Shadowhand Shows Its Cards With First Trailer

Regency Solitaire took Castle Shotgun by surprise, and transformed it into a Victorian mansion for a while, all gossip and idle chat and falling in love with the cold and distant guy who secretly has deep passions but cannot show them because it’s not cool.

A few months ago, devs Grey Alien Games announced they were going to spice things up a bit and throw some action into the mix. Shadowhand [official site] reiterates on their card-game-plus-visual-novel formula, but pairs it with a darker setting of villains and outlaws, “mysterious woods and gloomy manors.” And now there’s a short trailer to show you how it’s shaping up.

Considering it’s a card game, that trailer is surprisingly fast-paced. No words, all actions. A much needed respite from all that Jane Austen nonsense.

Unfortunately, it hints at a lot of things without necessarily showing any of them in depth. Clearly there are some RPG elements thrown into the turn-based card battles, like choosing your gear and special abilities. And while the animations reveal a very low budget, I’m actually quite fond of the art in the background, and delighted by the fact that the appearance of the protagonist will change depending on her equipment. It may be a minor thing, but one I always enjoy seeing – at least until fashion sense and gameplay needs come into conflict.

Shadowhand promises 180 levels of “elegant and intense card action” set in the dark interesting side of 18th century England. And if you’re worried about the CCG elements turning sour, do not be: like its predecessor, it will be a fully self-contained single-player game, so no unlocking cards with real money.

There is no release date for it quite yet, but Shadowhand will be coming to Windows and Mac via Steam.


  1. Kefren says:

    Regency Solitaire was lovely. I bought it for my mum but ended up playing it myself too. Good value for money (I think my mum had played it through about 20 times) and DRM-free, so I’m sure I’ll be buying this!

  2. drewski says:

    Is there any reason Regency Solitaire wouldn’t work as an app? It seems like the solitaire-plus formula would work pretty well on phones and I’ve exhausted the gameplay value in Fairway Solitaire.

    • Jake Birkett says:

      @drewski Regency would work great on iPad but at present we don’t plan to do that as the business case for us isn’t great. It’s too hard to stand out with an indie game amongst all the big budget F2P games. I’ve tried mobile ports of 3 of my other games and it’s just not worth it imho.

  3. futurememory says:

    I’d highly recommend their Grey Alien’s first foray into this type of formula of solitaire game, Fairway Solitaire. It doesn’t have any of the Regency Solitaire visual novel elements, but it’s got completely addictive cardplay built using mechanics of golf (and I don’t care a lick about golf).

  4. Premium User Badge

    frumious says:

    Ah, Fairway Solitaire, fond memories of many hours spent flicking cards away with a satisfying “thwack!” while I was meant to be working (they really shouldn’t have given me a computer in the corner where no-one could see the screen…).

    Is there any way of obtaining that original first game (as opposed to the sequel, “Fairway”, which seems to have supplanted it utterly)? Should I care? Perhaps the sequel is somehow a superset of the original, but it’s the original I have the nostalgia for. And is the most recent, F2P game, “Fairway Fever”, any good?

    • Premium User Badge

      frumious says:

      I just played a superficially similar but quite low rent browser-based thing called “Fairway Solitaire”, not the same thing at all!

    • Jake Birkett says:

      The 2007 PC/Mac version was a port of an earlier online browser-based version. I was a contractor for Big Fish Games on the project, and we added in loads of new stuff to the download version. Years later they brought out a new version with the same name (I was not involved) and have successfully erased the old one from history, though it might be available somewhere on some alternative casual portals. Worth a look.