GDC 2016 Has Started, With A Focus On Virtual Reality

The Game Developers Conference 2016 [official site] has started. It’s the 30th year of the event, at which game developers gather to discuss how they made the protagonist’s hair waft around in their last game and how they’re going to make it waft around even better in their next game. It’s a cool show, there will probably be a bunch of announcements this week, and we’ll also learn a lot more about the launch line-up for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

If you already sensed that something was happening, it might be because you noticed all the empty chairs today. Alice, Adam and Pip have all left RPS Towers to travel to San Francisco and attend the show. That means that while they’re interviewing developers, unearthing scoops, exploring new virtual worlds, and eating really large omelettes, the rest of us are here scurrying around and trying to work out how to write news. Where did Alice leave the old box full of headlines? The stationery cupboard is out of ‘Read More’ links.

Oh wait, I found one.

Luckily we have Joe and Melody here to help.

This year’s focus on virtual reality is official, with the inauguration of “VRDC”, which begins today and runs through till the end of Tuesday. There’ll be a lot of new announcements in this period, I’m sure, but GDC is fundamentally an opportunity for developers to share what knowledge they’ve learned over the past year with the rest of the industry.

If you want to read all our GDC 2016 news, you can do so by clicking that link to visit the tag page. Adam and Pip should also have features for us throughout the week, which will also be viewable through that tag.


  1. Josh W says:

    Excellent, although mostly I’m happy for more GDC talk videos, it’s not like I’m running out of them, but 50% of the time someone’s talking about something interesting in games, someone can link a brilliant GDC talk about it. And then you can spend the rest of the day pondering AI companion design, or design for multiplayer balance or something.

  2. DoomBroom says:

    I want to see Alice try the HTC Vive!

    Also I want some reporting on that Valve Portal VR thing “The Lab”

  3. racccoon says:

    A repeat reaction:
    What does it mean to be the first at something or maybe i might stand corrected its happened before! but this has happened in a birth! Now you..with vR aR or what’R will come with you, as you become like them. Remember that cute lion clarence a boss eyed lion, yes! this could be you, and the person who had sight and now is seeing things with illusions and blurring his way through life, this is it! this is what you’ve always change your way of change your will set inside your mind! your life is this! it is now! go ahead! go buy a system and good fortune will come to you & with luck too! your promise of a new way of life awaits around the corner.. abilities you could of never known, walking into doors! getting hit by cars! unable to read fine print! seeing people normally not attracted to you as nothing but beautiful! having dreams you never thought of ever having there nightmares! yes.. vR! aR! pR! c’yar! lol

  4. Cross says:

    It seems insane to me that GDC is already going so completely full bore with VR, when the headsets remain easily out of resonable reach of most gamers, by virtue of their sheer price.