What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Reader dear, I don’t know what happened last weekend. The WPWAPWTPWPAYWA?W?A?AAA was… difficult, to be polite. But now things are seemingly back to normal. Bags of flesh and blood and bone claiming to be Pip, Adam, and all that are back and speaking to me and John is nowhere to be seen. Whatever happened, it’s definitely over and won’t ever happen again and there shall be no gruesome repercussions to any of it. So great, video games! Tell me, what are you playing this weekend?

Adam: I’ll be on a plane, heading to GDC, ALL WEEKEND. That’s how far away San Francisco is. It’s going to take a full weekend to arrive. I’ll probably play some games on my phone – I’ve just started up a new career on MLB Manager, the handheld version of Out of the Park Baseball. The latest release will be out soon so I should have waited but baseball season is so close that I got excited. I might try to sucker the people around me on the flight into a high-stakes game of Poker when we’ve been in the air for seven or eight hours and the liquor is running out. Pip is sitting next to me so she’ll be my first mark.
Alec: I am currently awaiting delivery of A Certain Piece Of Hardware which may or may not involve sending my brain to another dimension. If the nice courier man does indeed show up today, then I shall be tilting brushes and simulating jobs and whale-gazing, and will know at last if The Future is everything it is cracked up to be. I’m a little excited. No, I’m very excited. Question is: how immoral is it to stick a two-year-old in a VR headset?
Alice: I am flying to San Francisco this weekend, though for me GDC is a holiday. Sort of. I’m not there for RPS, anyway. On the plane, I imagine I’ll spend five minutes dicking about with the games on my back-of-chair screen, then give up because the latency on them is monstrous and the controllers are awful. Having checked over the in-flight entertainment listing, I think I’ll watch Carol, Creed, and Crimson Peak, then spend an awful long time staring out the window at the frozen wastes of Canada, wishing I were down in the deep blue icy pools I see. If you are at GDC, come check out the Mild Rumpus!
Graham: *gasp* *croak* Still… alive… Will play… with… Vive. *clears throat* Sorry, I’m fine. Definitely fine. If I’m not playing with the VR headset, I’ll be putting some time into The Division while trying not to feel guilty that I’m not waiting for Adam to return from GDC.
John: [Who could say? Who would know? Who would believe any of it? More than ever, it is important that you all report sightings of John. We need to keep track of him. Maybe future generations or alien visitors will be able to use your data to reconstruct What Happened To Earth.]
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing “being on a plane”. I will be playing it co-op with Adam which I’m guessing will be a delight for him because I am a plane cry-er. He will look over as I watch something like Frozen and my face will be a waterfall. I’ll probably then get restless and start asking what he’s up to and what he’s reading and how his book is going and what’s happening now and aren’t planes exciting and does he think they will be serving lunch soon and what are we flying over right now and will he be finishing that bread roll and why is he asking to switch seats and is he coming back…

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. ran93r says:

    I was just playing The Division until Ubi took their servers down for a colonic.

    I’m hoping to find time to check in with both Rico and Lara but I will probably end up slumped in a chair listening to podcasts instead.

  2. Agnosticus says:

    Ultimate Chicken Horse between studying sessions. I hope they’ll get the online mode going soon!

  3. lowprices says:

    I heard a rumour that John was at GDC, roaming the halls in a coat made of skin, picking his teeth with his favourite gutting knife and bellowing “I HUNGER” at passers-by.

    For me the weekend will be one of long-overdue chores, Devil Daggers, Heroes of the Storm, and a Cool Ghosts-driven return to Team Fortress 2.

  4. gunny1993 says:

    Playing battle fleet Gothic armarda, making sure those heretic dogs pay for their treachery.

    Also wishing the game haed a keep formation and convoy speed setting

  5. SomeDuder says:

    videogames, is what we are playing

    • Josh W says:

      Weirdly, I haven’t actually played any this weekend, it’s all been boardgames of various kinds. I’ve tried out Fury of Dracula, which feels like a better version of Eldritch Horror (I can imagine you could do the same with cultists very well, especially if you gave them a bit more flexibility in their allies/strategies, to make up for the fact that they aren’t playing as some kind of super vampire). Bit long though, (as with many fantasy flight games) particularly if you’re winning as the investigators. Continued the Vampire theme with a hidden traitor game called V-Wars which was pretty cool, as you could play a secret vampire getting sympathy for your kind by pushing repression over into massacars, which led to some odd conversations round the table, but was very fun. There was lots of randomness to obscure decision making, and a sense that you were playing against the game not just your hidden opponent, but it felt much more possible to shift things in our favour by being clever than something like Homeland, which had a very similar hidden traitor/hidden card assignment setup. Also played some weird dice bomb disposal game a friend owns, though I forget what that’s called.

  6. GameCat says:

    Momodora and Stardew Valley.

  7. Fersken says:

    Though I’m not playing it, a reminder to everyone who owns Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 – Retribution; the Necron Overlord is free for a few days.

  8. seroto9 says:

    If you get chance, could you let us know the length of the power cords that go the base stations? They should have made them battery-powered really.

  9. Gravy100 says:

    I’m still playing Underrail, spent about 60 hours with it so far since Christmas diving back in for big sessions when I can set aside the right amount of time. One of those games that requires at least 2 hours a go to get anything back out of it but I really enjoy exploring the world, seeing how things join up and becoming more and more powerful and killing foes at the Arena. I love the discovery level up system which rewards exploration, not kills, so stealth becomes a really viable route. I’ve heard all the criticisms of this one, stuff like the writing isn’t so hot etc but damn it’s really grabbed me in the same way divinity did. I think it’s because both games have a fun and malleable approach to dissecting the world. I hear the creator is working on more content. I’m excited, I’d love a bit more coverage on RPS on this, something to get a bit of chat going about it. Have a nice weekend everyone!

    • Philopoemen says:

      The Oddities experience system is one of the best innovations in CRPGs I’ve seen in ages (if it was in something else first, apologies). The fact that the creator included a “classic” experience mode was just awesome.

      And personally, I thought it had a better story than the Bethesda Fallout games. Its also one of the first games I’ve played where crafting is a necessity more than a gimmick.

      • Gravy100 says:

        I’m not sure if the oddities system has appeared in anything else but I’ve found it really innovative too – it’s cool that the items you find have little evocative descriptions and feel like discoveries, it’s really cool.

        And yeah I agree with you on the story too, the world is engaging, it’s nice that you’re an anonymous person when you begin, it doesn’t feel like an epic story which so many RPGs seem to want which is refreshing. I’ve decided that my character is a backstabbing despicable liar who is nice to everyones face but robs them blind as soon as they get a chance!

    • csbear says:

      Thanks for reminding me about Underrail. I was really enjoying it, but then just got into other games at the time. I will definitely be getting back to it tonight…

      Styg is a talented developer and I will definitely support his future releases.

    • Unsheep says:

      Its a great game. I’v been playing it since launch as well and I’m still not finished, although I haven’t counted the hours.

      I’m disappointment as well at how little attention it got from the media, its very unique in what it offers. That’s not even mentioning the immense amount of content in the game.

      That’s why I sometimes rage when I see gaming media give so much coverage to games that seem to have been made in just a month or two, with content to match. Seeing games like Underrail, which took many years to make, get side-lined simply because they are not gimmicky enough.

      I mean, you can buy:
      A) a short-lived gimmicky game for $20-30
      B) Underrail for $15 with 60+ hours worth of content

  10. Spacewalk says:

    You’ll get John back piece by piece the size of which will depend on the amount of payments you are willing to make.

  11. Philopoemen says:

    The Division, racking up Phoenix credits by unknown means.

    And promotion exams for work. Whilst on leave. Stupid work.

  12. unitled says:

    I’ve got a few hours spare this weekend, set aside for Hitman: Episode 1. Got my first playthrough of the main mission done, very enjoyable indeed! I turned all the Instinct and Opportunity helpers off, and it takes on an almost adventure game-like feel; you overhear a bit of conversation, then try and figure out how you can use these pieces of information to your advantage.

    Really enjoying it so far, and feels like it’s definitely back to what the series does best!

  13. Kefren says:

    I was playing The Swapper. Always good fun. My favourite bit is when you put your car keys in a bowl.

  14. Talahar says:

    My games this weekend are Far Cry 3 (finally caught the bug), SWTOR (been a subscriber pretty much since launch, the game has a grip on me) and Marvel Heroes (pretty much the same as SWTOR minus the subscription part, MH is F2P) :D

  15. caff says:

    Well I completed “The Town of Light” last weekend which was really rather excellent, so I recommend that to anyone with a bit of patience and some interest in mental illness.

    This weekend I’m not sure what to get into – I’ve got Shardlight on John’s recommendation so probably that plus more Rocket League than is healthy.

  16. Vandelay says:

    The last few weeks have been all about Bloodborne, but will probably be taking a break from it for a bit (mainly due to walking into the Orphan of Kos and just thinking “no.”)

    I will instead be playing game number three in the Uncharted Collection (which I started last night and seems rather good.) PC wise, I did get around to finally giving Hex’s campaign mode a go and, wow, does it seem like they have put a ton of effort into it. For something that is free to play, it is quite something. The core game is still just Magic with digital bits added, but as the official digital versions of Magic are so slimmed down you can’t complain.

    Alternatively, I might see if I can persuade my table top gaming friend into a few games of Netrunner/Doomtown in the real world. Playing those always makes me feel like digital card games could be trying so much harder to create interesting mechanics beyond hitting the your opponent until they fall over.

    • malkav11 says:

      I feel like the changes Hex makes to the Magic formula to take advantage of the digital design space make a huge difference to how the game actually plays and ultimately make it a much more interesting and thrilling experience. There are just so many combos and mechanics that would either be impossible on the tabletop or a huge pain to keep track of. The vennen egg mechanic, the Shin’hare bunny swarm, Inspire, Shift, the Artisanal Cheesesmythe they just previewed in the next set…

      • Vandelay says:

        Oh, I do agree, even having only played it for a small amount of time. Pulling out random cards, shifting abilities, creating additional cards from another card, etc are all great additions and allow it to be different enough to not feel like a complete copy. Wizard of the Coast only have themselves to blame for missing the boat on capitalising on the possibilities of a digital card game.

        The mechanics and minute to minute play are very Magic though. The strategies and thinking might be a little bit expanded by a few added dimensions and combo possibilities, but it is overall still about working out which characters to block or attack with.

        Hex is certainly better than Hearthstone. It is a close call between Infinity Wars and Hex as to my preferred game (IW could benefit from the variety of options Hex seems to have, but it does something more interesting with the basic formula,) but I would still like to see a digital card game that tries to build on other physical card games, such as Netrunner or Doomtown. Working with Magic as a base just seems an easy option.

        • malkav11 says:

          I’ve seen digital TCGs that do some very different things with the space – a particular favorite was Star Chamber, which was a sort of light space 4X with planetary control generating your resources and the ability to build some basic ships at them, plus a political system, but with more advanced ships and an array of special actions represented by cards in your deck that you would have to play and then maneuver. Unfortunately, it was well before mobile or free to play took off and in a time when paying real money for virtual cards was a strange and frightening thing. It did well enough to get several releases and ultimately get bought by Sony Online Entertainment and folded into the stable of TCGs they operated for a while (the designer went on to be a prime mover on the official Everquest TCG), but like most or all of those games it’s now been shut down. I’d definitely like to see that sort of more experimental design re-emerge now that people are more accustomed to the idea and people are maybe looking for something a little more robust than Hearthstone. But given that Magic remains the single biggest TCG in the physical space I can kind of understand why Cryptozoic chose to chase those dollars instead, particularly since Wizards themselves have consistently left that money on the table by doing lackluster direct ports of the tabletop game instead of actually using the digital space to their advantage.

  17. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I will be playing What The Hell Did I Do To My XCom Campaign While A Bit Drunk. It’s always exciting finding out.

  18. dawnmane says:

    The Division, Switchcars.

  19. Herzog says:

    Finishing Never Alone and Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 so that I can finally start my XCOM:EW Classic-Ironman campaign. Maybe I can finish it till the first expansion pack for part 2 comes out.

    Also Spelunky.

  20. Anthile says:

    Shardlight and Moon Hunters. We’ll see how it turns out.

  21. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    Naval Action for past few weeks
    BTW any opinions so far RPS?

  22. Jokerme says:

    Outlast Whistleblower DLC. Finished main game a few days ago and it was pretty good. Aimlessly wondering around takes the game down a little for me, but gameplay-wise it’s top notch and very fun to play.

  23. The Algerian says:

    Hem, Dark Souls, the first one. Finally getting used to the controls and getting the hand of it, after like 2-3 years.

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      Praise the sun! \[T]/

      There’s just nothing like that wonderful moment when Dark Souls starts making sense for you for the first time. Ah, to be able to trigger some kind of selective Alzheimer…

  24. Moog101 says:

    Just discovered the awesomeness of Dark Souls 2. Decided to give it a try after reading about DS3 coming out soon and wanted to see if it was any good. After some initial frustration i’m 40+ hours in and absolutely loving it!! Making slow progress but each step seems like a true, well deserved, achievement.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      It’s great, isn’t it? Having finished it doesn’t stick with me as much as Dark Souls, but minute to minute it’s as good a game. Hope too many people haven’t been put off by the ‘it ain’t as good as Dark Souls’ reactions from fans.

      • Moog101 says:

        I’ve never played any of the Dark Soul series before, so if DS2 is generally considered the weakest of them all, i’m pretty excited to try the others out after finishing up this and DS3.

        • Chaoslord AJ says:

          It’s still a 95% game and must-play of the ARPG genre. It just lacked the logic of the locations connecting together and some plot points. Maybe it’s a little less brutal but I enjoyed it a lot.

          • CurseYouAll says:

            XCOM2, after enduring for a month and finally having the free time for it.

          • CurseYouAll says:

            Gah, that was not intended for here.

            On the topic of DS2 vs DS: the second part has smoother gameplay overall but the original is much better in terms of atmosphere, cohesion and initial wow factor.

        • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

          You’re in for a treat. Be curious to know how Dark Souls feels after DS2. DS2 was very much built in reaction to number 1, in terms of shaking up some of the combat, co-op and pvp mechanics. And just generally playing with player expectations after DS1 (same as DS1 plays with player expectations from decades of ARPGs and other genres). The thing DS2 lacks is a feeling of exploration, that Bloodborne and Dark Souls absolutely nail. DS2 still has ‘oh wow’ moments on entering some areas or finding some hidden locations, but it feels a little too linear, and so a little too hand-holdy, compared to the others.

          • McGuit says:

            Find that I enjoy most things “From Software” pre-paid and chomping at the bit for DS3 now.
            Such a masochist.

          • eclipse mattaru says:

            The linearity of the levels (and their small size, especially in late game) is one of my bigger issues. There’s also the horribly lazy design (it’s largely a succession of small square boxes) and the geographical nonsense (never forget the elevator that takes you *up* to a castle sinking in a lava pool ;_;).

            But it’s not just that. There’s a serious problem with the animations, they just don’t feel right. The feeling of weight is gone, with much of the complexity of the combat. And there are serious issues in moments when you need precision: Parrying in DS2, for instance, is such a random occurrence that I don’t even try to do it anymore.

            Finally, they clearly didn’t get what made the bosses in the original what they are. DS2 resorts way too frequently to environmental hazards and ganking bosses, and that’s just cheap. It’s like they couldn’t get the challenge factor right and so they threw in all manners of artificial difficulty.

            I still like the game, mind, but when you play it side by side with the first one, the differences are painful and the second one feels way, way inferior in almost every aspect I can care about. Which is too bad, because things like dual wielding and the progressive hollowing are great ideas that spice up the gameplay nicely, and I miss them when I go back to the first one.

  25. Lintire says:

    1 billion hours of Dungeon Fighter Online

    Suplexing 1 billion demons so hard they explode and explode everything else also. It’s all I’ve ever wanted in life.

    A beat em up MMO. Realtime. Perfect. Sometimes, we can have nice things.

  26. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Apologies to PC gaming kind but I’m back into Bloodborne hard, so it’ll be that any moment I get. It’s so bloody good, even if the coop is a bit lacking compared to DS. Hopefully can finish in time for Dark Souls 3, back on the PC.

    • Vandelay says:

      Is it just that not many people are playing now or is it really hard to get a co-op partner? Quite a few times I have rung the bell, waited a few minutes and then given up. I’ve also never been invaded.

      Although, I was ultimately glad I couldn’t find anyone for the Sister Maria fight. So glad I eventually did that solo, as it is a great fight.

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        To be fair I’ve not tried to co-op very much, but there in lies the issue. In Bloodborne you have to spend Insight, the games most precious resource, to even search for a coop partner and there’s no indication if anyone is looking to join a party. And I’ve not been invaded once, 50 hours in and approaching the end (I think).

        I much preferred the Dark Souls approach of seeing notes on the ground if someone was looking to partner up. Bloodborne, post-dlc, has this but only for NPC partners. There may be a thriving co-op and PvP population but it never spills over into your game unless you spend resource to look for it. Makes it feel a bit lonelier. That said, this is probably my only gripe about BB. It is phenomenal.

    • klo3 says:

      Apologies accepted. Personally playing the second DLC part of DkSII:SotFS after finishing the main game but BB:TOH is what I’d prefer to be playing (I have as a rule to only play one for me new game at a time).

      BB is what I bought the PS4 for. An investment well worth it :)

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Haha, same. I pretended I was curious to try these Destinys and Uncharteds console folk spoke of, but the only real reason is to get Bloodborne in my life. That and Rocket League just feels right played on a sofa.

        What is Scholars of the First Sin like, worth a purchase? I played and finished DS2 without DLC, but I’m loathed to buy the season pass and play the DLC on NG+ knowing SotFS is a ‘better’ version of the whole game. Yet I’m equally loathed to buy SotFS and start an entire character from scratch just to play the DLC. Not sure there’s enough spare hours in a lifetime to play From Software’s output!

        • klo3 says:

          I never played the original DsKII but from the videos I watched discussing the enemy placement vs. the original one conclusion seems to be that some areas now are too crowded with enemies. This does not necessarily contribute to that somewhat desolate feel Souls games in general have. I also feel like it’s a somewhat artificial way of increasing difficulty.

          What I dislike the most with what I believe is a change in SotFS is the constant NPC invasions – there are some enemies that invade you throughout the game at the most inconvenient moments. Yes I understand that they want to introduce you to PvP but seriously, _do not care_!

          The map design of the DLC areas are interesting, there are some really nice vistas and they are a serious, although ultimately manageable challenge. Game design is definitely better than most part of the main game but I don’t thing they contribute to the overall story in _nearly_ the same way as AotA does to DkS.

          To conclude, the DLC parts are probably worth exploring but now with DkSIII around the corner, if you’re in any risk for souls fatigue I would recommend doing so at a time when you _really_ need some more Souls in your life. :)

          • klo3 says:

            Oh, and AFAIK the DLC is, sans the visual updgrade, exactly the same in SotFS as it is bought separately…

  27. welverin says:

    After weeks of not being able to get into anything I started Assassin’s Creed 4 and actually stuck with it, so likely that.

    Of course I have one of my D&D games tonight, so definitely that.

  28. kelmorg says:

    Stardew Valley and The Division on the PS4.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Stardew Valley is the way to go. Just made it through my first winter, and spring is such a pick-me-up up. It’s actually making me happy that real spring is just round the corner, which is a first. Lovely game, makes world seem brighter, devours spare time so that world-brightness becomes moot. Fantastic.

  29. Jediben says:

    Man that Hits. Picking a new puppy.

  30. fish99 says:

    The plan is to start up a second stealthy playthrough of Dishonored this weekend, having finished Wind Waker HD, which was awesome but… needed more story in the second half.

    Also gonna play some more Devil Daggers (best: 156s). Such a well designed little game about shooting, leading, prioritizing, multi-tasking, patterns, movement, but I mainly play it for the story :p

    Still making progress with Ocarina of Time (3DS) too.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Devil Daggers keeps being unspeakably amazing. Sometime last week, my time was in the 70s of seconds, and my only friend who plays it was at about 91 seconds. After a couple rounds below my record, I managed to survive a bit longer, and then the sound started intensifying (I don’t know how else to describe it) without any coincident visual crescendo, and then, suddenly, the sound was back to normal. I blundered my way up to the first snake thing and got to 147s before being swarmed. Best I can tell, the sound was me passing my friend.

      I was shaking for a good 10-15 minutes after that, and even after calming down with some Hexcells, my memory and stupid smile were keeping me awake in bed an hour or so later.

      So I suppose I’ll have more of that this weekend.

      • fish99 says:

        Well, it does play a sound and puts a message on screen when you pass your previous best time, which makes you immediately panic and die :)

        Are you sure it wasn’t getting a weapon upgrade though? That slows time and makes everything more colourful for a few seconds.

        • fish99 says:

          New PB: 203 :) Still didn’t kill the wormy thing.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          Nope, definitely not the upgrade thing, as there was no visual component to it. I watched someone’s stream on youtube for a bit, and they passed themselves a few times, and yep: that’s it! I definitely started panicking with that sound, but I somehow managed to not get distracted by the “new high score” text that pops up in the corner of the screen. I don’t know how I managed to do that.

          Congrats on the new PB! I haven’t made it back up to mine since I set it. Even more, I can’t imagine going on for 10 minutes like the chart toppers… Does the heart just shrug/become immune to the adrenaline after a while? @_@

  31. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Stardew Valley! My apple and pomegranate tree should start bearing fruit any day now and then I’ll be rolling in that artisinal money.

    Might give Black Desert Online a try, but I’m going to watch some videos first before I decide to take the plunge.

    I started reading Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. I am only 3 issues in and it’s already one of the best comics I have ever read. This Alan Moore fellow seems to know what he’s doing.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Oh boy, Swamp Thing is great, isn’t it? I love Alan Moore in spite of some of his more unsavoury tendencies as a writer. If you haven’t already you should try Promethia. It’s Phenomenal(ly insane).

  32. Sandepande says:

    The Division. So pretty! Also fun, though hoodlums take many hits.

  33. rahji says:

    Saints Row 4
    A fun game, but I think it is just more of the third part.

    Demon’s Souls NG+
    I thought i know the game by now but I keep dying to really stupid things!

    • klo3 says:

      Ah, 4-2 really is a pain in NG+…

      • rahji says:

        I just beated flamelurker on first try, but yeah 4-2 won’t be easy.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      IMHO SR3 > SR4 as it was the better GTA-like and the colors don’t hurt the eyes. Still nice setting and great goofy story there. :)

  34. Vurogj says:

    Continuing putting off playing XCom2 by diving into Oxenfree, which is 25% off at Steam this weekend and my friends keep telling me I’ll enjoy. Also finishing up another Empire TV Tycoon playthrough as I achievement hunt.

  35. Freud says:

    Almost done with my first playthrough of Grim Dawn. It’s a great game and it’s so content rich it blows my mind a small team created it.

    The combat feels right and the world design is fantastic. It’s full of these secret rooms behind destructible walls and secret areas on the maps that are quite hard to find. Knowing the game is full of secrets makes it much more rewarding to explore.

    • Sirnizz says:

      I finished the game yesterday after 40h or so really loved it, made a shaman 2 hander build. Now I’am farming to get some scraps and maybe get a bit of gear but the game is lacking some “end game” content like map/rift ala D3/PoE.

      Still very very cool game. It satisfied my hacky slashy needs for a week.

  36. Captain Narol says:

    Mordheim, Black Desert Online (downloading…), Port Royale 2 and a little of Sokobond…

  37. Zenicetus says:

    I’m taking a stab at Far Cry Primal (har de har), murdering animals and getting killed by tackling things I’m not ready for. Slowly turning off HUD elements as I learn the game. I’m a little disappointed at the graphics. They’re okay, but I miss the way Witcher 3 did outdoor environments like this.

    When I get tired of clubbing, stabbing, and missing shots with my bow, I’ll dive back into XCOM2 now that the patch is out.

  38. amateurviking says:

    I am playing the first AssCreed. It’s OK!

  39. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Been returning to Skyrim to tweak it for cold survival and found “The Forgotten City”. It’s a beautifully crafted story-telling quest mod which got me hooked for hours.
    Now I’ll resume farming corn in Stardew Valley.

  40. Quagkapi says:

    I enjoyed last year’s RPS GDC YouTubes, are you going to make some more of those?

    Oxenfree has just gone on sale on Steam, so I will probably be playing that!

  41. Darth Gangrel says:

    After going all-in with Deus Ex HR Director’s Cut (70 hours past two weeks Steam tells me), I’ve now finished it after 74 hours ghosting around and am pondering what to do next. Probably do another playthrough with a lot more gun using and rude remarks.

    I was delighted that there were so many heavy things you could move around, mostly fridges, but also dumpsters and copiers. Killing with heavy objects is so much more fun than shooting people in the face. Choosing the not-so-nice dialogue choices is also fun, something I skipped during my first playthrough. I generally play it very straight the first time and go wild the second time, because then I’ve learned all about the game and can plan ahead.

    • Josh W says:

      If you haven’t already played it I recommend dishonoured, wasn’t quite the same, but filled a very similar spot for our play style (I say “our” because I played both “cooperatively” over someone’s shoulder, chatting about tactics and story and stuff).

      Stealthy non-lethality is a satisfying strategy, particularly if you change your mouse controls so that block/grab is set to the button that normally holds attack.

      And breaking your fall by possessing nearby fish is among the many strange and satisfying tactics you can apply.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        I’ve got Dishonored GotY, it’s high on my to-play-list, but first I’m gonna a bit wild in my second playthrough of Deus Ex. My first ghosting playthrough didn’t allow nearly as much fridge/dumpster tossing at enemies as the game allows you to. Time for some heavy metal mercilessness.

  42. Unsheep says:

    Saturday: Grid AutoSport, Darwinia, Avernum, Cosmonautica.
    Sunday: Forza 4, Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion.

    Had a moment of realization with AutoSport recently: playing the game on higher sim settings and aiming for technical mastery of the car and track, does not pay off when the AI are overly aggressive and downright dumb. Instead the most fun way to play this game is to do it the old arcade way.

    Darwinia is unique in so many ways, its a fun and cool game. One of those old gems I would definitely have liked to see some sequels of. It did crash a fair bit on Windows 7 though, initially, turning the music off seems to have helped.

    Avernum Escape for the Pits is a remake of the first game released in 2000. A fantastic game if you like isometric combat and Ultima inspired game design. Its very easy to get into as well.

    Cosmonautica, I actually rage quit the last time I played it, it can be very frustrating earning enough money in this game. I’m convinced being a mercenary is the easiest way to make progress.

    Forza 4, I’m still not finished with this game and that’s despite not having bought any DLCs. I’ve played Forza 5 and 6 as well, but in many ways I still prefer #4. Although Forza 3 is still my all-time favourite in the series.

    Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion, played the original a long time ago but not Rebellion. Its hard getting into this game again, I’ve casually been playing some of the medium maps, learning what’s useful or nor for my style of gaming. Really enjoying it even though I’m failing terribly at the moment.

  43. McGuit says:

    oh and some Stardew Valley.
    Great weekend inc.

  44. Morte66 says:

    I’ve been playing “my SSD is too full so lets give all those3 games I haven’t touched in ages one hour to justify their existence or be deleted”.

    So far I’ve deleted The Witcher 2, Fallout New Vegas, Red Faction Guerilla, Alpha Protocol, and Alan Wake. Fortunately, I got all of those for less than a fiver in sales.

    Stalker Clear Sky survived and came out swinging. I’m enjoying it more than I expected.

    Microsoft Flight Sim X remains in the balance.

  45. Morcane says:

    I’ve been obsessed with Faeria. Hearthstone meets Catan is a simple description.

  46. eclipse mattaru says:

    Finished the Crown of the Sunken King DLC for Dark Souls II. I still have the Ivory King left, but so far this has been the first and probably only time in the game where the level design felt somewhat reminiscent of Dark Souls 1. Nice boss fight, too (though it’s pretty much a Kalameet ripoff, really).

    The optional boss trio is one of the worse dick moves ever, though.