Devil Daggers’ New World Record Is Out of This World

If the rest of us keep struggling to surpass the 90 seconds mark, it’s because Devil Daggers [official site] wasn’t made for me, or for you. It was made for them. Governmental agencies the world over are keeping track of the leaderboards, to identify the first humans to develop super-human abilities and try to contain them before they become self-conscious. Before it’s too late.

And now DraQu is once again at the top of that list of names, and he’s being kept under strict surveillance by all the competent authorities. He had already claimed the world record before, but after being surpassed by “weaksauce13” he felt the need to reclaim the spot. Let’s watch his 612 seconds run.

I love how he makes the first section of the game look positively easy. He’s always in control, like at 2:00 when he positions perfectly under the dragon, and he knows exactly for how long he needs to shoot at each enemy. And then that pause. Those 5 sweet seconds of peace and mercy before it starts again.

Action doesn’t become frantic until around the 7:00 mark, and only by 9:30 does he start losing it and scrambling to survive for just another instant. There is just too much stuff to keep track of. I do wonder, though, how many other enemies and structures are in the game, perhaps coded to spawn after 15 minutes, and if people will even ever get to see them. For the rest of us, Matt Lees’ video is a more relatable experience.

You can read Adam’s take on the game or get lost in the limbo of Devil Daggers for £3.99/$4.99/€4.99 on Steam.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    I got 86 seconds once and I have no idea how I did it. I struggle to break a minute since then.

    • kwyjibo says:

      You need to collect the gems. They will attract towards you when you don’t fire. After the first 4 spawners, you need to kill the spider because it eats gems. At 10 gems, you get an upgrade, which you need to push on towards 3 minutes.

      • Premium User Badge

        Oakreef says:

        I know all of this information already I just suck

        • HotSoapyBeard says:

          I didn’t know any of this, time to beat 90 secs maybe!

      • Caiman says:

        I always stop at “you need to kill the spider”. I just can’t do it, after about 90 minutes of trying and god knows how many attempts. Consequently I can’t break the 60 second barrier. I always get hit from behind by something, even though I try my best to keep the numbers down while I’m killing the spawners. Maybe, as they say in American buddy cop movies, I’m getting too old for this shit. ;)

        • HotSoapyBeard says:

          I just got 132 seconds!!! I’m having severe heart palpitations and my hands are shaking.

    • mnemos says:

      I don’t think anyone really understands how they survived their best run at first. After a few hours of play I managed to get to 140 seconds, which was well over my previous record, through some combination of luck and the most frantic clicking of my life. I never thought I’d be able to beat it, but slowly I got more comfortable with the controls and learned what I needed to do to last longer. Then I made it to 180 seconds, and started the whole process over again. I want to see if I can make it to 200, then I might walk away. I feel like that’s a pretty respectable time, and I’m afraid of the amount of time and stress required for anything higher than that. I already have a hard time playing it in anything other than two hour bursts, and almost always walk away angry. Which is a weird thing to say about a game, but I really do think it’s brilliant.

  2. FreeTom says:

    Wow. Imagine being able to think that fast. He must be able to plan his whole day mid-sneeze.

  3. Cimeries says:

    I’ve been working from home a bit recently and find that when I need a break (and an adrenaline rush to wake me up) setting a timer for 10 minutes and playing some Devil Daggers is a great refresher – especially as 10 minutes of this feels like about 40 minutes of any other game. The alarm is totally necessary because my natural play time of this is 1 hour and holy crap do I get twitchy after that long.

    My best run is around 190 second, but I’ve only gotten over 160 seconds twice. It’s one of my sloppiest runs for the first minute or so, but somehow I pull it off in a bunny-hoping panic.

    Devil Daggers is a game where you slowly expand your comfort zone, getting better and better at knowing what’s coming next and the correct response. I have what my friend called “internal logic” up to when the second caterpillar monster spawns with the three spiders, but then it all goes totally to shit. That doesn’t mean I can regularly reach that point though.

    I think a big part of what makes it so compulsive is that almost every death feels stupid and avoidable and you just know you can do better if you just pay more attention this time.

    • mnemos says:

      I agree with all of this, especially your last point. Almost every time I die, I’ll say to myself, “Okay, last run,” and then when I inevitably die 30 seconds later I think, “well that one didn’t count, I didn’t even make it to spider!”

    • Premium User Badge

      DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Probably don’t want to start a post with “I’ve been working from home…” around here. I almost blocked you just out of habit.

  4. GallonOfAlan says:

    So is this sort of 3D Robotron then?

  5. zxcasdqwecat says:

    DraQu’s a good Reflex player too.

  6. caff says:

    I like dying and just watching the game over screen. It’s quite soothing just sitting back and listening to the gently bubbling sounds of Hades revolving round my head.

  7. PseudoKnight says:

    It’s amazing to me that the top 3 times are that far apart.

    • KDR_11k says:

      Second place is only a few seconds less than this, the ranking with the 400-something at number two is his friend list.

      • PseudoKnight says:

        I wasn’t looking at the friends list. At the time that video was recorded, it appears it was 1) 612, 2) 604, 3) 560. That’s not an insignificant amount of time. It’ll probably get closer together when more people end up playing it.

  8. fish99 says:

    Devil Daggers is bloody brilliant, and deserves more than 35K sales. It’s £4 and I’ve already got 13 hrs of fun out of it.

    My goal is to get into the top 1,000 players, and I’m currently about 1,540 or something with a time of 203. Also you do not need to be anywhere near as good as DraQu to enjoy it.

  9. lupinewolf says:

    It begs for a new 666 record now, though

    • BenMS says:

      No one’s ever even seen 666 seconds, I can only imagine the utterly mental display that would happen when you get there. They must have put something cool in there for getting to the magic number.

      I’m sitting here having cracked 100 seconds once, with only three runs over 90. I’ve never played longer than about 15 minutes at a time though, it’s not really a session game for me!

  10. KDR_11k says:

    “I do wonder, though, how many other enemies and structures are in the game, perhaps coded to spawn after 15 minutes, and if people will even ever get to see them.”

    The store page says 13 enemy types. And supposedly there’s an ending to the game.

  11. Chillicothe says:

    The sound design for this game is exquisite.

  12. Psychomorph says:

    Doomish Hexen Arena Quake.

  13. dorobo says:

    I get called devil’s worshiper for playing this

  14. manny says:

    I love how the least scary things in the game are the flying skulls and skeleton ram heads.

  15. Josh W says:

    From 9:45 on in this video is the kind of thing you want to send back into the past to people playing doom. I don’t think they would be surprised by that future at all.

    Also shows what a great example this game is of orthogonal enemy design.