uPlay and Steam (but it’ll still require a uPlay account.) It’ll cost £29.99/$39.99/€39.99


  1. Premium User Badge

    Grizzly says:

    like Smash, in which you can only accelerate by quickly hitting the button instead of holding it down.

    … So, Inducing RSI for goodness?

  2. zxcasdqwecat says:

    Stunt sounds good I guess.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    It tells me it’s a private video and I can’t watch it. Did they pull the trailer or is it UK-only?

    Also – I’m *assuming* it’s still the case that you ‘go inside’ other cars and they haven’t added collisions to the game?

    • zxcasdqwecat says:

      It looks like you can collide with cars in monoscreen but I can’t be 100% sure. Maybe it’s optional? Because no car collision makes for better racing tbh.

      • Baines says:

        “Better” depends on what you want.

        If you just want to race for time, then yes. The lack of collisions means that it is just you against the track. But it also means that you aren’t interacting with your opponents. Everyone is racing solitaire, looking for their personal best time and hoping that it is better than everyone else. In a way, it doesn’t even matter whether the game even shows you your opponents, and your opponents are effectively ghost data anyway.

        • zxcasdqwecat says:

          It’s generally better because it makes racing faster. It’s not racing in solitaire, it’s better driving and tighter design. Car collision on the other is something which makes sense in modes where car collision fits. Not 100+ cars racing for example but probably monoscreen with a low number of players.

        • PseudoKnight says:

          I think I can offer a useful perspective for you, since I used to want collisions in all my racing games before I played TrackMania. The problem is that the main TrackMania mode is fast, tight, and unforgiving. While it’s possible to design tracks and cars for it that would work better for collision (it’d be okay in the stunt levels and possible puzzle levels, for example), as it is the tracks have far too many tight corners for passing. What would end up happening in most collisions is you’d fly off the course or come to a crashing halt, dooming both of you in the race and leaving whoever is in the lead with an insurmountable one. There’s no rubberbanding or items to help you regain some distance. The more you change the game for acceptable collision scenarios, the more it becomes just another racing game. I mean, a Kart mode sounds like a blast in Trackmania, but it’s still absurd that some people refuse to play a game because of the lack of collisions. (not saying you are) Instead, don’t play the game because it’s published by Ubisoft. hah

    • Melody says:

      That’s weird, I can still watch the video, and I’m not in the UK.

      Collisions are definitely there in some modes.

  4. der_Zens0r says:

    Does “but it’ll still require a uPlay account” mean that I have to use the uPlay-client? Because I hate it with passion and don´t wanna have it installed on my pc :(

    • PseudoKnight says:

      Ya, I just refuse to buy any Ubisoft games anymore. Their QA is terrible, they grind out franchises, and of course uPlay. I might make an exception for a game some day, but as much as I love Trackmania, this isn’t that game. I got tired of being burned by them years ago.

  5. Jac says:

    Is there a track editor with this version given it is also coming to consoles? It pretty much underpins the whole game so will be a huge shame if there isn’t.

  6. FreeTom says:

    Oh fuck, I’m going to buy it again, aren’t I? It’s such a good game. Such a good game. I just hope they make sure we get our money’s worth this time around.

  7. racccoon says:

    god I’m bored already, these games are going over boundaries and not really seeing a game at all, set in line with games like Just cause, Saints row, etc etc they all are going way over the top & have reached their own ceilings, where as gta does what it does and it all works fine as it leaves the madcap ideas to the mods.
    Creating games with far too much other crap in place because you think you need too add more crap, just makes the game look as crap as it is, a over development is a very well over done. off topic or maybe on it: donald trump says he’s an intelligent person, amazing amazing honestly its amazing, really amazing, its amazing! those are his intelligence ceilings. lol

    • PseudoKnight says:

      Not sure if you’re serious, but if you are, you should know that the original TrackMania games had many more modes than the modern ones. This is consistent with the franchise.